Romantic Comedy

Tell me your secrets

And I’ll tell you mine

I don’t want to hesitate

But I don’t want either of us to get hurt


All I know is that you could be

All that I want

And all that I need

Could you feel the same about me?


Roses are sometimes red

Violets are purple, not blue

I can hear my heartbeat in my head

All I did was think about you

Love is what keeps us alive

I’m grateful that we’re alive

At the same time.

Our shadows can harmonize


I’m already taking mental photographs

We would be so cute together

We would make each other so happy

Isn’t it funny?

Isn’t it lovely?

Our story could be a tattoo

Tracing our skin like a neverending journey


I can’t say I’m in love with you

Because I’ve never met you

I know that I could love you

I would fly you to the moon and back


Love[r] Language

A dream come true

But the reality is

It was just a dream

Projecting pain instead of healing it

Texting a love letter

That gets left on “read”

Or worse, just “delivered”


Expectations and standards

Hold each other’s hands tighter

Than we ever could

Or ever did

From favorite person

To I don’t want to see or talk to you

Ever again


What is actually wrong

Can feel so right


By the crushing

The fucking and leaving

The unclear communication

Alone automatically equals lonely

Almost Hopeless

I wish I didn’t feel so alone in my dreams

Every time I gain, I lose

And every time I lose, I gain

Tossing bouquets over the bridge

To bloom again


Who am I?

Who will I become?


I wish I could walk into your heart

And somehow match the beat with mine

To love both of us enough

I wish I could be closer to you

And somehow take solace in your mind

We could each make up for what the other lacks


You want to avoid it

But not because you’re afraid of change

Am I inconvenient

Or are we in the wrong time and place?


Stuck in the elevator

That appears to go nowhere

Until there’s a fire

To drive everybody out


I can feel your rainbow

Skip a Beat

Bite my lip

Bite my tongue

Bite my nails

Bathe in my blood

Take a dip

Take a hit


Take a hint and come closer

I have all night


I want your air in my lungs

I want to come undone from your touch


I need to be the only one

Who can make your heart skip a beat


Spin the bottles and break them

If you have any questions, then ask them

You might be the only one who can make my heart skip a beat

Spilled Soul

If we had the opportunity

To have more time,

I would love it if we made it

Let’s swap life stories

And start a new chapter


I wouldn’t want to overload you


Bright eyes

Your heart is close enough to touch



Days, weeks, months…

Sweet significance



Searching for consistency

It shouldn’t be perilous

Keep making me fall harder

It’s effortless for you


I keep coming back to you

And usually leaving pain-free


Need me, want me, and more

That feeling is very mutual if the topic comes up

Who else pays attention to your hints?

Who else is able to completely understand you

No matter what?

Who else can wait for you

Without giving up on you?


Bright smile

I miss you

Radiate more often

Addicted to Being Into You

Over time, a little becomes a lot

Public or private

Everything you say and do

I fall in love with it

Thinking about you

Until I’m not alone


If this is what your love is like,

I’m all about it

A taste here and there

Just isn’t enough

I give you more of me

In each new wonderland

There is a hole in my chest

Where my heart should be

You stole it

And because it’s you, I am happy


Arms as safe as a home

Your eyes are stained glass windows

To your beautiful soul

You bring warmth to every season

I am one in a million

One of your hobbies is taking chances

Take a chance on me

Don’t forfeit your opportunity


We built a solid foundation

Before anything even happened

Now, anything can happen

Whether you choose to realize it or not,

My synergy rubbed off on you

And yours on me

I’m not crazy [but I’m crazy about you]

I notice everything

I can’t read your mind

But I can read your heart


I never fully bloomed

Until I met you

You’re the sun, shade, and storm

I could grow with you forever


You own your fire

And break my ice

In my thoughts,

You are a kaleidoscope

Your smile is a healer


I believe in you

You knew the way to my heart

And I’ve never felt more alive

In love before ecstasy


Time and distance mean nothing

When I still see and feel you

In my dreams

I would never let you go

You mean more to me than that

You are light

Our Everything

There’s more on your mind

Than what you let on

I can see it in your eyes

I can hear it in the sky


We are an eclipse

Rare, unforgettable, and sometimes unexpected

I know you care about me

Do you realize how much you mean to me?

You’re all over my heart

Like tattoos, rain, belief in heaven, pain

Strong souls jumping in and out

Of smoke and mirrors


I fell out of the clutches

Of nightmares

You caught my broken stardust

And granted every wish

I let you in

You let me in

My feelings are an open sunset

Please don’t push me away


You think it’s unorthodox

You think it’s amazing

No one’s been so ready and willing

To love you for all that you are

All that you bleed

All that you can be

I’m all in

I’ll always be all in

You won’t lose me


I wonder why I bother to try

Is your fire too wild

For my ocean to protect?

Neither of us can be tamed

There’s a plethora of passion and compassion

We made a home

In music and conversations


You don’t know what you’ve got

Until it’s gone

Let go of love

But that’s the thing

We’re not going anywhere

I took a chance

And went back to the basics

We set each other free all the time

Some connections are too real to sever


For the first time in forever,

I haven’t cried once

Because unlike others,

You actually try not to hurt me

I don’t regret a second of time spent

I don’t regret a single word written or said

Our goodbyes are only temporary

It’s complicated

But damn, it doesn’t need to be

Why can’t you see

That I can give you all you’ve ever wanted?

A like-minded heart

Why hate what reminds you to be happy?

Open Sunset

That money high

But so warm-blooded

Went from the back of my mind

To on my radar


There are plenty of fish in the sea

But each one I managed to catch,

I had to throw back

Because they rotted fast


When I saw you,

I felt content

When I got to know you,

I wanted to meet you

In the world of commitment


If you want me

If you need me

Don’t hesitate to show and tell me

I’ve done nothing but that for you


If you were an alien,

I’m convinced you’d be the cutest

On the planet

I know you can’t force feelings

But this whole thing feels all natural


I almost can’t believe it

Yet, it’s not rocket science

You say I’m the best

I could be the best you’ve ever had

In every way you can interpret that


You’ve got me unraveling

And I’m willing to let it happen

Because with each note you play

With every step you take

Every casual joke you make

I am healing


I am finally positive

I am finally happy

I am finally me

Not all because of you

But you’ve played a major role

I set free my secrets

In front of your eyes

And you trust me with your own


Take me

For all that I am

All that I have

I’ll be all yours

The light you’ve been searching for

I know you know how to love

We can work through the tragedies

We will be okay

Sewn Shut

I stared like a statue of

A deer in headlights

And called it love

I blossomed when you said my name

Removed my bandages

For you to pour in your remedy

You had a charred halo

Just like me


You saw through my walls

And built us a home

With your gentle words

Healed the discoloration on my soul

Your arms were a tapestry

Shielding me from the dark

I playfully batted a ball of yarn to you

So that we could play catch

And see who fell first


Suddenly, you found a stronger medicine

A brand new shiny key

And like my other fallen angels,

It was never me


She tore down the tapestry

You covered her with your promises

Leaving me broken

I threw my pearls into the sea

My tears dropped like needles

My eyes glowing like the sun

Reflected in a shattered mirror


It’s been a while

Since I lived that false fairytale

I put down my needle and thread

In favor of paper and pen

I feel older and wiser

High as a kite

Numb to love-induced pain


I painted my white room

In universal colors

I don’t want to be the one you run to

If you’re only going to run away

You may have sewn shut the chapter

Of temporary

But you will never silence

My voice of forever

Only I have that power