Loss of Power

Cut the power cord

Pucker up for the limelight

I’m smiling in my mind

Unfair system override


I’m all out of heartbeats

But I don’t want a transplant

I’m all out of fucks to give

But there are certain things I care a lot about

I can leave the wounds alone

But I can’t forget that they are there

Sleep the days away

Dream the nights away


Everyone’s demands take a backseat

To my worth

I need to be stable

Cremate me in my own tears


Complex ruler

I don’t self-medicate

I medicate the self

Hooked on satisfaction

Even when it makes me feverish

My life is an indie movie

And I’m a method actress


Fading into falling apart

A sinner until that daylight hits

It’s never over

Power comes from loss

I’m ready to go, but I don’t want to get up

Reaching my high

In my lost mind

Mind Love

Can there be an in between

Living in the moment

And getting too caught up in it?

Hard to tell if I’m clawing at

The finish line or an escape

I want to believe that I’ll be okay

Because I need to

Because I will

In the past, I’ve been too nice

I still am nice, but not to add to the debt

The ultimate call out post:

Stop treating loyalty like a paradox!



My decisions are of my design

I’m the only one who can truly control my life

If I go with the flow,

It’s to stay afloat

So, let me

You see clean

I see explicit



Mind more than body fucking

My skin may always be cold

But my heart and passion certainly are not

I miss you when you’re gone

I miss you when you’re here

I make you feel like you have it all

This is both my strength and downfall

Official without the label

I keep everyone guessing

While being obvious

Teardrops and smiles are lucid



Happy pills or choices

Imagination or destiny

Dream or dream

Dream in order to dream

Even if it kills us,

It won’t

Wishful Dreaming

The concept of self-love is irresistible

But the road to get there is long

Often unpaved

Often neverending


I can be brave

But inevitably, I’m afraid

What do you do

When plans fall through?

When reality threatens

To bulldoze a forest of dreams

To build a parking lot?

When you’re both a trailblazer

And a tumbleweed


As soon as I heal

As soon as I feel happy

Life becomes a piece of hell

My personal demons crawl out to play

The past comes back to haunt me

I don’t want to participate

But revolution calls

And sacrifices are made

I am alive, but I am stumbling


I’ve waited for freedom

So, how can I deny it

Even though it comes with consequences

In fact, there are pros and cons

To everyone and everything

I feel like I’m jaywalking

Through life


The past is haunting

But history can be very relevant

The present is a blur

I’m falling, holding on, and letting go

It can be hard to distinguish between those states

The future is overwhelming

Endless possibilities, so what’s the truth?

Will I ever be enough?

Will I ever escape my rose-colored ideations?


I show love by making myself available

Until I’m drained

They prefer the opposite

Or just couldn’t see the worth in me

I say I move on

I say they don’t know what they’re missing

But how many times will I let a man

Make my inner light fade?

My heart is tired

Whether or not that was their intention,

It scars me

I should really stop chasing

Unless something is completely good for me

I should really stop giving my all

To those who will only ever give half

Or less


At least I always try my best

At least I’m always improving

At least I’ve never given up

On dreaming

On feeling

On living

She speaks her mind

And others drown her out right away

She tries to find some faith to hold

To help her get through the day

And there’s nothing left to hide

Just rejection

She lives in a world full of lies

Needs some real compassion


So, she puts together the puzzle pieces

Of her life

She stands up

She will be alright

She lets go of her doubts

And follows her heart

She flies

Becomes a shining light

And the entire world

Can be hers tonight


She tries to help

But they simply slap away her hand

So, she’s left broken with tears

Like waves crash on the sand

So, she packs her bags that night

And boards a plane

It’s about time she opened her eyes

And found her own way


She’ll at last be able to

Live her dream

To fix a messed up planet

Tearing at the seams

It’s perfectly fine

That these people don’t know her name

She’s sure to go down in history someday

This is where she’s allowed

To be who she’s meant to be

She may not know a single soul

But has never felt more free

Her tears are dry

Now, she is truly alive