Assistant Vision Board

Your spotlight is invalid

Because you use him and others

To obtain it

That’s why it upsets you

When anyone questions it


You’re okay with anybody’s feelings getting hurt

Except yours

Not everyone believes you

But you’re still happy

Since you convinced enough people

To stroke your snake skin

In return, you reward their delusion


You give him no space

And treat social media presence

Like it’s some kind of race

You spout hypocrisy like a geyser

And support your fellow freeloaders

You and him don’t even have anything in common

Except for not acting your ages

You keep him immature

To act like his mother- I mean, doting lover

And proclaim him as the love of your life

You can’t wait to have the status

That would come with being his wife

Yet, you cheated on your previous boyfriend to get here


You’ve always had a vision board

A master plan

Kept him on the side

Until you had the perfect opportunity to strike

You’re always in need of an assistant

As an opportunist, you slithered into his heart

And thought “tag, you’re it”

All he’s ever wanted was love

But you weren’t worth the wait

With all of your mind games

And the need to always be in control

To always have the upper hand

In a fight that was never fair to begin with


You would hang him out to dry

Leave his mental health to die

If he tried to escape

Because that would threaten

Your “ideal” career and lifestyle

On camera, you slap him, yell at him, berate him, and belittle him

You are manipulative out in the open

Ban his interests unless they benefit your special ones

Keep him away from his real friends and close to yours

What goes on behind closed doors?

If the roles were reversed,

He would be crucified

Are You Not Entertained?

It’s hard enough to tell traumatic truths

Then we get called liars

In other situations, it’s easier to lie

But that takes an expensive toll over time


Sometimes, hard work is rewarding

But overall, history hasn’t been kind

Either shamed for being alone

Or not allowed to be


We have battle wounds

That are forbidden to heal

Over and over, our scars are reopened

Then we get blamed for feeling “too much”

Stone cold isn’t feminine enough

Although, all of these labels are constructs

Disguised as the gifts that keep on giving

A bloodstained brick road


Heavy heart

Searching for the light

In the miracle of life

My soul is not yours to steal and sell

You’ll never know me just by looking at me

Hibernating inside is a power once only dreamed of


Streetlights like haunting spotlights

This smile feels like part of a costume

There’s an end in sight

But it keeps getting pulled further out of reach

Fear and courage fertilize each other

You can’t give me one good reason to surrender


Paid less than we’re worth

Treated as less than we’re worth

Potential danger in every interaction

Yet, we blossom in spite of it all

Free Lilith

If you let go

Of all that you claim to know

Then you’d have the epiphany

That you know nothing

And there are miracles on the outskirts

Of your white picket fences


They put us in boxes

But we come in too many shapes and sizes to fit

They locked us in cages

But we stole the keys

And swallowed them to feed ourselves

Then proceeded to dream the dreams

That no cage can hold


You love having the power and prowess

To make us bleed

Yet, hate when we do it naturally

You prefer “natural beauty”

Then throw it away for plastic

You prefer plastic

Then complain about it not being natural enough

These are our bodies

And we are not dolls


You’re at your pulpit preaching

That your rib made us

However, didn’t you grow inside us?

Side note: that’s our choice too


Fire and ice

Light and dark

Saints and sinners

Masculine, feminine- it makes no difference


One arm is a list of targets for revenge

One arm is an olive branch

The angel and devil shoulders

Went out of style

Happy in Heaven and Hell

So, I’d rather listen to my intuition

We will fly, fall, and try again

You’re not perfect either

Ms. Understanding

Don’t just say it

Do it

I’m not trying to rise up

For the hell of it

Somehow, I still check in on you

While I’m checking out


We birth new waves

And it’s not anyone’s choice but ours

If or when

I am strong

So, you do everything in your undeserved power

To break me

So that you can justify calling me weak


For god’s sake, we’re not saying we’re superior to you

In fact, superiority is the gender construct

We still care about you

We just want to be treated with the same respect and human decency


I shouldn’t be afraid to say no

I shouldn’t be afraid to walk alone

Wanting my feelings to matter

And be taken seriously

Are more important topics

Than your need for a punchline

There’s never been a good excuse

And there definitely isn’t anymore


I am just like you

And you are just like me

We are all victims and products

Of an unnecessary patriarchy


Love is not all about sacrifice

Listen to me when I listen to you

Tradition doesn’t equal truth

History shouldn’t be forever

How is our power a threat

When it’s rarely given a chance?


I’m not afraid to love

I’m afraid to lose love

But I love to lose what made me lose love

Turning sacrifices into advantages

When it seemed like being able to feel pain

Was the only thing keeping me alive

Tired, open eyes


Life in technicolor

Will always triumph over seeing and interpreting

In black and white

When it comes to being innovative

I won’t let you steal my life

I have an idea

Live and worry about your own


My heart is kind

My honesty is brutal

Real love only


I’m not sorry

For the space I take up

I didn’t put in a request for existence

But here I am

Here we all are

I’m the brightest star in the sky of my mind

That’s evolution

Omnipotent Anthem

This is a call to the selves

The breathless moments

The invisible neck kisses

Hearts wide open

Prepared to live and die for…



Throw your hands up in the air

Or don’t

It makes no difference to me

Don’t just preach

Don’t simply speak

Just be

If positivity, love, and justice

Are what you truly believe


You all matter

But you’re not all treated like you do

Stop blurring the lines with lies

And trying to give alternatives for facts

To make them suit you


Mother Earth is screaming

Why aren’t you listening?

Are her seashells too revealing?

Are her natural needs an inconvenience

To your business?

You won’t be living in a bubble for long

Science says it will pop soon

If nothing changes


Can you imagine the joyful noise

If for once, we were silent

And listened to understand

And used common sense

Instead of simply blasting a hateful opinion

And being done with it

Content and complacent with ignorance


Equality, happiness, and compassion

Are my aesthetic

You’re right about that part

But quit misinterpreting it

You’re ruining it


You wish that I would sit still

As you mold me

Use me

Try to control

My body and personality

But I am not your toy

I have better things to do

In my free time


You wish that I would stay silent

When you scrape away my dry flaws

Scratch my scars

Spit on me with dirty words

But I know how you are

And I’m brave enough

To speak up


You wish that I would listen

When you try to tell me how to live

That I would nod and smile

When you try to tell me how to feel

You say that I’ll break hearts

But the only heart

I’ve ever broken

Is my own


You wish that I would never grow up

Then, you wish I would

I am human like you

That’s the fact

You seem to have misunderstood


I can be young and wise

I can be old and reckless

I can be anything

That makes me happy


I am a microphone unchecked

A blank canvas

A wishing well of sex

A free spirit

Who will never rest


I am more than

A grocery list of insecurities

I am more than

A countdown of trends

I am more than

A slight feminine breeze

I am more than

Beginnings, middles, and ends


When I have a good cry

When I write my doubts away

When I can catch my reflection

And actually feel beautiful

When I can step into the shower

And wash away everyone’s expectations

That’s the purest form of me

You will ever see

Wild Stallion

They say she’s got nerve

To be the way she is

She was treated wrong

So, her song echoes in her tormentors’ minds

She was burned


Wrongly accused

But it’s over now


She mounted her courageous horse

And rode away, into the night

Moved somewhere else

In hopes of the perfect place

”Goodbye” was her last word

Because she is a wild stallion

Free to roam


She couldn’t stand being a prisoner

Drowned out by the ones with more power

But she was special in her own way

They just didn’t get it

She is her own person

They just didn’t take the time

To understand


Stone cold face

Frozen in place

Until she can smile again

She never cried

No matter what happened

She was determined to find

A better life

So, her soul searched the skies

Her eyes twinkling over the heavens

Disappearing across the horizon


Holes in his jeans

King of the bar scene

Thinks he knows everything

About me

Hair slicked back

Pockets sagging with cash

Thinks that’s what it takes

To please me

Callused knuckles gleaming

With blood of his enemies

Always on the hunt

For a good girl’s sanity


So let me get this straight…

I’m a mystery

Because I won’t let you pop my cherry

I’m boring

If I’m not spending time with you

And you’re thrilling

Because you come with big things

And everyone else wants a taste

But time for you to listen to me

I know better

Than to throw it all away

For a jacket made of leather


Tall and broad

Gives zero fucks about cops

Thinks it’s funny

To stalk me

Jameson on his breath

Shitty swag in his step

Thinks I’ll automatically

Let him get to know me

Always believing

That the wrong way is right


To him

Harassment is entertaining

To him

Being polite is exhausting

To him

He has it all figured out

Wins life’s wars

His gun is fully loaded

Shining and smoking

But his soul… is empty

And his love… means nothing


I hated myself

Wondering why I bother to try

Am I some woman from Hell?

Because so many say goodbye

Everyday’s a nightmare

The voices are blurred

It’s like I want to speak up

But they put me out

Like trash on the curb


And I’m losing my soul

My heart is stone cold


Step back

I’m coming through

Cut the crap

Because I’m onto you

I won’t be walked all over

Stand down

Because now I’m strong

Turn right on around

I’m laying down the law

I’m not weak anymore

Because it’s the dawn of a new day

And the eve of my new beginning


Always sat up straight

Drank from every devil’s cup

Now you better get out of my way

Because I’ve had enough

You’ll get what you deserve

I’ve shredded the script

Tired of getting my feelings hurt

By words from someone else’s lips

I’m not some rag doll


I used to face life on my own

Now, the world is my throne


I write my own commandments

Got more confidence than ever before

Used to live like one big death sentence

Now I have something worth fighting for


I’m the only one that my dreams belong to

I’m going to make them real

Done hiding from the ego in you

This is how I feel


Was once like Eve

In “Adam and Eve”

But now, Adam is not the boss of me