Radical and Revolutionary

You know what’s truly empowering?

Making the conscious effort

To say and do the right thing


Especially when it comes to

Practicing the love, compassion, and empathy

That you preach


One would think

That it wouldn’t be so hard to comprehend

That it’s inherently and morally wrong

To murder someone

For their skin color, sexuality, identity, disability,

And more

To take someone’s basic human rights away

For existing as themselves

For loving themselves

For living as themselves


It is so much more than

So much bigger than

”Why can’t we all just get along?”
Well, it’s because all of this discriminatory shit

And purposeful ignorance

Have gone on for far too long

Wilted Bouquet

Strong people are capable of being weak

That doesn’t take away from your strength

When your tower tumbles,

You can build the blocks back up


You are loved and valued

Your life is full of worth, purpose, and meaning

You deserve to smile


They cannot see

Just how great you can be

All that you can become

So, they chose to leave


You never really lost

You simply loved

That’s good enough

You’re never alone

If no one else cares, I always will


After everything that people ever stole,

You ended up creating something even better

Write the story of your life

And burn their false narratives

To the ground

Sometimes, there’s more than one right answer

You’re not falling behind

Nothing lasts forever

So take your time

Color outside of the lines


At times, your bouquet may wilt

That doesn’t mean you’ll never bloom again


I promise that what seems permanent will pass

True love isn’t always tough

Demons on demons, stuck like glue

I feel what you attempt to disguise

You can’t remember to forget

You’re angry at your anger

Sad about your sadness

Nothing makes sense, yet everything does


Make space on your phone

Make space in your mind

Anyone who wronged you doesn’t deserve to miss you

There are new memories to make

And stronger stories to write


Your heart broke in several directions

But the war is over

They made up their minds

And made one of the worst decisions of their lives

But look on the bright side

Because there is a gold one

You’re finally free


You are an ethereal, impenetrable poet

You and I both know it

That person, their people, their city of devils?

All nothing

I think you’re the best of them all

Dancing With Moonshine

Because I write with so much feeling,

I can only write when I am feeling

Just taking a break hits me with withdrawal

Like I’m somebody that doesn’t even exist

This is my passion

This is my thing

Structured society may have career questions

But quitting is out of the question


I live for oxymorons and irony

There’s never just one right or wrong answer

What’s obvious

And what isn’t shown, but is true


If you catch me shivering,

Then I gave myself chills

My blood ran until it got cold

Or both

Walking in summer’s winter wonderland

Hand in hand with an invisible…

Good morning!


Carnival of the downward spiral

The occasional fairy light

The consequences are unlimited

Falling down voids that seem endless

They said that there will be blood

They said that there will be war

But not if a different voice is listened to

A different path taken


It’s raining bullets and beating hearts

Sedate my toxic imaginary friend

I could be a weapon of mass destruction

Yet, here stands the raw, unfiltered me

A vessel of mass compassion


I freestyle my way

Through the mazes of authority

That disguises itself as strong leadership

Suddenly noticing that I can’t stop smiling

Because I wrote a wonderful life

Tangible Oasis

Love watches over us

Sunrise, sunset

Chanted like a mantra

Can you feel what I feel?


Awake and alive

Like a reunited connection

Will over desire

We’re under pressure

But not if we interpret it

As a comfort blanket

And one another

As a safety net

More valuable than a social network


Dreams are more than just dreams

They are simulations

Of our souls

Believe in yourself

That’s worth following

Our future belongs to us

Artificial Sunrise

Other halves aren’t a necessity

I can be whole on my own

It does get lonely out here on my own

I value the times when I am alone

That doesn’t mean I’m better off that way

Sad, sick, and tired

Of wishing for happiness

Love isn’t a simple once upon a time

With a smooth transition to happily ever after


Just stay away from me

Unless you have pure intentions

Reasons, excuses, casanova foolishness

I don’t need any of it

I’ve been through enough

I’ve been hurt enough

I need to keep reminding myself

That my butterflies for you aren’t all dead

But you’re not perfect

You’re wrong for me


Turn me to dust

Maybe my heart can’t be ripped out

If I keep it close to me

Turn me to stone

Harden my emotions

Still soft-hearted




Who’s more damaged

Me or my type?

I resign from playing waiting games

There’s only so many times

A heart can break

There’s only so much

That I can take

Take your antics and battlefields

To a woman who doesn’t care


I’ll never stop trying

But the little girl who fell at feet

Is long gone

She moved on

She can still fall in love

If you love the self

That she learned to love


Why do people play so many games

When the truth is brighter than the sun

Commitment and communication

Are worth more than any crown

Everyone wants the throne

Diamonds aren’t the only expensive mineral

They can choke on their vitamins

Because all of that temporary

All of their shortcuts through the use of toxicity

Will only lead to more misery

The plastic desperately throwing the real away

In hopes of being recycled


Stepping on the innocent like stones

To get to the top

Further breaking the broken

To heal their self-inflicted mess

Clinging like leeches to the wings of butterflies

To not appear lonely or desperate

Oh the irony

It’s almost hilarious

But this way of living is sad and dangerous


Opinions do not cancel out facts

They would rather watch those they “cared” about

Wade in polluted water

Than accept that they were wrong

And sacrifice their champagne

To them, the good life

Is gossip, getting drunk on bitterness, and lying

To protect themselves

All while insisting that they’re good people


Life is meant for going with the flow

Each lesson is a river

Emptying into the ocean of human connection

But if you never make the effort to learn those lessons

What’s so special about you?

Acting like you’re above others

Won’t make you beautiful

Acting like a saint

Won’t erase your sins

Acting like a hero with a victim complex

Won’t change the reality of your hypocrisy


You’re not unique

For following the crowd and fitting in

You preach all the right words

Until your actions render them meaningless

You’re not an outlet of positivity

When you profit from negativity

You bask in your selfish, undeserved glory

And think you’re adored by many

So many are tired of your bullshit

But you love it

After all, it’s publicity

It’s attention

The fantasy that society has created for us to live in


You expect respect

While being disrespectful

You expect to be rewarded and praised

For doing the bare minimum to nothing

You smile in the face of confrontation

Yet, run away when the time arrives

To own up to your mistakes


There is a limit

On how much the intuitive will feel sorry for you

Because your apologies are hardly thrift store worthy

And your tides never change

So, how trustworthy are you really?

After every storm,

The tar stain on your heart remains


You speak your mind online just fine

But if every fish in the sea you’ve ever hurt

Were standing in front of you

Would you stay or leave?

Who’s laughing now?

Who’s drowning now?


Bragging about your materialism and opportunities

And the genuine, authentic souls

That you manipulated into your corner

Won’t make you less insecure

Considering yourself to be an esteemed figure

In high demand

Because of your popularity or follower count

Doesn’t make you less pathetic


Empathy and honesty

That’s the power of love

Flaws are part of human nature

But love is true power

No amount of fake

Or compassion with a hidden agenda

Will make you real

There is no filter

That can hide or wash away

The type of person you are

Vibrant Vibes

Oxygen explosions

Sweep me off my feet

Thorny closure serves to teach me

That I was born to make myself happy

First and foremost


Diamond raindrops

Caress my face

The space between the wars

Of the  mind and heart

The most authentic form of intimacy


Jumbled numbers

Throw me off track

You’re either with me or against me

A guardian angel, a lover, or a flower

Making my garden less lonely

However, I refuse to surrender to pollution

Parasite, don’t kill my vibe


Glittering butterflies

Melt my walls of ice

Reminders that I have so much to live for

So much to give

Pain is temporary because inner strength can heal

Time and time again


Sweet illusions

Served on the buffet of distractions

Lost myself in the wrong moments

Wounds left open

But no more

There is so much more to me

Than a reality of fantasies


Bloodstream lipsticks

Wake up my high tide

Kiss me

Breathe on me

Let’s become one


Wildfire skies

Comfort and revive my frozen soul

Hurl the pieces of my shed skin vase

At the fourth wall

Help me completely grow

It’s not enough to feel whole

Because that leaves room for leaks and holes


Yellow lights

Encourage confidence in my abilities

Because it waxes and wanes with the moon

And often, I slip off of life’s guiding candle

Like melting wax

Suddenly, stuck in a ditch

Waiting for a sunny day

That isn’t a hologram


Spring green

Awaken my dreams

Break my cocoon

Lift my shell

So that I can migrate to paradise

With the birds and angels


Blue glow

An all-encompassing, drowning sadness

Tears and breakdowns brimming

Return to my eyes

Others living their wonderland lives

While my happiness is dimming


Indigo spirit

Show me the path that leads to home

Because I now realize

That there is a limit

On how much I can handle alone

I can be independent

But I’m not divine


Violet imagination

Add power to my weakness

”Only human” doesn’t have to equal

Not destined for greatness

No need to slowly fade like wilting petals

Be ultra

Embrace the universe


Pink heartbeats

Give me the strength

To live, to breathe, to believe

To provide my buried anonymous thoughts

With names

Allow me to love and be loved

Like never before

Without hesitation, second choices, or second guessing


Desperate coffee

Nowadays, you seem to stop working

When I need to start

”Authority” tells us to drain excess water

”Drain the swamp”

But we’re losing valuable nutrients in the process

Some of us educate and resist

Some of us paint on a smile and decide not to give a shit

Underneath, we’re all exhausted


Black stripes

When we descend into darkness,

Support the warrior within each of us

So that we can better support each other

In a starry future


Gray stories

Show yourself

Tell your secrets

The truth is needed

Even if it hurts

History is always watching

Let’s make the time

To make the right decisions

Out with the old

In with the new

Out with the dull

In with the vibrant

Omnipotent Anthem

This is a call to the selves

The breathless moments

The invisible neck kisses

Hearts wide open

Prepared to live and die for…



Throw your hands up in the air

Or don’t

It makes no difference to me

Don’t just preach

Don’t simply speak

Just be

If positivity, love, and justice

Are what you truly believe


You all matter

But you’re not all treated like you do

Stop blurring the lines with lies

And trying to give alternatives for facts

To make them suit you


Mother Earth is screaming

Why aren’t you listening?

Are her seashells too revealing?

Are her natural needs an inconvenience

To your business?

You won’t be living in a bubble for long

Science says it will pop soon

If nothing changes


Can you imagine the joyful noise

If for once, we were silent

And listened to understand

And used common sense

Instead of simply blasting a hateful opinion

And being done with it

Content and complacent with ignorance


Equality, happiness, and compassion

Are my aesthetic

You’re right about that part

But quit misinterpreting it

You’re ruining it

What Am I Waiting For?

Every night

Making 11:11 wishes

Like a favorite record

On repetition

Lightbulbs glowing in my head

Left and right

Just have to try not to drop them

Except for the familiar taste of poison

In certain people

Now that’s an epiphany


Why should I be afraid

Of doing what makes me feel brave?

I want to show the world

What I’m made of

Be myself unapologetically

I’m not sure where that fire came from

But I want to feed it

Not drown out its voice

Silence that speaks volumes

Above the noise


I never asked to get hurt

I never asked to have my heart ruthlessly stolen

I never asked for my compassionate nature

To be taken for granted

I’m taking my heart back

Turning my pain

That was their pleasure

Into something magnificent

Something that goes over their heads

All of me at my best


The skyscraper is scraping the sky

Their merry-go-round is at a full stop

I’ve been walking on eggshells

My whole life

Now, the abyss is closing

And I’m finally free falling

Instead of crash landing

The shy girl is chasing her star

What have I been waiting for?