Sewn Shut

I stared like a statue of

A deer in headlights

And called it love

I blossomed when you said my name

Removed my bandages

For you to pour in your remedy

You had a charred halo

Just like me


You saw through my walls

And built us a home

With your gentle words

Healed the discoloration on my soul

Your arms were a tapestry

Shielding me from the dark

I playfully batted a ball of yarn to you

So that we could play catch

And see who fell first


Suddenly, you found a stronger medicine

A brand new shiny key

And like my other fallen angels,

It was never me


She tore down the tapestry

You covered her with your promises

Leaving me broken

I threw my pearls into the sea

My tears dropped like needles

My eyes glowing like the sun

Reflected in a shattered mirror


It’s been a while

Since I lived that false fairytale

I put down my needle and thread

In favor of paper and pen

I feel older and wiser

High as a kite

Numb to love-induced pain


I painted my white room

In universal colors

I don’t want to be the one you run to

If you’re only going to run away

You may have sewn shut the chapter

Of temporary

But you will never silence

My voice of forever

Only I have that power


I’m the angel in your head

I’m the devil in your bed

Please fall for me

I’m the love in your heart

I know who you really are

I’ll seduce you with the truth

I’m the song on your mind

I’m the sign

You’ve been looking for


We can trace our jagged edges

Like fingertips dancing across skin

I don’t want to live without you

But I would if I had to

Every moment is worth so much

When you’re in an extraordinary love


You’re the pixie dust in my veins

You’re the insanity that drives me sane

Please swallow your pride

You’re the fire drifting through my sea

You’re the sky that grounds me

You’ll make me rise as we fall

Deeper, closer, softer, harder

You’re the sign

I’ve been waiting for


We are tumbling

Like smashed picture frames


But if we get burned,

The sunrise is to blame

I’m the author of your lies

You are the silver tears I cry