Live in the moment

Open your eyes, mind, and heart

Visualize who and/or what makes you the happiest

Entangle yourself in the arms of that person or thing



Do it

Or don’t

When the going gets tough

We tend to say “screw it”

”Fuck it”

But we shouldn’t just give up

Improvement of the soul is never done

Wake up

Do something about the environment

Get up

And talk to the ones you love

Shape up

Don’t be a jerk

Square up

Be strong and face the world

Kiss up

Don’t try that too much

Stand up

Be proud of what you believe in

Wise up

And realize that nobody always wins

That’s only in your head

At all times, try your best

But never allow the scheming serpents putting you down

To be yourself

Hidden Promises

Are we alone yet?


Our friends are cool, but can be annoying

Shut the door

Dim the lights

Nothing matters anymore

Except you and I

Take me into your arms

Hug me like your lost childhood

We’ll keep each other safe from harm

Touch each other in ways we feel we should


Are they all gone yet?

At last

We don’t need gossiping demons surrounding us

Want to know a secret?

It’s beautiful to confess

I still fear the past

Don’t be afraid of losing me

I don’t believe in the phrase “out of my league”

In glimmering stone, our hearts are set

Let’s be real here

Humans enjoy being idealistic


Pinky promises grow into consequences

Love is a consistent heart attack

Pounding into a steady rhythm

Natural happiness is brought back


Promise me

You’ll try not to break me

And I’ll swear

That whenever you fall

I’ll be your dreamlike gravity