No Faith in Immortality

I tried to warn you

But you wouldn’t listen

This is part of who I am

You judged me all wrong

Caverns cave in


You can’t live my life for me

Or live vicariously through me

No matter how much you may want to

When I’m ready to go,

Let me go

Light and darkness spinning inside me

Vertigo dance of the broken healer


I don’t want to live forever

But my soul does

I don’t want to die

But sometimes I do

What’s a birth

Without a rebirth?


My dreams haven’t changed

They’ve been amended

To make me happier

And feel more possible

Individual Plus One

It’s a slow burn

That’s about to go up in flames

I’d walk through fire for that creative misery


Habitual in our insecurity and confidence

Can’t sleep without remembering

But I’ll sleep alone

Until I can sleep next to you


You dream at high speeds

I can keep up from right here for hours on end


Your energy is like breaking glass

And dancing on the shards with a smile

Surprisingly, I relate

Because I’m a summer ballerina

With a penchant for dancing in the dark


All of our friends are either wasted

Or passed out from exhaustion

We’re still awake, even though we’re tired too

Tonight is a brand new day

Online anger has no place

In our personal space


You’re all about me and I’m all about you


My head is in the clouds the majority of the time

It keeps me down to earth

When everyone else hates gravity

I remind me of you

You’re my best friend who I’ve never met

Maybe, hopefully, we just haven’t met yet


Single goals make for double trouble

We like it like that

Sailing a rainbow bloodstream

If we have to die, we’re going to die happy

Mission decided

Chameleon-type fashion, but make it love


Knight in rusted armor and with a free mind

Princess ditched her crown for freedom

Appearing Act

I’m not a fan of this whole movement

Of making yourself artificial

Trying to please what crowd exactly?

Feeling drained by what claims to be uplifting

But I’m still breathing

And my soul doesn’t plan on leaving


For my next trick,

I’ll drop the act

Push the ingrained insecurities away

And make all of me appear

The best version

And the flawed

Because no matter what,

Duality comes first


Shedding my skin

To learn to live in it

Letting myself cry

It’s an important hot program

Get with it


Little me never anticipated

This much change

Some of my fantasies came true

And some did not or have not

I will keep going


Almost 1:30 a.m

And I’m feeling fine

And there have been nights

When I absolutely wasn’t fine at all

And I anticipate more of those

But next time, I won’t break alone


Thanks for coming

And if you stuck around for better or worse,

Even better!

I wish you the best life

Karma will make you disappear anyway

If you overindulged on chances

Ironic Devotion

We are told to discover who we are

We are told who we’re supposed to be

Shamed for every emotion

Scapegoated for every wrongdoing

Blocked from spreading our own wings

News bringing hope and hopelessness

Neutrally split

Feeling like we’re living just to live


Let’s try romance

But how much public proof

Is enough evidence for true love?

Hearts hurt


Learning can’t seem to take place

Without “I told you so”

A sense of wonder is beautiful

Until it conflicts with another’s sense of greed

Let children be children

You only need to teach them how to grow


Expectations aren’t valid

Unless they’re realistic

Why is a time limit

Placed on every little thing?

Warnings aren’t always visible

To the eye

You have to look deeper

Into everyone else and yourself


Passing the time until we die

Long live success though

We desire to be more than a gravestone

The flowers that return to bloom

Each spring awakening

Introduction to Energy

Life is lived to the fullest

Based on your own measurements

Not according to society’s lies

If you’re not causing harm,

Keep saying and doing

What they don’t like

Slow progress is far more impactful

Than fast regression

Don’t play yourself in the movie

Be yourself

Everyone’s ordinary is different


Placing psychic bets

Reading unspoken words

They don’t know how I do it


The widest distance

Can’t separate our hands

The wildest circumstances

Can’t tame our hearts


Confuse your enemies

Like printing cursive

Like my home state’s weather

Keep loving louder

They don’t know what to do with themselves

So, they blame everything on you

But you have nothing to be sorry for

You’re not obligated to keep them close

Just hold them accountable


A fool can’t survive in these eyes

Poetry roams through the streets

To paint our veins

The driver or passenger side

Doesn’t make a difference to me

As long as you stay with me

Because I just might change your life


I don’t crave attention

But I don’t want to be forgotten

Drowning in thirst

The rain doesn’t feel real enough

An honest contradiction

Rebel with a cause


I didn’t wish for pain

To become a major inspiration

Almost a sole motivation

Painting with words

Achieves the same effect

As painting with blood


I am treading water

I haven’t stopped falling

Down the rabbit hole

Maybe because I always find love there

I know what I don’t know

I don’t know what I do know


Running away from problems

Late for a very important date

With time

Learning to let go of past problems

Helps me solve them

Advice is a game of give and take


Bite me

Unless I’m more than you can chew

I am soft, but I love hard

Your deepest desire

Your favorite fallen angel

If treated with grace and given the chance


Whether you miss me or regret me,

I am on your mind

Making a profound impact

Using scars to cover lies

Dashes of sugar and spice

I was born to be a wild wallflower


I enjoy routine

But only when it’s on my own terms

Don’t tell me what to write

Don’t tell me how to feel

I am already alive

I am already real


Cool, calm, and collected

On fire, stressed, and rejected

I am the experiment

That never yielded

The results you wanted

Can be strong, but sometimes need saving

Joints rusted

Hidden strength to smile

Buried under moments

Of short circuiting


I am passionate

But not about your requirements

I know you want to turn me off

You would love to kill me

You’ll never admit it

Because what a scandal that would be

What a loss of money

Fake tears would have to be shed

From your dollar sign eyes


I’m at a breaking point

Where I’m checking my pulse

Like checking for your deadlines

In anxiety-inducing emails

You keep saying how much you care

Like a mantra

But your actions

Or lack of

Say otherwise


Get out of my head

Get off of my back

Unless you’re going to teach me something

Relevant to my life

I am my own person

Not your show dog

I could win first prize

If I didn’t feel so imprisoned


My achievements

Are to liberate me

Not as a positive correlation

For your standardized statistics

You want power

You want control

You want notoriety

What you need is a reality check

Not every adult is

Just another robot