The Whole Expectations Thing Has Been Done Before

Low high

High low

Where do you go

When you’re lost in your mind?

Did you find yourself in your status update?


Wrong when right

Right when wrong

No line drawn

Between famous and verified

You’re doing nothing with your life

And telling everyone that you made it


You see photos and videos of a lifestyle

And decide that’s what you want

If you’re following it,

Then it becomes your dream

Are you happy?

Are you sure?


If magic is real,

You despise it

No one and nothing is allowed

To seem to have a better life than you

You wander without wanderlust

From bright city lights

To tropical resort paradises

From brand to brand

From friend to friend

From lover to lover


You stand out by blending in

You get close to make it more satisfying

To leave

You think in plans

So you never have to feel guilty

Couldn’t have expected more

From a living shipwreck

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