Ripple Effect

Are you living a photoshopped life?

Did you get all you hoped for?

Nostalgia is deadly


You didn’t care as much as you said you did

Because when the going got tough,

You never acted like it

But I still fell for it

I made you the center of my world

When you gave a little,

I gave a lot

You’ll observe similarities

But you’ll never meet another me


I came running

When you came calling

You’re only not like the others

Because you’re colder

I repaired your confidence

You did the same

Then, made me feel insecure

Again and again


We never came to fruition

And I was still loyal to you

I watched you hurt people

And play the victim

What a man

How pathetic

You tried to appear above it

But you loved the rumors and gossip

I was the acidic to your basic

You didn’t have the backbone to admit it


You were ashamed of me

Unless I was stroking your ego

And making your heart smile

Behind the scenes

Whenever I’m thriving,

You come crawling

But karma doesn’t care anymore

And neither do I

Your sweet went sour


Dear who?

I’m so much better without you

You must be so proud

You’re unable to love yourself

Unless you’re in the presence of someone else

I know you

One day, you’ll face the truth

I’m irreplaceable

And I grew out of you


Intentions can be chaotic

When I was younger

If I’d focused more

On the people and passions

That never failed to make me happy

I would’ve been so much happier

I am both the pure, crimson angel

And the blazing scarlet letter

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