Love[r] Language

A dream come true

But the reality is

It was just a dream

Projecting pain instead of healing it

Texting a love letter

That gets left on “read”

Or worse, just “delivered”


Expectations and standards

Hold each other’s hands tighter

Than we ever could

Or ever did

From favorite person

To I don’t want to see or talk to you

Ever again


What is actually wrong

Can feel so right


By the crushing

The fucking and leaving

The unclear communication

Alone automatically equals lonely

Mind Love

Can there be an in between

Living in the moment

And getting too caught up in it?

Hard to tell if I’m clawing at

The finish line or an escape

I want to believe that I’ll be okay

Because I need to

Because I will

In the past, I’ve been too nice

I still am nice, but not to add to the debt

The ultimate call out post:

Stop treating loyalty like a paradox!



My decisions are of my design

I’m the only one who can truly control my life

If I go with the flow,

It’s to stay afloat

So, let me

You see clean

I see explicit



Mind more than body fucking

My skin may always be cold

But my heart and passion certainly are not

I miss you when you’re gone

I miss you when you’re here

I make you feel like you have it all

This is both my strength and downfall

Official without the label

I keep everyone guessing

While being obvious

Teardrops and smiles are lucid



Happy pills or choices

Imagination or destiny

Dream or dream

Dream in order to dream

Even if it kills us,

It won’t


Hourglass in the middle of nowhere

Small enough to be swallowed

Oh the joys and sorrows

Of finding your elixir


Infatuation runs deep

Love is blind

You desire and then some

I would let you come inside

We’re off the wall

Frantic, eccentric, soft, rough

Don’t go

You’re warm

I’m cold


I want it

I need it

I like you

I want you

I need you

I love you


Don’t stay the night

Stay forever

I’m ready

I’m sentimental

You have what I’ve been missing

I missed you before I even knew you


Be vicious

Be affectionate

I can take it

I crave it

I’m open for you only

Love season


I can bring you back to life

We are more than our bodies

The Way We Are

Just because we don’t think your point-of-view is right

Doesn’t mean we’re dancing with the devil tonight

We don’t dress your way

Or like what you like

We have a different kind of holy Sunday

Hope you don’t mind

That we’re ourselves throughout our lives


You just don’t get it

You don’t even try

But that’s just fine

Because we don’t plan on changing


We’re misfits united

You’re uptight and divided

Don’t care what you say

We’ll be okay

You think we’re trashy

And have no self-respect

We think you’re too flashy

And full of bullshit

You’ve got money

And a poor attitude

We’ve got love

And are always on the move

You’ve criticized

Spit your lies

This is how we live

Who we are

Just the way we are


There’s a difference

Between politics and life

Seems like the reality’s always hidden

Must be a colonial housewife


You’re plastered across the camera’s eye

Someone steals your look

Or proves you wrong

And bam!

It’s a tantrum

With the “No bitch, that’s mine”

And “I am fucking right”


You’re full of unnecessary comments

If you’re going to be so hateful

Then your presence isn’t needed

We’re happy and simple

And accepting


You think you’re God

With your beanstalk high heels

And polished formal suits

That doesn’t mean

The truth is in you


You cut down trees

We just want equality

You’re the glossy lips

With a permanent pout

We’re the sneaky little imps

When we believe in something

We shout