Treasure Sale

Why does keeping to myself

Make me a target

I wasn’t put on this earth

For your entertainment

I’m busy trying to be happy again

After a night of being drenched

In cold, blue blood


I don’t walk alone

To get close to you

I bury my true emotions

To make it through day-to-day life

I’m not what you need

If you only want me temporarily


I could write a library of books

On how to hide in your mind

Until you’re more lost

Than found

Instead, I choose to write about

Great escapes

Dream lovers

My moments of strength and weakness


Some actions simply can’t be forgiven

No matter what price tag is put on them

I prefer to push away good memories

If they led to poisonous experiences

Those who made an impact on me

Whether positive or negative

I can get over

But I can’t forget

A lot of my words don’t make sense to everyone

But they make sense to me

My soul’s gems

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