Through the Soul

Everything I believe in

Woven into my core

The person I am

Full of love and with a plan

Someone who cares

Someone who understands



Taking everything in

You’re either born free

Or born to sin

As the fog clears,

Will you slide down a rainbow

Or leap into flames

Life travels through the soul


Everything you’re against

Tangled up in your shriveled heart

The person you are

Full of hate and cruelty scars

Someone who doesn’t care

Someone who doesn’t understand


How can you turn away

From someone in need

Why do you shun

Those that are different

Do you have a reason

For shedding nothing but evil

No wonder your soul is so screwed up


Broken Open

You hide your fear

By forcing it into others

You try to act tough

So that people won’t stand up to you

But don’t you know

That karma is making its way toward you


Words can hurt

Then you make it worse

Leaving your victims scared and scarred

Adding humiliation

As they’re broken open

That doesn’t make you a good person

You’ll see when you’re all alone

Feeling sorry for yourself

Treated horribly

Who gets the last laugh now?

Once you’re the one

That’s broken open


You always have to be such a hater

Tell me how that makes you better

If it’s not nice, you can keep it to yourself

Your crowd won’t always get a kick out of hearing it

You won’t be respected

For being so mean


Sticks and stones can’t break a soul

No matter how much you try

Soon you’ll see how it feels

Once you’re no longer invincible


I look cheerful on the outside

But on the inside,

I’m a total mess

I always feel so invisible



But then I think back to that one time

So can’t I start over?

Can’t I rewind?


I just want to be that happy girl

Dancing around without a care in the world

I just want to play back that moment

When I was free to be me

Just wish I could turn back time

And rewind

This life


Every time I’m in a crowd

I can’t speak

No sound comes out

I miss when it all came so easily

My whole self would completely flow

So naturally


But then I think back to that one time

So can’t I start over?

Can’t I rewind?


Whenever I’m trapped

Whenever I sink to the ground

In frustration

It’s time to remember

That I wasn’t always like this


Go back


To when you could



I’m fine

Just tired

Nothing is wrong

Everything is like, so totally perfect!


I’m constantly hit with mixed signals and signs

From the guy I like

Stress has me wired

Like a cell phone battery

Drained of its energy

911 deleted from speed dial

There’s not much I can do about it

I’m always tired

Thoughts and emotions going haywire

Yet, it’s like I’m a dysfunctional sane

Oxygen somehow still arriving to my brain

A calmness that…

Numbs everything

Even if only for a while

I can smile

Have no cares

The most irksome of challenges

I’m suddenly able to bear


But sloppily taped together


Never forever

Tilting on the edge

But not quite

Just want to stay in bed

And at the same time, be saved by the light

Tingles, shivers, and shakes

Then it all goes blank


Yet full

Relaxing in holy matrimony

With the endurance of a bull







Then sleeping

Something that’s extremely needed

Just numb

Imperfect perfection