They Say If You Dream a Thing More Than Once, It’s Sure to Come True

Fabricated nonfiction- yikes

Fiction based on reality- yikes, but meaningful

Pay attention

Everybody’s got a story to tell


My vision may not be 20/20

But I’m not blind to what goes on around me

If you could feel

Everything that I feel

On any given day or night,

Would you want to live or die?


Running in imperfect circles

Words in the form of jagged lines

Sometimes, I start writing something

Just to see what happens

Provoking a concept

Provoking myself

Provoking my will to live

Several pages later

Better late than never


The more exhausted I get with life,

The less frequently I wear a bra

And what about it?

My golden body, my golden rules


Making a mental getaway

Do not disturb

You’ll remember my name

Why wait until my funeral to read this?

On a “I don’t care what you think of me” wave

Depending on the context of the situation of course

Living in an age

Where clowns lead parades


But enough about me

How are you?

Are you making the time and space

To be both selfless and selfish too?


Almost Hopeless

I wish I didn’t feel so alone in my dreams

Every time I gain, I lose

And every time I lose, I gain

Tossing bouquets over the bridge

To bloom again


Who am I?

Who will I become?


I wish I could walk into your heart

And somehow match the beat with mine

To love both of us enough

I wish I could be closer to you

And somehow take solace in your mind

We could each make up for what the other lacks


You want to avoid it

But not because you’re afraid of change

Am I inconvenient

Or are we in the wrong time and place?


Stuck in the elevator

That appears to go nowhere

Until there’s a fire

To drive everybody out


I can feel your rainbow


I promise that what seems permanent will pass

True love isn’t always tough

Demons on demons, stuck like glue

I feel what you attempt to disguise

You can’t remember to forget

You’re angry at your anger

Sad about your sadness

Nothing makes sense, yet everything does


Make space on your phone

Make space in your mind

Anyone who wronged you doesn’t deserve to miss you

There are new memories to make

And stronger stories to write


Your heart broke in several directions

But the war is over

They made up their minds

And made one of the worst decisions of their lives

But look on the bright side

Because there is a gold one

You’re finally free


You are an ethereal, impenetrable poet

You and I both know it

That person, their people, their city of devils?

All nothing

I think you’re the best of them all

Pedigree On Hold

Spirituality and convenient love or hate

Are not the same

For better or worse?

More like for “better”; against “worse”

The division gets longer


Flag prop

A dystopia slowly coming true

Push back and pivot

For the innocent daisies

Home of the brave

Derailing into being

So fucking phobic

So many corrupt food webs for destruction


Each individual with a different definition

Of “outcast”

Underdogs chastised for daring to step outside their label

The fake are praised for being real

While the real are degraded for being fake


Wants are often confused with needs

Empathy is put on the back burner

Uncivilized debates about beliefs

Politicians refusing to care about

The people they were “elected” to serve


Throwing myself into my personal studies

Of the laws of attraction,

Energy, symbols, signs, the universe,

And the facts

Shedding skins of envy

In favor of hopeful orbs and real life


What more could you want?

I gave you everything

While saving the more for myself

Like you do


We learned to love ourselves

Like we could love each other

Life’s greatest lessons are forever

I can adapt to any situation

Be your versatile solution

Especially with time


Just hold me

I need your love, but I still know my worth

You make life brighter

When the true you shines


The door to your room in my mind is always open

You’re not perfect, but your halo remained intact

If you can be a successful something wonderful,

Then I can too

If I can figure myself out

And become stronger and braver as a result,

Then so can you


If this is so right,

Then I really hope that I’m not wrong

For a change

A Little Bit Broken

He’s trying to fight reality

And his feelings

A war taking place all around outside

And in his mind

He comes, goes, and stays

Keeps starting without finishing

Loves love

Yet pushes it away

When it’s in front of him

Calling for names

To grasp some kind of meaning

He would live and die for life

We all would

He needs more than that

Working from sunrise to sunset


I know what’s inside me

And I can’t change my heart

He tries to manipulate the compass

But ends up back where he started

Breathe, smile, cry, repeat


Logic isn’t always logical

He tries to drown out emotions

With science, high notes, and brooding silence

He chases his dreams

To catch happiness

He caught me

Gazes into my eyes

Finds a taste of his own medicine

The catch is that I’m a cure

Not a dose


Has he messed with my head or fixed it?

He hates and causes distance

Tells me what I want to hear

But I can sense that he means every word

Our needs aren’t that different

We’re both definitely healing

But still a little bit broken

I hope he knows that it’s not his fault

Whatever he’s going through right now

I hope that he never stops believing in himself

And knows that I’m always here

Tangible Oasis

Love watches over us

Sunrise, sunset

Chanted like a mantra

Can you feel what I feel?


Awake and alive

Like a reunited connection

Will over desire

We’re under pressure

But not if we interpret it

As a comfort blanket

And one another

As a safety net

More valuable than a social network


Dreams are more than just dreams

They are simulations

Of our souls

Believe in yourself

That’s worth following

Our future belongs to us