Cold Case

I can’t close an ongoing chapter

Why can’t anything involving you just be simple?

This is exhausting, yet so invigorating

We’re floating in purgatory

Your soul keeps glitching

I hate to say it,

But it’s your own fault


How are you able to simultaneously

Lift me up and let me down?

It’s like I’m breathing underwater

Aware of your footsteps

Feeling disconnected from your world

You tear me apart

Do you ever listen to your heart?

Let me love you the way I want to

You’re lonely because you hold yourself back


I look for distractions

I focus on myself

But none of it feels right

Without you next to me

You don’t notice my emotions

Until I tell you

In life, ambition means nothing

When you leave open letters open


A fever that rises and falls

I hate that I fell for you

Because I can never fully get over you

You did nothing wrong

You just left me in heartache city

While being one of the best things to ever happen to me

Our imperfections make us perfect

You gave me a reason

But your eyes told me different

I think that you’re scared of deep love

It’s hot and cold

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