Individual Plus One

It’s a slow burn

That’s about to go up in flames

I’d walk through fire for that creative misery


Habitual in our insecurity and confidence

Can’t sleep without remembering

But I’ll sleep alone

Until I can sleep next to you


You dream at high speeds

I can keep up from right here for hours on end


Your energy is like breaking glass

And dancing on the shards with a smile

Surprisingly, I relate

Because I’m a summer ballerina

With a penchant for dancing in the dark


All of our friends are either wasted

Or passed out from exhaustion

We’re still awake, even though we’re tired too

Tonight is a brand new day

Online anger has no place

In our personal space


You’re all about me and I’m all about you


My head is in the clouds the majority of the time

It keeps me down to earth

When everyone else hates gravity

I remind me of you

You’re my best friend who I’ve never met

Maybe, hopefully, we just haven’t met yet


Single goals make for double trouble

We like it like that

Sailing a rainbow bloodstream

If we have to die, we’re going to die happy

Mission decided

Chameleon-type fashion, but make it love


Knight in rusted armor and with a free mind

Princess ditched her crown for freedom


Cry of the Zodiac

Free-spirited Aquarius

Emotional and intuitive Pisces

Enthusiastic Aries

Loyal Taurus

Unpredictable Gemini

Sensitive Cancer

Powerful Leo

Logical Virgo

Charming Libra

Persistent Scorpio

Active Sagittarius

Reliable Capricorn


Sometimes we feel like screaming

Torn between angel and demon

The stars in your heart

Serve as a guide

As you live your life

Everyone can hear their own

Cry of the zodiac


The planets, sun, and moon

Each revolve around you

Your decisions make your future

Each person is unique

Keep in mind that magical zodiac sign

You will find your place in this world


Every personality belongs

Each person can decide right from wrong

We all have an inner animal

All features are influential

When you feel like

You’re falling out of the sky

The cry of the zodiac

Will keep you alive

We will survive


Your destiny aligns with the truth

A special stone has marked you since birth

Timeframes are mixtures

Peace, happiness, love, dreams

The zodiac’s cry has spoken