Before Midnight

I lost and found myself

The lost part in San Francisco

Shakily crossing the Golden Gate Bridge

The found part staring back at me

Reflecting on my reflection

And reflections of past lives

Ready, aim, action

What are you doing?

Get louder than words


Dream land sails from coast to coast

Trying to understand me

Waiting for a lover who truly understands me

Who can stay by my side

Be my parallel line


My version of mindfulness

Is going back to the time

When I didn’t exist yet

If you could start all over,

Would you have let yourself fall?


In love



I just want to get better

Night Lights

Fill the empty

Savor the feeling like something newly great

We can build a fort that’s safe to sleep in

The world is in our hands

Our sacred corner of it

Nothing much to gain

From unexpected pain


Nostalgia on my mind

Your stem holds my petals

In case I break

I don’t have a plan to stick to

Love doesn’t work like that

I’m pressed to your chest like a love letter

We are at peace


Paradise is in no hurry

You lift me up and let me down gently

I would never forget about you

You’ve brought a new life to my smile

I’ve brought a new smile to your life

Say you’ll never forget about me


I know what it’s like to have high hopes shattered

To not know whether to expect more or nothing at all

But we both know that our minds are our own to control


I’ve found that there’s strength in admitting weakness

You aren’t perfectly put together

But I still want you

You figured out how to spread your wings

The second that you were born

But you still need someone

The weather isn’t always fair

So, we put stars in the sky


My mind won’t turn off

You’re always on it

I take pictures of flowers

So that they last forever

Plans evolved into dreams

I rolled over, unzipped my chest, and watched the streetlights dim

Waiting for a letter that never came home