I can’t help it

If I am simultaneously

Finding and losing myself

I don’t have much control

Over how quickly my heart






Time’s breath always on my neck


Big dreamer with a quiet voice

Bedroom eyes with a savior’s soul

I have yet to know what it’s like

To love and be loved in return

Is that too much to ask for?

Jealousy disguised as roses

My light as strong as gnarled thorns

As everyone around me has beautiful experiences

They know I’m here, but I’m invisible

I don’t trust just anybody with my darkness


Time’s breath holding my hair in a clenched fist











You can’t force me to be an open book

Yet, whenever I am, it’s shocking

Guess the truth is out

Innocent girls make the best headlines

Fortunately, I’m not extra

You can read all about it

Next time you want to chase a waterfall

The fish are waiting


Time’s breath ghosting over my lips





Pain is all-knowing


Time’s breath settling between my legs





Time’s breath inflating

My lungs

Morose clouds hanging

Over my head

A vintage silver lining

I belong to me

Seasons go by

People will come and go in life

But that truth stands the test of time

Light Me Up

I wish I wasn’t so afraid

To walk on the wild side

It’s like I’m the only one

Who hasn’t solved their maze

I would love to bathe in rose water

Yet, I drown in what ifs and fears

I would love to not feel invisible

With only my mind to talk to

It gets lonely in here


Light me up

Make me feel alive

I don’t want to burn out

Wake me up

Pour your love all over me

I don’t want to doubt myself

Light me up

Until the rainbow of darkness

Fades to gray

And I’m not afraid anymore


I wish I got proper goodbyes

Instead of left hanging on for dear life

It’s like I’m the only one

Whose heart is ignored

I would love to dance in purple rain

Yet, I fall to the cold, hard ground

I would love to not feel trapped

With only a forced smile

To pick me up when I’m down


Light me up

I don’t want to burn out

I don’t want to burn out

I don’t want to burn out

I don’t want to burn out