Are You Not Entertained?

It’s hard enough to tell traumatic truths

Then we get called liars

In other situations, it’s easier to lie

But that takes an expensive toll over time


Sometimes, hard work is rewarding

But overall, history hasn’t been kind

Either shamed for being alone

Or not allowed to be


We have battle wounds

That are forbidden to heal

Over and over, our scars are reopened

Then we get blamed for feeling “too much”

Stone cold isn’t feminine enough

Although, all of these labels are constructs

Disguised as the gifts that keep on giving

A bloodstained brick road


Heavy heart

Searching for the light

In the miracle of life

My soul is not yours to steal and sell

You’ll never know me just by looking at me

Hibernating inside is a power once only dreamed of


Streetlights like haunting spotlights

This smile feels like part of a costume

There’s an end in sight

But it keeps getting pulled further out of reach

Fear and courage fertilize each other

You can’t give me one good reason to surrender


Paid less than we’re worth

Treated as less than we’re worth

Potential danger in every interaction

Yet, we blossom in spite of it all

Free Lilith

If you let go

Of all that you claim to know

Then you’d have the epiphany

That you know nothing

And there are miracles on the outskirts

Of your white picket fences


They put us in boxes

But we come in too many shapes and sizes to fit

They locked us in cages

But we stole the keys

And swallowed them to feed ourselves

Then proceeded to dream the dreams

That no cage can hold


You love having the power and prowess

To make us bleed

Yet, hate when we do it naturally

You prefer “natural beauty”

Then throw it away for plastic

You prefer plastic

Then complain about it not being natural enough

These are our bodies

And we are not dolls


You’re at your pulpit preaching

That your rib made us

However, didn’t you grow inside us?

Side note: that’s our choice too


Fire and ice

Light and dark

Saints and sinners

Masculine, feminine- it makes no difference


One arm is a list of targets for revenge

One arm is an olive branch

The angel and devil shoulders

Went out of style

Happy in Heaven and Hell

So, I’d rather listen to my intuition

We will fly, fall, and try again

You’re not perfect either

Brave and Covered in Blood

The sound of silence can be deafening

Standardization was never enough to fix us

Chaotic good is my hero

Wearing white in hopes of being stained red

Blood red, cheered up with wine

Your closest family and friends aren’t that innocent either

Change is the devilish angel there is

Are you in or out?


Battle cry of the breakthrough battle

Previously hidden confidence

The sharpest sword is combining it with vulnerability


Take a piece of me

But it will always come back to me

Cut me open

And I’ll sew my own stitches

Spill my guts

I swallow truth until I’m broken enough

To break you

Strike you like a viper and you never saw it coming


Delicate, sensitive, but not weak

Stab my heart and I only get stronger

Play me for a fool

And I’ll prey on the predator


Sleeping Beauty became nightmare fuel

Suffocate me

And I learn to breathe more freely

Kill me

And I’ll haunt you for the rest of your life

And into the afterlife

The wicked deserve no rest

The damsel-in-distress always had dreams

I’ve always been so sweet and put together, right?

But everything is not what it seems


Junkyard of smashed alarm clocks

Intelligence is nothing without discipline

Catch my breath and let go


I can handle rejection

I’m used to it

That sounds like a joke, but it’s sad

Because it’s true

You can’t tell me not to feel hurt

When I am hurt

Single lovers learn to embrace solitude


Fuck it, I’ll get candid

I’ve been single since the day I was born

That sounds like a joke, but it’s the truth

Discovered how to change my thinking from

“I wasn’t enough for them”

To “they weren’t enough for me”

You learn to appreciate your own company

found my bed of roses

And have taken care of myself many times


Comparison is truly the thief of joy

Especially when you begin to understand

That everyone has their own path

Loneliness is inevitable

But you’re never truly alone

There will always be someone who understands

Who will listen

Who won’t leave you abandoned


Piles of books, filled journals, and miscellaneous papers

Any relationship is nothing without communication

Catch my breath and let go


Truth hurts, but I’ll always prefer it

Lying to me is one of the worst things you can do to me

Because my intuition is six steps ahead

The bodyguard for my loving heart

And I don’t take inauthenticity lightly

Do you really want to lose the trust

Of the one who would give you everything?

I’ll see you for who you truly are

I’ll hear everything you think, but don’t say

I’ll prioritize your actions over your cheap words

And I’ll write about it all

With beauty and scary accuracy


Don’t tell me that I’ll find someone someday

I’ve heard it too many times to count

You’re not making me feel any better

I know I will

Don’t tell me I need to make myself less

In order to obtain something more

Sounds like you’ve spent your whole life lying to yourself

While I’ve spent mine finding and loving myself


Keep intentions clear

Get sad, angry, and let it all out

Breathe again


Hell hath no fury like a woman

Who has the power to freeze it over

Ms. Understanding

Don’t just say it

Do it

I’m not trying to rise up

For the hell of it

Somehow, I still check in on you

While I’m checking out


We birth new waves

And it’s not anyone’s choice but ours

If or when

I am strong

So, you do everything in your undeserved power

To break me

So that you can justify calling me weak


For god’s sake, we’re not saying we’re superior to you

In fact, superiority is the gender construct

We still care about you

We just want to be treated with the same respect and human decency


I shouldn’t be afraid to say no

I shouldn’t be afraid to walk alone

Wanting my feelings to matter

And be taken seriously

Are more important topics

Than your need for a punchline

There’s never been a good excuse

And there definitely isn’t anymore


I am just like you

And you are just like me

We are all victims and products

Of an unnecessary patriarchy


Love is not all about sacrifice

Listen to me when I listen to you

Tradition doesn’t equal truth

History shouldn’t be forever

How is our power a threat

When it’s rarely given a chance?

Lemon Moonbeams

I should turn the tables

I’ll be the one that got away

Unless you change your mind

While you still have time

You wouldn’t be settling

If you just slowed down

My champion muse

Marathon of passionfruit

Nobody feels like you


Love that tastes like scarred diamonds

That takes you on the ride of your life

Is meant to last

I’m coming in first place

According to the pieces of my mind

That lucky for you,

You occupy

I’ll light up your room

And your soul


Naughty and nice

Rose water to nourish a crown of thorns

And vice versa

Every phase is full

A lady or a siren

Why can’t I be both?

Read and listen to my stories

To write your songs

I am inspiration when let in


Do you want forever?

Be mine

This isn’t a proposition

It’s a blessing

Fate is no coincidence


A reincarnation

Of Persephone’s heart

You could be the authentic Adam

To my flourishing Eve

And yet, you’re still doubting me?

Choose your words carefully

Because I promise that I’m better with them

I’ll make you eat your heart out

And eventually, you’ll realize

That I fixed every broken piece of it

Because I care


For so long, the goddess in me was missing

But it’s not about lost and/or found

It’s who I am

I believe in you too, by the way

Miracles have a way of standing out in the crowd

And nobody feels like me


I’m not afraid to love

I’m afraid to lose love

But I love to lose what made me lose love

Turning sacrifices into advantages

When it seemed like being able to feel pain

Was the only thing keeping me alive

Tired, open eyes


Life in technicolor

Will always triumph over seeing and interpreting

In black and white

When it comes to being innovative

I won’t let you steal my life

I have an idea

Live and worry about your own


My heart is kind

My honesty is brutal

Real love only


I’m not sorry

For the space I take up

I didn’t put in a request for existence

But here I am

Here we all are

I’m the brightest star in the sky of my mind

That’s evolution