Intoxicated, Looking In

Let’s go to outer space

We have nothing better to do

Stranger at first sight

Familiar at first love

Outcasts stay gold


Word vomit for the win

Catch a glimpse of my good side

I can tell you’re into it

Broken butterflies for the win

Devour me like romantic poetry

I could easily repay you because I tend to love too much

Take your wine out of the glass and freeze it

You owe me, remember?


Painting with rose colors

Rolling around the end credits like sheets

Drink me- I’m the poison and the antidote


If nothing makes us happier, we’re blind

If I didn’t pull you to the side, you’d be roadkill

Take this for what it is

You can be such a narcissist

But in the state I’m in, I kind of love it


I breathed you in once

And now, I can’t stop

Or I won’t stop

You touched me once

Why stop now?

Skip a Beat

Bite my lip

Bite my tongue

Bite my nails

Bathe in my blood

Take a dip

Take a hit


Take a hint and come closer

I have all night


I want your air in my lungs

I want to come undone from your touch


I need to be the only one

Who can make your heart skip a beat


Spin the bottles and break them

If you have any questions, then ask them

You might be the only one who can make my heart skip a beat

Good Luck from My Heart to Yours

I lost the lottery all by myself

I hope you’re proud

You just laughed and called me your world

We do this all the time

And it always gets better


You spin me around like your dizzy head

We build towering cities

After jumping off cliffs

It’s perfect because it isn’t

Apology accepted

Let’s do it again


I like how your eyes sparkle

Even when there’s no light

I like the way you think

When you think that no one’s watching

Maybe I like how much I love you


Fast forward to the rewind

Have you ever smiled and meant it

This much in your life?

You’re a great driver

For turning right into mine

That’s what I hope you’ll someday want to be

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

I want to know everything

Clueless Dumpster Fire

Your friends and family would’ve loved me

Too bad that you didn’t

But that’s not what this is about


You called me hot and sexy

I never failed to turn you on

I supported you in everything you needed support for

Then, I was easy to ignore

Every single time you fell for someone else

Yet, you told me you weren’t interested in anyone


No one can say that I’m dwelling on the past

Because you’re still the same person in the present

No change or growth whatsoever

You frown on players

But you’re a champion at playing the victim

You weren’t a stroke of good luck

You were a mistake

I was insecure and lonely

So, I drowned in your shallowness


You say you hate drama

Yet, stay friends with all of your exes

Including the ones who were abusive or cheated on you

There’s a fine line between forgiveness and blissful ignorance

So many things about you just scream hypocrite

I feel blessed and grateful that I dodged a bullet


You can’t handle me

Because you don’t deserve me

By the way, it’s creepy

To post personal pictures of a crush

On specific social medias

Just because she can’t see it

I can’t afford to trust advice

From the nice guy who cried wolf


You are hopelessly in love with romanticizing obsession and desperation

You and your new flame are obviously so into each other

Because she’s the female version of you

She complements you perfectly!

That wasn’t a compliment

I Think I’m in Love, But You Don’t Know What Love Is

You tell me that I’m playing hard to get

But warn your friends to keep their distance

We fight for the breakup

And break up for the make up

Or just the drama that accompanies it all


Seduced by the thrill of the chase

By the romantic high hopes

By seduction itself

No happy medium of slowing down and moving too fast


I tell you that I’m cool with just friends

Or just flirting

But gush to my friends about how happy, yet frustrated you make me

We’re obsessed with the thought of loving each other

And hating each other

And/or the media is our role model


You starve me of affection

Until I’m only full of you

You take what I give

Rarely returning what you take

Are we in love with lust

Or in lust with love?


It’s all fun until it’s not fun anymore

It’s just a game until somebody gets hurt

It’s just a joke until the party’s over

Infidelity is the culture

And attention is the goal…

But a broken heart is a cry for help


The happy ending leads to tragedy

Everyone wants a piece of the broken hearts

But some genuinely do want to put the pieces together

All I wanted was you, but I needed more

Vision in Red and White

If time is an evolutionary competition,

Let’s beat it at its own game

I would let myself fall off the tightrope

If I knew that you were waiting

To catch me

The line is already thin

Let’s break it


I promise that everything here is real

That’s what you’re looking for, right?

I have the patience to love you

After all, I’m still around

Even when you unintentionally shut down

Every part of my body needs you

Especially my heart


We never run out of words to say

And I doubt we ever will

Whether leaping into your arms

Or crawling under and over you,

It would be the most endearing stage dive ever performed

Multimedia stargazing


I could be the moon to your sun

The water to your wildfire

The innocence to your experience

The dark to your darkness

The light to your light


You could be the wind to my sparrow song

The balance to my composure

The canvas to my lipstick stain

The dark to my darkness

The light to my light


Quit stalling, unless you’re just not ready

We have a history

And it’s our chemistry

In the past, present, and future

When I’m in my feelings,

You are the only reason

Under the cool, confident exterior,

Your heart and soul can be described

With a word stronger than tender

Lemon Moonbeams

I should turn the tables

I’ll be the one that got away

Unless you change your mind

While you still have time

You wouldn’t be settling

If you just slowed down

My champion muse

Marathon of passionfruit

Nobody feels like you


Love that tastes like scarred diamonds

That takes you on the ride of your life

Is meant to last

I’m coming in first place

According to the pieces of my mind

That lucky for you,

You occupy

I’ll light up your room

And your soul


Naughty and nice

Rose water to nourish a crown of thorns

And vice versa

Every phase is full

A lady or a siren

Why can’t I be both?

Read and listen to my stories

To write your songs

I am inspiration when let in


Do you want forever?

Be mine

This isn’t a proposition

It’s a blessing

Fate is no coincidence


A reincarnation

Of Persephone’s heart

You could be the authentic Adam

To my flourishing Eve

And yet, you’re still doubting me?

Choose your words carefully

Because I promise that I’m better with them

I’ll make you eat your heart out

And eventually, you’ll realize

That I fixed every broken piece of it

Because I care


For so long, the goddess in me was missing

But it’s not about lost and/or found

It’s who I am

I believe in you too, by the way

Miracles have a way of standing out in the crowd

And nobody feels like me