Moments of Weakness

Strength in numbers until the numbers are overwhelming

You could be drenched in sweat

And I’d still run into your arms

I seldom follow my own advice

And have to keep re-learning lessons

Sometimes I feel like pulling my hair out

And sometimes I feel like growing it out

Longing for shelter until it buries me


Too hot

Too cold

Deep in the goal of escaping anyone and anything narrow

It’s like the only time I truly embrace fear

Is when I embrace happiness

That “letting go” that everyone speaks of

I needed to take a break

To take a break from breaking


I don’t feel accomplished

But I do feel somewhat alive

That’s a head start in my tired, ocean eyes

Pull me out of my own head

I’d prefer to drown in anything else right now

Even if it’s you and you can’t stay


I’ve got everybody fooled

Until I can’t take it anymore

That’s what inner strength is for

Stretching the truth until you understand the whole truth


I recognize my reflection

The smile pushes through the desert

I’m still falling

My feet just want to land, but there’s no solid ground



I don’t crave attention

But I don’t want to be forgotten

Drowning in thirst

The rain doesn’t feel real enough

An honest contradiction

Rebel with a cause


I didn’t wish for pain

To become a major inspiration

Almost a sole motivation

Painting with words

Achieves the same effect

As painting with blood


I am treading water

I haven’t stopped falling

Down the rabbit hole

Maybe because I always find love there

I know what I don’t know

I don’t know what I do know


Running away from problems

Late for a very important date

With time

Learning to let go of past problems

Helps me solve them

Advice is a game of give and take


Bite me

Unless I’m more than you can chew

I am soft, but I love hard

Your deepest desire

Your favorite fallen angel

If treated with grace and given the chance


Whether you miss me or regret me,

I am on your mind

Making a profound impact

Using scars to cover lies

Dashes of sugar and spice

I was born to be a wild wallflower