True Love’s Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall

How many times will my heart have to break

How deep down this hole

Will I have to fall

To find love

That I won’t lose?


I know that my reflection

Will always be my soulmate

I can absorb consoling words

Touch myself in the dark

Find glowing heartbeats

In everyone and everything around me

It would just be a nice change

To turn a lone lullaby’s melody

Into a natural, constant harmony


In a parallel universe,

I would stop every rumor

Before it starts

I wouldn’t have to search for a candle

And then try so hard

…Too hard

To keep the flame burning

When a new gust of wind comes along

To blow it out


In another dimension,

I’ve had at least one of the firsts

I’m not a lonely red rose

In a field of pink

I never feel inferior

If a friend experiences more love

In their life

More loves of their life

Than I do


In another life,

My heart isn’t misled

Or taken for granted

It is loved

It is appreciated

Just the way it is

An unbreakable matrix


In another world,

I’m not simply seen as sex appeal on legs

I can offer radiance

I can be a source of strength

A wall of color

Among the Northern Lights

But I still need love

When gravity steals the best of me


For now, I’ll try to be content

Kissing the stars

Being attracted to my imagination

Seeking comfort from the fiery depths

Of my soul


I don’t know if this is a mirage

I’ve been clinging to so close, yet so far away

But you’re making your way towards me

And you look like you’re preparing

To never leave

That’s all my heart wants

Your Body on Me

I found myself

Between cloudy sheets in the sky

And cracks in my shell

I embrace the night

With stars in my eyes

Circling my wishing well


We’re all talk

No doing

All taking

No giving

All imagining

No fantasy fulfilling


I’ve never been crazy in love before

Heart’s never hit the ground this hard

Never dreamed so vividly before

Never had to play all of my cards

But you’ve dealt me a hand

That helps me touch the ceiling

And I’m not forfeiting this endgame

Put your body on me babe


You found yourself

Between hopes, dreams,

And cracks in your armor

I can tell you want

A blossoming love

So real and true that your soul shimmers


We’re all words

No acting

All passion

No freedom

All lonely

You make me happy

I could make you happy


I’m only one realization away

I want to leave my innocence

Under your paper moon

But it’s like you’re a thousand heartbeats away

Rhythm blending in with the crowd

It’s not like you need me…

Am I selfish if all I want is you?