A New Kind of Serendipity

I give up

No, I don’t

I’m a waste of space

No, I’m not

My next move is my next goal, big or small


My dreams and health come first

Wait your turn

I’m carrying an empty treasure chest inside me

Fill me up buttercup


It’s my heaven and I’ll cry if I want to

It’s my graveyard and I’ll die if I want to

Even if I have to fake it

When you won’t let me take my time


I’m not what they told me I am

I’m not what I told myself I am

Not the greatest or the worst

But more than I think

And less than a forced pedestal

You’re not who you think you are

You are you!



I returned from a war that never ends

Fighting a losing battle that I sometimes win

I want to be known, but invisible

Don’t say my name, but also do

My heart screams to the heavens

From the underworld

Raised to appreciate the spotlight and attention

But I need time to withdraw to survive


Confidence is my question that has no answer

“Just do this, just do that”

”Just be this, just be that”

”Just say this, just say that”

Listen, you can’t just throw me into open season

I am bold on my own terms


Shy to sassy like flicking a light switch

Writing mental prescriptions for adrenaline and sedatives

Naked in the sky with diamonds

Then, running to hide behind the next lunar eclipse

I’m not ready until I say so

But as soon as I am, you’ve got a big storm coming


An affinity for morbid humor and a habit of biting my tongue

A vice of a desire to hurt and a longing to heal

I’d rather cry every day than feel numb

I’m not afraid to be open anymore

Not completely unafraid though

But I’ll make it work


Deep down, I bet you know

How to play heartstrings and heartbeats

Until a great song is born

My own insecurities have me thinking I’m delusional

Until you explain yourself

Which is more than others can say

I’m not the only one

Who is into you

But I am the only one

Who is into every part of you

The good and bad

Into loving every part of you

Not to use you


The vibe is right

You can run and hide

I’ll still be right here waiting

For you to come back to life


Don’t speak

Unless you are speaking your truth

You need someone who can keep you grounded

When your head ignores gravity

And someone who lets you fly

When you just need to be happy and survive

You’re like a boomerang in my mind

I’m not complaining

And clearly not impatient

My heart is breaking through my chest


There are times when time lies

It would be easier to blame myself

Than admit that love hurts when it’s real

It’s all I have and I want to share it

I shouldn’t say give it away

Because that leads to self hate

You’re the same way

And that’s why I give you the benefit of the doubt

Your actions and words keep coming full circle

Lemon Moonbeams

I should turn the tables

I’ll be the one that got away

Unless you change your mind

While you still have time

You wouldn’t be settling

If you just slowed down

My champion muse

Marathon of passionfruit

Nobody feels like you


Love that tastes like scarred diamonds

That takes you on the ride of your life

Is meant to last

I’m coming in first place

According to the pieces of my mind

That lucky for you,

You occupy

I’ll light up your room

And your soul


Naughty and nice

Rose water to nourish a crown of thorns

And vice versa

Every phase is full

A lady or a siren

Why can’t I be both?

Read and listen to my stories

To write your songs

I am inspiration when let in


Do you want forever?

Be mine

This isn’t a proposition

It’s a blessing

Fate is no coincidence


A reincarnation

Of Persephone’s heart

You could be the authentic Adam

To my flourishing Eve

And yet, you’re still doubting me?

Choose your words carefully

Because I promise that I’m better with them

I’ll make you eat your heart out

And eventually, you’ll realize

That I fixed every broken piece of it

Because I care


For so long, the goddess in me was missing

But it’s not about lost and/or found

It’s who I am

I believe in you too, by the way

Miracles have a way of standing out in the crowd

And nobody feels like me

Don’t Start Something You Can’t Finish Unless You’re Going to Let Me Have the Last Word

The world is your mattress

Don’t forget to give your heart

A final resting place

Act until it’s not acting anymore

Stop surfing channels

I can ride your tidal waves

If we’re on the same wavelength

Not a phase unless you let it be nothing more

Time spent with me is high quality

Just putting that out there

There’s more to people than their issues

Has anyone told you that before?

Running through minds is my cardio

If you were mine,

I wouldn’t keep you from being you

Just saying


I’ve never been in love

Yet, I show and give so much love

Can you imagine how Aphrodite I would be

With the right person?

Guess what?

I’m not dangerous


Have you ever upgraded

From yellow to gold?

Not fool’s gold

Real gold

Natural, not forced love

I’m not cheap

I’m free


Dance on tables

Jump on unmade beds

Singing lullabies that don’t lead into horror movies

Wishing on stars instead of white noise

Like you used to


Stay awake with me

And you’ll have nothing but sweet dreams

I’ll show you love that lasts

Love that stays

Cheaters only cheated themselves

When they lost your love

Treat me how I deserve

And I’ll reciprocate

With unwavering certainty

You’ve been a lot of places

I can take you where you’ve never been

Hold your heart like it’s sacred

Why would I want to break it

When I know exactly how that feels?

Touch you like a miracle

Give your head a rest

Match your passion

With my everything

Ignorance would be reckless

Lungs of the Insiders

I won’t let this all be in vain

Don’t let these precious moments suffocate

Nobody knows us better

Than we know each other

It doesn’t have to be impossible


You are more than okay

You are so strong, wonderful, and incredible

Heaven’s light, even when you’re going through hell

I wish that you could hold me longer

I wish that every word spoken

Could be a continuous love letter

You make me braver

Let me be your once upon a dream

Your happily ever after

Because in hard times,

Writing fairytales takes time


You have my confession

You take my breath away

Sweep my heart out of my ribcage

This could be bigger than us

Bigger than love


What you may think of me

Has no control over or hold on me… anymore

Your approval is not my life support

Keep underestimating me

Proving you wrong is child’s play

Your own insecurity is showing


You talk and talk

But you have nothing of substance to say

Words have power

But yours are dead stars

Your comfort is irrelevant

If you refuse to listen

And acknowledge your actions

I am an enigma

I dare you to try to figure me out

From what I show and tell you

And what I don’t


For the first time, I’m confident

Suddenly, you’re offended

You only care when I’m winning

When I was losing,

You stepped on or ignored me

I beat you to my treasure chest

I beat you at your own plague

I beat you at your own damn game