Your eyes are shining

The world keeps spinning faster

You are spiraling

In a downward direction


The little voices in your head at war

And it feels like you can never win


You retreat deeper into yourself

When all you want and need is a moment to scream

To release

To anybody willing to listen

Breaking at the cracks

Tearing at the seams

Hanging by a thread

Never felt more alone or alive


Please don’t burn yourself out

Falling apart and putting yourself back together

You have every right to break down

But that doesn’t take away

From your right to feel whole


This house is not a home

The void has nothing better to offer

You swear up and down that you know you’re not okay

And that you’re ready to give up on everything

But you’re so much stronger than you think

That’s an unbroken promise

Introduction to Energy

Life is lived to the fullest

Based on your own measurements

Not according to society’s lies

If you’re not causing harm,

Keep saying and doing

What they don’t like

Slow progress is far more impactful

Than fast regression

Don’t play yourself in the movie

Be yourself

Everyone’s ordinary is different


Placing psychic bets

Reading unspoken words

They don’t know how I do it


The widest distance

Can’t separate our hands

The wildest circumstances

Can’t tame our hearts


Confuse your enemies

Like printing cursive

Like my home state’s weather

Keep loving louder

They don’t know what to do with themselves

So, they blame everything on you

But you have nothing to be sorry for

You’re not obligated to keep them close

Just hold them accountable


A fool can’t survive in these eyes

Poetry roams through the streets

To paint our veins

The driver or passenger side

Doesn’t make a difference to me

As long as you stay with me

Because I just might change your life

More Than One Chosen One

It’s in the air

But I have to remember

To breathe

I don’t have to know right now

All truth steps into the light

In due time


Somewhere out there

Emerald rain city

I could be

I am

You could be

You are

We could be

We are


Deception is not worth suffering for

What if I was deceiving myself all along?

I made it on my own

And with help

Is that so wrong?

Never truly alone

Don’t want to end up alone

I do feel better than I used to though


Head so high up in the clouds

That I lost my mind for a while

I can still see my broken heart

From up here!

Healing is in my blood and bones

So, at least I know that I can

Keep myself alive

That’s all I need

To feel alive until I am


”Are you doing okay?”

It’s not like I enjoy feeling this way

Day by day

Night by night

Running out of time

When it’s in the palm of my hand

I can always feed the hourglass more sand

This life is mine

Please show me what I’ve been missing


Do it

Or don’t

When the going gets tough

We tend to say “screw it”

”Fuck it”

But we shouldn’t just give up

Improvement of the soul is never done

Wake up

Do something about the environment

Get up

And talk to the ones you love

Shape up

Don’t be a jerk

Square up

Be strong and face the world

Kiss up

Don’t try that too much

Stand up

Be proud of what you believe in

Wise up

And realize that nobody always wins

That’s only in your head

At all times, try your best

But never allow the scheming serpents putting you down

To be yourself