Radical and Revolutionary

You know what’s truly empowering?

Making the conscious effort

To say and do the right thing


Especially when it comes to

Practicing the love, compassion, and empathy

That you preach


One would think

That it wouldn’t be so hard to comprehend

That it’s inherently and morally wrong

To murder someone

For their skin color, sexuality, identity, disability,

And more

To take someone’s basic human rights away

For existing as themselves

For loving themselves

For living as themselves


It is so much more than

So much bigger than

”Why can’t we all just get along?”
Well, it’s because all of this discriminatory shit

And purposeful ignorance

Have gone on for far too long

Assistant Vision Board

Your spotlight is invalid

Because you use him and others

To obtain it

That’s why it upsets you

When anyone questions it


You’re okay with anybody’s feelings getting hurt

Except yours

Not everyone believes you

But you’re still happy

Since you convinced enough people

To stroke your snake skin

In return, you reward their delusion


You give him no space

And treat social media presence

Like it’s some kind of race

You spout hypocrisy like a geyser

And support your fellow freeloaders

You and him don’t even have anything in common

Except for not acting your ages

You keep him immature

To act like his mother- I mean, doting lover

And proclaim him as the love of your life

You can’t wait to have the status

That would come with being his wife

Yet, you cheated on your previous boyfriend to get here


You’ve always had a vision board

A master plan

Kept him on the side

Until you had the perfect opportunity to strike

You’re always in need of an assistant

As an opportunist, you slithered into his heart

And thought “tag, you’re it”

All he’s ever wanted was love

But you weren’t worth the wait

With all of your mind games

And the need to always be in control

To always have the upper hand

In a fight that was never fair to begin with


You would hang him out to dry

Leave his mental health to die

If he tried to escape

Because that would threaten

Your “ideal” career and lifestyle

On camera, you slap him, yell at him, berate him, and belittle him

You are manipulative out in the open

Ban his interests unless they benefit your special ones

Keep him away from his real friends and close to yours

What goes on behind closed doors?

If the roles were reversed,

He would be crucified

Free Lilith

If you let go

Of all that you claim to know

Then you’d have the epiphany

That you know nothing

And there are miracles on the outskirts

Of your white picket fences


They put us in boxes

But we come in too many shapes and sizes to fit

They locked us in cages

But we stole the keys

And swallowed them to feed ourselves

Then proceeded to dream the dreams

That no cage can hold


You love having the power and prowess

To make us bleed

Yet, hate when we do it naturally

You prefer “natural beauty”

Then throw it away for plastic

You prefer plastic

Then complain about it not being natural enough

These are our bodies

And we are not dolls


You’re at your pulpit preaching

That your rib made us

However, didn’t you grow inside us?

Side note: that’s our choice too


Fire and ice

Light and dark

Saints and sinners

Masculine, feminine- it makes no difference


One arm is a list of targets for revenge

One arm is an olive branch

The angel and devil shoulders

Went out of style

Happy in Heaven and Hell

So, I’d rather listen to my intuition

We will fly, fall, and try again

You’re not perfect either

Honey Stain

You’re running away for the thousandth time


Maybe actually improve yourself while you’re at it


Stole my heart and locked it in your ribcage

Always came back to you

And you still weren’t satisfied


You’ll miss the honey

On your bread

On your fingertips

On your lips


Now, her sweetness is saved solely for herself

And eventually, to be shared with someone else

I am the butterfly that came to life

After your bee sting


Your mutated neurons continue to fire

But I am sober

Next time you see me, I’ll still have love for you

But at a distance


I gaze out windows and let myself be

I stare at the mirror and see better days

Realizing I never needed to be given flowers

Because I can grow my own


I don’t live in luxury

So, that means I have to hate the skin I’m in?

And so that you can sell your products?

What photoshopped happiness is this?


Consume more pain

The temporary pleasure will take the pain away

You need a magazine cover to be original

People will tell other people to respect your privacy

So that they can invade it in peace

And nothing is more real than reality TV


How do you love

When your favorite person is your favorite object?

How do you live with yourself

When you make someone not want to live themselves?

I don’t see the appeal

Of getting popular from who or what you steal

Beating broken hearts black and blue


You’ve got the look

All you need is the image

Don’t be yourself

Unless you have nothing to lose


There’s no time like tonight

Let’s catch up when there’s no time

I love what you can do for me

Clueless Dumpster Fire

Your friends and family would’ve loved me

Too bad that you didn’t

But that’s not what this is about


You called me hot and sexy

I never failed to turn you on

I supported you in everything you needed support for

Then, I was easy to ignore

Every single time you fell for someone else

Yet, you told me you weren’t interested in anyone


No one can say that I’m dwelling on the past

Because you’re still the same person in the present

No change or growth whatsoever

You frown on players

But you’re a champion at playing the victim

You weren’t a stroke of good luck

You were a mistake

I was insecure and lonely

So, I drowned in your shallowness


You say you hate drama

Yet, stay friends with all of your exes

Including the ones who were abusive or cheated on you

There’s a fine line between forgiveness and blissful ignorance

So many things about you just scream hypocrite

I feel blessed and grateful that I dodged a bullet


You can’t handle me

Because you don’t deserve me

By the way, it’s creepy

To post personal pictures of a crush

On specific social medias

Just because she can’t see it

I can’t afford to trust advice

From the nice guy who cried wolf


You are hopelessly in love with romanticizing obsession and desperation

You and your new flame are obviously so into each other

Because she’s the female version of you

She complements you perfectly!

That wasn’t a compliment

Be Prepared (But Nothing Can Prepare You)

I miss the good old days

You know, when you could go entire seasons

Without worrying about being shamed

By others or yourself

For not shaving your legs, etcetera

Actually, who said that I aged out of the good days?

I shave when I want to

It’s my body

Basic health and hygiene are more important than beauty standards anyway

And your body is yours, so do what works for you


I don’t have a traditional model body type

Or an hourglass figure exactly

But I exist and am worth the world

Curves, moles, birthmarks, blemishes, the fat, the flat, and all

Invisible and faded, but still visible scars


They tell me to wear more makeup

So that my baby face will grow up

But personal freedom lies in personal preference

And most of the time, I prefer none

Sometimes, I prefer lipstick

Sometimes, I prefer full cover

If the occasion is extra special

They say that beauty takes time

But life is short, so I’m doing what I want

When I want to

Looking flawless is your own definition to write


My mind doesn’t easily operate efficiently

Sad until numb

Can’t always think straight

Breath doesn’t always march in time

With my heartbeat

Living often feels like dying

But that doesn’t mean my mentality is never healthy

I’m always tending to the flowers

One way or another


If I apologized for writing about certain topics

Too much for your taste

Such as love, unrequited love, and heartbreak

Then I’d be apologizing for having feelings

And growing from experiences

If I apologized for getting political

Or talking about a dark truth

That makes you uncomfortable,

Then I wouldn’t be my authentic self

And your insistence on ignorance is part of the problem


If your advice is meant to categorize,

I solemnly swear that it’s unsolicited

I’m a little bit of everything

Intensely chill

A chilling intensity

A lady

A minx

A shining example

A stubborn bitch

The familial, platonic, or romantic something more

The modern *insert avant-garde name here*

The quiet one who keeps surprising you

Let’s communicate

Pedigree On Hold

Spirituality and convenient love or hate

Are not the same

For better or worse?

More like for “better”; against “worse”

The division gets longer


Flag prop

A dystopia slowly coming true

Push back and pivot

For the innocent daisies

Home of the brave

Derailing into being

So fucking phobic

So many corrupt food webs for destruction


Each individual with a different definition

Of “outcast”

Underdogs chastised for daring to step outside their label

The fake are praised for being real

While the real are degraded for being fake


Wants are often confused with needs

Empathy is put on the back burner

Uncivilized debates about beliefs

Politicians refusing to care about

The people they were “elected” to serve

Take the “F” Out of “Life”

You need a job?

Well, experience is required for experience

You need free time?

Too bad because “time is money”

Control is out of control

I’m tired of repetitive hypocrisy

I’m tired of being tired

Expectations are boring

Common sense is a rarity

Respect is expensive


I’m no angel, but I’m definitely not evil

I know that much for sure

I’m not crazy about my complicated existence

But I would go crazy if it were always simple


If you need me, you don’t act like it

But honestly, I’m better off healthy

Keeping my distance from those who love with pernicious undertones

Better late than never

I procrastinate until I have no choice

But to overwork myself or fail

Both effects are inevitable

I’m okay now

But everyone wants to get higher

The ultimate fantasy is made up of millions

Of smaller fantasies, larger numbers, and multiple steps


Drowning out the negative voices

Inside and outside of my head

And amplifying the uplifting ones

A daily struggle

Heart’s homeostasis

Going through metamorphosis

What’s real that isn’t ruled by fear?

Who really wants to live a li[f]e?

Bitter Whiskey Sour

Nothing about me is surface level

As good as I try to be and inherently am,

I’ll never be a perfect person

Back-to-back intense nightmares

Caused by intense insecurities

Leave me out of breath when I wake up


Sometimes, all I see is envy

I feel trapped by circumstances

Out of my control

Then, I let myself feel inferior to

Everyone living their lives

The ways that I want to live mine

It’s like bad people keep getting rewarded

And good people keep getting left in the dust


I don’t necessarily hold grudges

I recognize that forgiveness doesn’t equal forgetting

I don’t let bitterness run my life

So, I have the right to let myself feel it in the moment

To grieve

To turn writer’s block into an exposé

Made up of pretty sounding words


I can’t seem to concentrate

Unless I’m happy

All lemon juice, no sugar

What were you saying about lemonade?

What if that shit expired?

I feel safe in my headspace

And sometimes, I just don’t

I simply wish to enjoy my life

Without feeling like I’m wasting it