Maybe You’re Right

What’s so special about me

At nine years old

So young and already so desperate

To not be alone

Trusting the wrong people

Sacrificing my dignity

I thought that crushing on you

Made me brave

But you flipped over the tables

And for the rest of the year,

I was afraid


Maybe you’re right

I’m as ugly as your heart

It doesn’t matter what I do

You won’t change your mind or ways

Maybe you’re right

I’m too unworthy

To even look you in the eye

The sky is blue

But my mind is numb

The only way to make you smile

Is to let you make me feel ashamed


Why did I believe

That my ultimate dream

Was to be loved by a pathetic boy

Who thought he was a man

Gossipping schoolgirl laughter

Led to a broken future

I couldn’t move

Couldn’t speak

I allowed your frigid words

To melt my self-esteem


Tears burn

But they are the sign of a lesson learned

I grew up

I know I’m beautiful

Who knows how you turned out?

I really don’t care

Because I’ve come far

And there was nothing special or rare

About you


You were wrong


If only I knew how to be

Your definition of normal

But I would rather choose

Don’t want to be

One of your robotic people

In life today,

It is all about perfection

Perfect body

Perfect face

Perfect hair

Perfect everything

No one can be that way

And that is perfectly okay


Oh officer

Please take me away

I have committed a crime

I have no interest in drowning

In the fake lake


Call me crazy

I don’t care

Call me a loser




I don’t care

Call me every damn name in the book

We should not be judged

Based only on looks

You won’t see me crying

But I’ll see you in the plastic asylum


I have these devils in my head

Trying to pull me under

Your criticizing thunder

Then, I have kind voices with capes

Who refuse to see me break


Go on, get a needle

Knock me out

I will always know

What I’m really about


It is the willpower

To be yourself

That makes you stand out

From everyone else

Good Enough

I pass by

You ignore me

I make a mistake

Then suddenly, you see me

I look my best

You think nothing of it

I look my worst

You take notice

I’ve felt happy

When you’re not around

I’ve been at an all time low

And that’s when

You knock me to the ground


I’m nice to you

Even when you’re not nice to me

Is that not good enough?


I try to be like you

But you hardly ever see

Is that not good enough?


In your eyes

Why am I not worth it?

All that attention

You don’t deserve it

I know the real meaning of love

And you’re not good enough


You swear in almost every sentence

Get involved in drama that’s pointless

Crack a sex joke

Make a witty comment

Everybody laughs

Trampling over anyone

Who questions your sass


You rely on artificial beauty

Hell yeah

Those designer clothes are lovely

Especially that obnoxious personality

(Not really)


Your ego is bigger than your brain

You don’t understand emotional pain

How is it fair

That only those who are spoiled

Get to be treated like they’re royal


You’ve got popularity in the bag

Just wait until you’re older

When “everything” sags

You seem perfect

“Lonely” isn’t in your vocabulary

But you’re truly worthless

A pretender with no decency




Broken Open

You hide your fear

By forcing it into others

You try to act tough

So that people won’t stand up to you

But don’t you know

That karma is making its way toward you


Words can hurt

Then you make it worse

Leaving your victims scared and scarred

Adding humiliation

As they’re broken open

That doesn’t make you a good person

You’ll see when you’re all alone

Feeling sorry for yourself

Treated horribly

Who gets the last laugh now?

Once you’re the one

That’s broken open


You always have to be such a hater

Tell me how that makes you better

If it’s not nice, you can keep it to yourself

Your crowd won’t always get a kick out of hearing it

You won’t be respected

For being so mean


Sticks and stones can’t break a soul

No matter how much you try

Soon you’ll see how it feels

Once you’re no longer invincible