Wrong Colors

Invaders of my sanity

Do you even know

How wrong you are?

Can you even fucking comprehend

How small you make me feel?

Do you honestly care

As much as you keep saying you do?

What are your true colors?

They keep changing

Our normal is unhealthy


You tell me to be free

Then push me back into a box

Feeling trapped is an understatement

I’m broken until I’m not me


You would let me fall off a cliff

If I didn’t settle for your demands

Your downpour of excuses

Your polluted apologies

Your dead on arrival promises


You’re not helping me

By hurting me

You’re not healing me

By slicing open scars

More than I ever did

Why should I want to live

If I’m slowly dying inside like this?


I love you

I’m tired of trying to get through to you

I appreciate the good you do

I’m tired of my mind internalizing

All of the battles

That you put me through

I still need you

But I won’t let my yellow light

Be overcome by your dark gray matter

This Rubik’s cube is the poster child

For sweet only to the public

Bittersweet toxicity

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