Anything that’s an escape from this arduous life

Has the potential to be a love of my life

Cruelty is limiting the freedom that brings pure happiness

Setting alarms deserves a do-over

Feeling a little vengeful and unhinged

On the weekends


Let’s make a plan and deviate from it entirely

Gamble with time at a casino where nobody wins or loses


What we do for fun brings rainbows to our heartbeats

Dancing and laughing through the streets

All the way home

The most intense pain arrives when it’s over


What if everybody was a leader?

Would the world be saved or end quicker?

Every group is outnumbered

Yet, there’s a sense of peace

Your life could be the number one movie in America someday

Imagine that


Individual Plus One

It’s a slow burn

That’s about to go up in flames

I’d walk through fire for that creative misery


Habitual in our insecurity and confidence

Can’t sleep without remembering

But I’ll sleep alone

Until I can sleep next to you


You dream at high speeds

I can keep up from right here for hours on end


Your energy is like breaking glass

And dancing on the shards with a smile

Surprisingly, I relate

Because I’m a summer ballerina

With a penchant for dancing in the dark


All of our friends are either wasted

Or passed out from exhaustion

We’re still awake, even though we’re tired too

Tonight is a brand new day

Online anger has no place

In our personal space


You’re all about me and I’m all about you


My head is in the clouds the majority of the time

It keeps me down to earth

When everyone else hates gravity

I remind me of you

You’re my best friend who I’ve never met

Maybe, hopefully, we just haven’t met yet


Single goals make for double trouble

We like it like that

Sailing a rainbow bloodstream

If we have to die, we’re going to die happy

Mission decided

Chameleon-type fashion, but make it love


Knight in rusted armor and with a free mind

Princess ditched her crown for freedom


Throwing myself into my personal studies

Of the laws of attraction,

Energy, symbols, signs, the universe,

And the facts

Shedding skins of envy

In favor of hopeful orbs and real life


What more could you want?

I gave you everything

While saving the more for myself

Like you do


We learned to love ourselves

Like we could love each other

Life’s greatest lessons are forever

I can adapt to any situation

Be your versatile solution

Especially with time


Just hold me

I need your love, but I still know my worth

You make life brighter

When the true you shines


The door to your room in my mind is always open

You’re not perfect, but your halo remained intact

If you can be a successful something wonderful,

Then I can too

If I can figure myself out

And become stronger and braver as a result,

Then so can you


If this is so right,

Then I really hope that I’m not wrong

For a change