Nightshade Trail

What’s your story?

Inner and outer

That seems to be all it takes

For me to think I’m in love


I looked for love in the wind

Got temporarily touched

Was used for my empathy

Used for my talents and abilities

Heartbroken for making memories

Then watched it all blow away

Like ashes

Good riddance


I looked for love on the other side

Got awakened like a spring white rose

Along with my self-esteem

Thrown off balance

Enough said

I learned that the past should stay dead


I looked for love in a fire

Got my soul truly saved

Got my patience tested

Discovered who I am

Instead of who I pretended to be

As usual, my heart was broken

At least now I know

How to fix it


I don’t have the time or energy

For games anymore

I can’t say that I have too many regrets

When I’m more inspired than ever

Come find me underground

I’m strong enough to dig

Love me for me

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