A Summary

All I want is for my best to be enough

Existence is exhausting

Aware of everything

I’m satisfied and happy

With who I’ve become as a person

And I’m still growing

Old beginnings with new endings

Been getting the hang of

What I used to only struggle with

Slowly falling harder

For love each day

I don’t want to live a life

Of regrets and what ifs

Having the confidence to make the first move

And really pursue someone

Or something

I care about is


Please Hold On

Spending some time alone is much better than

Being in a toxic relationship

With yourself

Leave that and stay alive


One more day

One more night

And another

And another

It’s going to be alright


Put the harmful objects down

And pick yourself up

It’s too easy to fall over the edge

You are still here

Not everyone who will love you

Has met you yet


One more word

One more touch

And another

And another

Until it doesn’t feel like too much


Your existence is not a sin

Breathe out and in

There are so many people in awe of you

And all that you do

The evil voice in your head is wrong


You’re not alone

You’re never alone

You’ve never been alone

Somebody has been where you are

Has felt how you feel

Could even be going through it

Right along with you

From the bottom of rock bottom

To the top of the world

Radical and Revolutionary

You know what’s truly empowering?

Making the conscious effort

To say and do the right thing


Especially when it comes to

Practicing the love, compassion, and empathy

That you preach


One would think

That it wouldn’t be so hard to comprehend

That it’s inherently and morally wrong

To murder someone

For their skin color, sexuality, identity, disability,

And more

To take someone’s basic human rights away

For existing as themselves

For loving themselves

For living as themselves


It is so much more than

So much bigger than

”Why can’t we all just get along?”
Well, it’s because all of this discriminatory shit

And purposeful ignorance

Have gone on for far too long

I Could Be a Cherry Bomb, But I’ll Never Be Yours

I can tell by the way you look at me

And how you talk to me

That you see potential in me

But when you repeatedly ignore me

Or brush me off for somebody else

It shows that you don’t really care


I am everything you want and more

You never wanted me

So, why should I care?

My heart is my home

You have no place here


You treat me like I’m second best

I know I am the best

The best you never had

Your hands are red

Broke my heart over and over

Like it was nothing

I’m the type who is willing to give everything

You’re not getting anything

I wish I walked away and stayed away

You’re lucky that I was too nice back in the day


It all makes perfect sense now

You’re addicted to using others

For the love that you can’t give yourself

And I was desperate and naive enough

To volunteer as tribute


You convinced yourself that you were my savior

I once worshipped you as such

But I’m not your angel

I’ll fall with or without you

Reminding myself that I’ve always been stronger than you

Be Prepared (But Nothing Can Prepare You)

I miss the good old days

You know, when you could go entire seasons

Without worrying about being shamed

By others or yourself

For not shaving your legs, etcetera

Actually, who said that I aged out of the good days?

I shave when I want to

It’s my body

Basic health and hygiene are more important than beauty standards anyway

And your body is yours, so do what works for you


I don’t have a traditional model body type

Or an hourglass figure exactly

But I exist and am worth the world

Curves, moles, birthmarks, blemishes, the fat, the flat, and all

Invisible and faded, but still visible scars


They tell me to wear more makeup

So that my baby face will grow up

But personal freedom lies in personal preference

And most of the time, I prefer none

Sometimes, I prefer lipstick

Sometimes, I prefer full cover

If the occasion is extra special

They say that beauty takes time

But life is short, so I’m doing what I want

When I want to

Looking flawless is your own definition to write


My mind doesn’t easily operate efficiently

Sad until numb

Can’t always think straight

Breath doesn’t always march in time

With my heartbeat

Living often feels like dying

But that doesn’t mean my mentality is never healthy

I’m always tending to the flowers

One way or another


If I apologized for writing about certain topics

Too much for your taste

Such as love, unrequited love, and heartbreak

Then I’d be apologizing for having feelings

And growing from experiences

If I apologized for getting political

Or talking about a dark truth

That makes you uncomfortable,

Then I wouldn’t be my authentic self

And your insistence on ignorance is part of the problem


If your advice is meant to categorize,

I solemnly swear that it’s unsolicited

I’m a little bit of everything

Intensely chill

A chilling intensity

A lady

A minx

A shining example

A stubborn bitch

The familial, platonic, or romantic something more

The modern *insert avant-garde name here*

The quiet one who keeps surprising you

Let’s communicate

Dancing With Moonshine

Because I write with so much feeling,

I can only write when I am feeling

Just taking a break hits me with withdrawal

Like I’m somebody that doesn’t even exist

This is my passion

This is my thing

Structured society may have career questions

But quitting is out of the question


I live for oxymorons and irony

There’s never just one right or wrong answer

What’s obvious

And what isn’t shown, but is true


If you catch me shivering,

Then I gave myself chills

My blood ran until it got cold

Or both

Walking in summer’s winter wonderland

Hand in hand with an invisible…

Good morning!


Carnival of the downward spiral

The occasional fairy light

The consequences are unlimited

Falling down voids that seem endless

They said that there will be blood

They said that there will be war

But not if a different voice is listened to

A different path taken


It’s raining bullets and beating hearts

Sedate my toxic imaginary friend

I could be a weapon of mass destruction

Yet, here stands the raw, unfiltered me

A vessel of mass compassion


I freestyle my way

Through the mazes of authority

That disguises itself as strong leadership

Suddenly noticing that I can’t stop smiling

Because I wrote a wonderful life

No Room for Vacancy

Modern: a beginning as means to an end

Unless it’s purely cynical

Treat proof like it’s dying

And you will die too


Born to be replaced

Or live forever

Maybe there really is something more

Not somewhere else

Right here

Don’t “giving up” and “giving in” mean the same thing?


They told you that your dreams aren’t dreams

Unless they’re realistic

To their reality

They told you to settle for less

Your happiness is a fictional concept

If it jeopardizes someone else’s

When is the last time?


Your dreams are dreams

If you make them real

Compare and contrast their reality

With real life

Never settle for less

You exist just as much as anyone else

Just feel

Just be


Significant Archetype

I can’t please everyone

And I don’t have to

My soul jumped out

Now, the world will officially see

What rests beneath

Real is as real as real can get

Tired of the filtered truth

Do you know how to be authentic?

No fake positivity preaching

Just honesty


Not everyone can be the playwright

Not everyone can be the star

There are right and wrong ways to play

People like to throw away the Golden Rule

When it applies to someone other than them


I am not your trophy

I am not a gossip grape

I do not belong to anyone but me

I can do more in life

Than save and be saved


Some of you eat organic

Yet, behave so toxic

Some of you swear up and down

That you cared about them

Yet, when they needed you most,

You morphed into a phantom

Some of you want to be rich and/or famous

Yet, refuse to work for it


I know that I learn from my mistakes

Who I am online is who I am

In real life

Some people get offended

When they’re the ones that need to apologize

Introduction to Energy

Life is lived to the fullest

Based on your own measurements

Not according to society’s lies

If you’re not causing harm,

Keep saying and doing

What they don’t like

Slow progress is far more impactful

Than fast regression

Don’t play yourself in the movie

Be yourself

Everyone’s ordinary is different


Placing psychic bets

Reading unspoken words

They don’t know how I do it


The widest distance

Can’t separate our hands

The wildest circumstances

Can’t tame our hearts


Confuse your enemies

Like printing cursive

Like my home state’s weather

Keep loving louder

They don’t know what to do with themselves

So, they blame everything on you

But you have nothing to be sorry for

You’re not obligated to keep them close

Just hold them accountable


A fool can’t survive in these eyes

Poetry roams through the streets

To paint our veins

The driver or passenger side

Doesn’t make a difference to me

As long as you stay with me

Because I just might change your life

My Little Eulogy

Here lie all of your assumptions about me

I may not be what you expected of me

But I am who I was meant to be

What’s meant to be will be

I had to teach myself how to swim

When all I learned from you

Was how to drown


The more that I heal,

The more like me I begin to feel

As interested as you are in my life,

You will never know the whole story

Until I’m ready to tell it


You don’t get access to me

No strings attached

Why are people so entitled to other people?

Whether by blood, friendship, romantic attachment, or idol


If you make or have made me

Hate myself in any way,

You’re hard for me to love and trust

That’s just the way it is

If you’re not all bad in my heart,

In my eyes,

In my mind,

You could earn your place back

You’ll just have to be patient


PSA: triggers aren’t jokes

Your “slip up” could destroy someone

Especially when they’re trying to get better

Getting high from someone’s low points

Doesn’t make you clever or endearing

You’re garbage and you’ll stay that way

While we’re flying

The afterlife should be teaching

How to take lessons to the grave

For history to repeat