Nightshade Trail

What’s your story?

Inner and outer

That seems to be all it takes

For me to think I’m in love


I looked for love in the wind

Got temporarily touched

Was used for my empathy

Used for my talents and abilities

Heartbroken for making memories

Then watched it all blow away

Like ashes

Good riddance


I looked for love on the other side

Got awakened like a spring white rose

Along with my self-esteem

Thrown off balance

Enough said

I learned that the past should stay dead


I looked for love in a fire

Got my soul truly saved

Got my patience tested

Discovered who I am

Instead of who I pretended to be

As usual, my heart was broken

At least now I know

How to fix it


I don’t have the time or energy

For games anymore

I can’t say that I have too many regrets

When I’m more inspired than ever

Come find me underground

I’m strong enough to dig

Love me for me


I see signs in everything

To the point where I begin to see stars

What does it mean

To have life all figured out

Surely, that truth is a dirty liar


I feel trapped in paradise

But the thing is, it is not paradise

I was only told it was

I was stuck in a box

To be kept from thinking outside of it


I hear a voice in my mind

It has grown up with me

Hated myself with me

Loved myself with me

Together, we are free


I believe in change

At some point, it becomes for the better

There is time to wait

To move on, give up, stay strong

Just know that I am the one in control

To Be

Your words came so easily

You always knew what to do

You couldn’t be taken advantage of

You were silent bliss

Then, your time was up

And I miss it all


When you were still here,

I looked up to you

I always wanted to be like you

Now, I know it is up to me

To be me

And never forget you

Finish the change you started


To be or not to be?

That is the big question

I always thought that you had

Every answer

But maybe the answers

Were inside me all along

And you left me to help me

Find my way