It Seems That I Still Have a Tear to Shed

Looking and feeling a little worse for wear

At least I got out of bed

I’m the main one concerned

Since I hide it all so well

Objectified by mirrors


Behind my exhausted eyes,

I’m dying inside

Clinging to whatever’s left of hope in life


But still a mess


I remind myself that I’m not alone

I’m not alone

Running away

Before I can get backed into a corner


I’ve accepted that I’m not okay

At least for the time being

Going through the stages of grief

In a matter of seconds- one of my many talents


A disaster today

A sane, functioning person tomorrow

What happens next is unpredictable

And now it’s cold and dark outside

Brain found its twin

I still have tears left to cry


I remind myself that I’m alive

I’m alive

Possibly not coping as well as I thought


This place- I don’t want to be here

I’m haunting me

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