Radical and Revolutionary

You know what’s truly empowering?

Making the conscious effort

To say and do the right thing


Especially when it comes to

Practicing the love, compassion, and empathy

That you preach


One would think

That it wouldn’t be so hard to comprehend

That it’s inherently and morally wrong

To murder someone

For their skin color, sexuality, identity, disability,

And more

To take someone’s basic human rights away

For existing as themselves

For loving themselves

For living as themselves


It is so much more than

So much bigger than

”Why can’t we all just get along?”
Well, it’s because all of this discriminatory shit

And purposeful ignorance

Have gone on for far too long

War Stories

Tenderhearted until a violent amendment feels threatened

Why are we always so close, but so far

When it comes to safety laws?

Yes, we’re triggered by the trigger

Because the trigger is a serial killer

Firing nonstop like the spreading of wildfire


All this talk about making the future great

While the future gets murdered

In cold blood by the cold-blooded

Are you happy?

Are you proud?


The gesture is nice, but it isn’t the cure

There’s enough thoughts and prayers

To last a lifetime cut short

Guns don’t save the world

People do

Hopefully, there will be enough left

No matter what, enough is enough

Of the violence, hate, ego, greed, and fear mongering


Where is the limit?

We thought it was young schoolchildren

But apparently, the limit does not exist


It may be normalized

But it will never be normal

They’d rather blame the mentally ill

Than help them

They’d rather profit from lives lost

Than prevent them from being lost


Where is the love that’s constantly preached about?

Words fall through the cracks

When action falls behind

Keep hope alive

Even if it’s relying on life support

Because somehow, more value is placed on immediate money

Than basic morality


How many more?

There shouldn’t be any more


No hard feelings (actually, maybe quite a few)

Ignoring a problem

Has never solved it

Shocking, but not surprising

Never less heartbreaking or horrifying

An epidemic of repeated history


It seems to hit closer and closer to home

One of my biggest fears is now who will be the next body to fall

Someone I know?


And I’m not the only one

How is that fair?

How is that acceptable?

Victories are significant

In the battle of good and evil

Serial Anticipation

You can do anything

Except turn back time

Hold on to nothing


I don’t know anymore

I’m still realizing

What is real and what is fake?

Either way, I am afraid

Singing myself to sleep

To stall the hurricane of overthinking

Sometimes, hope just feels hopeless

Did I fall off of the ladder

Or did it fall on me?


You are a car crash on purpose

Your favorite colors look just like you

The world is only great

If it’s your perfect toxic waste

Your security is antisocial

Introduction to Energy

Life is lived to the fullest

Based on your own measurements

Not according to society’s lies

If you’re not causing harm,

Keep saying and doing

What they don’t like

Slow progress is far more impactful

Than fast regression

Don’t play yourself in the movie

Be yourself

Everyone’s ordinary is different


Placing psychic bets

Reading unspoken words

They don’t know how I do it


The widest distance

Can’t separate our hands

The wildest circumstances

Can’t tame our hearts


Confuse your enemies

Like printing cursive

Like my home state’s weather

Keep loving louder

They don’t know what to do with themselves

So, they blame everything on you

But you have nothing to be sorry for

You’re not obligated to keep them close

Just hold them accountable


A fool can’t survive in these eyes

Poetry roams through the streets

To paint our veins

The driver or passenger side

Doesn’t make a difference to me

As long as you stay with me

Because I just might change your life


Is honesty too much to ask for?

Some people who claim to be evolving

Never change a bit

Hypocrisy at its finest


Making noise when silence could save a life

Staying silent or telling lies

When screaming the truth could save a life

Actions always speak louder than words


Money in the wrong hands

Does tons of damage

Breaking news from Captain Obvious:

The American Dream has been exposed


When your inhumane impulses

Are stronger than you,

Then you have a problem

That no one else can solve for you

Just because you can afford it

Doesn’t mean that you need it

The hype is less tacky than the designer name brands



You’ve got the body

You’ve got the makeup

You’ve got the personality

That ranges from bland to obnoxious

Or both!

You’ve got the blind worship from your high follower count

Sadly, you’ll never die happy

Your acting is transparent


God isn’t in control of your choices

God doesn’t justify your bitterness or hatred

God doesn’t ask you to commit acts of violence

If heaven was full of sinners with no regrets like you,

Then it might as well be a second hell


Losers act like they’re winning

To feel better about themselves

We can get famous for anything

But wouldn’t you rather it be for something meaningful?

To go down in history in a positive or negative light

Is too much responsibility apparently

We don’t know how to let go of what doesn’t matter in the long run

And we don’t know how to hold onto what does

Tragic Lullaby

So often

Too often

Lies are singing us to sleep

While truth is labeled as out of tune

All we have in this life are

The sky and each other

The youth are worth more

Than punching bags for expired bitterness

Where does the line blur

For industry, institution, and prison?

Ignorance is bliss when you’re privileged

Would you turn a blind eye

If you or your loved one

Was deported or shot dead?

Are you having fun

While white roses are being painted red

With the blood of children?

Hatred is a fickle thing

We claim to live in the moment

While we live through screens

But there is always light to be found

In the darkness

We don’t have to be hopeless

Tribute to Words

a feather collage of paper

is a wordplayground

technological Big Bang

portal to new dimensions

fear is in bees and butterflies

they drop ounces of it into flowers

the comorbidly colored roses bravely bloomed

just like you

there is so much to say


words words words words

beautiful ugly magnificent absurd

sinful saviors

unfavorite colors

forevers and nevers

complicated simplicity

he danced until he fell down

she screamed what her heart is all about

they started a riot

worthy of an acceptance letter

to the University of Heaven


cruising through the underground

rhythm found

in silence and sound

boulders thrown at your window

at 2 a.m

pumpkin hours

speeches of endearment

spilling out from underneath eyelids


a sunset saw me smile

guilty yet so innocent


droughts in throats

floods of ink destroying the pen dam

shocked little lamb

the fire of last night

was hungover the next morning

refused to take a shower

brain warden shouted with generous anger

here’s your damn beach towel


sometimes scribbles that make negative infinity sense

can make all the sense we need

and so we sleep


If only I knew how to be

Your definition of normal

But I would rather choose

Don’t want to be

One of your robotic people

In life today,

It is all about perfection

Perfect body

Perfect face

Perfect hair

Perfect everything

No one can be that way

And that is perfectly okay


Oh officer

Please take me away

I have committed a crime

I have no interest in drowning

In the fake lake


Call me crazy

I don’t care

Call me a loser




I don’t care

Call me every damn name in the book

We should not be judged

Based only on looks

You won’t see me crying

But I’ll see you in the plastic asylum


I have these devils in my head

Trying to pull me under

Your criticizing thunder

Then, I have kind voices with capes

Who refuse to see me break


Go on, get a needle

Knock me out

I will always know

What I’m really about


It is the willpower

To be yourself

That makes you stand out

From everyone else


Here we stand

At the crossroads

Of a burning bridge

I just want to leap

Into your arms

And make sure we both

Fall over the edge

All my life, I’ve waited


For a love that shatters the stars

All your life, you’ve been hiding


About a love that never shuffled your cards


And now in our own sweet pain,

We collide

And now in our own desperate truth,

We’ll watch the world divide


It’s a good insane

When there’s no road to take

When one image overwhelms your brain

Distorted fragments to make life interesting

When the one you can’t live

With or without

Is the one

That you love to hate


Here we lie

On a silky

Bed of nails

I just need you

To hold me down

Until we’ve both

Been impaled

Because I’m not going down

Without a fight

And neither are you

As strange as it sounds,

That’s what makes us the perfect two


And now in our own bitter world,

Hearts will explode

But now, we are safe

Like refugees

Finding their way back home


There’s no real love

Without the bruises

We take what we can get

There’s no desire to lose it

In an imperfect world,

We crave this illusion of perfection


I’m not okay

Unless you’re disagreeing with me

That’s my only way to know

That you’ll stay with me


There’s no real love

Without the bruises

In an imperfect world,

We crave this beautiful illusion