Daytime Point-Of-View

It is said that night is the golden opportunity

For the surplus of thoughts to attack

But sometimes, it is when the first breath of sunlight

Breaks through the crack of my curtains

That they pounce

Nipping at my heels

Like hunting dogs


I cannot run

The new day yanks me toward it

A robot on a leash

I cannot hide in my mind

The dawn melted my walls


Survival is easier said than done

Especially when you’re an insomniatic daydreamer

The moon’s secret love affair

The predatory ball of fire’s prey


I feel like a stain on this earth

The flaming arrow’s target practice

A waste of a page

When I’m unable to take care of myself

When I’d rather stay in bed

Than be a productive fairy princess

I feel like I let you down


But I’m not sorry

For who I am

I don’t have to live in agony


Sure, I can look at a brand new day

As a brand new start

Don’t assume that piece of advice

Will automatically change my life

I am in control

Of how I spend or splurge my time

Therefore, at the rise of the sun

My mood for the day depends

On how many colors

Were in yesterday’s sunset

And how many stars

Were visible in last night’s sky

Tribute to Words

a feather collage of paper

is a wordplayground

technological Big Bang

portal to new dimensions

fear is in bees and butterflies

they drop ounces of it into flowers

the comorbidly colored roses bravely bloomed

just like you

there is so much to say


words words words words

beautiful ugly magnificent absurd

sinful saviors

unfavorite colors

forevers and nevers

complicated simplicity

he danced until he fell down

she screamed what her heart is all about

they started a riot

worthy of an acceptance letter

to the University of Heaven


cruising through the underground

rhythm found

in silence and sound

boulders thrown at your window

at 2 a.m

pumpkin hours

speeches of endearment

spilling out from underneath eyelids


a sunset saw me smile

guilty yet so innocent


droughts in throats

floods of ink destroying the pen dam

shocked little lamb

the fire of last night

was hungover the next morning

refused to take a shower

brain warden shouted with generous anger

here’s your damn beach towel


sometimes scribbles that make negative infinity sense

can make all the sense we need

and so we sleep

Night Owl

The air is too cold

To be overthinking

The glass is too full

Guess I’ll just keep sinking


This life is way too overwhelming

No time for sleeping

But plenty for dreaming


Please stop dragging me down

I’m forced to stay up

Let my mind wander around

I’m just a nocturnal clown

With a smile that drowns in my tears

I’m just another night owl

Help me out of this hole


I fell off the edge

Right into the deep end

Time to go hide

Beneath this temporary black blanket

I’m hurting inside

Too dark for truth to be seen

I’m not Red Riding Hood

But I think the wolves

Have caught up with me


Do you ever

Try to relax

Then just end up

Haunted by your past


Have you ever

Just wanted to breathe

Then been thrown into a harsh world

That you refuse to believe


I will always

Let my hair fall in my face

As a shield against

Every demon’s hate


It’s the devil’s hour

And I’m being drained of my power