Before Midnight

I lost and found myself

The lost part in San Francisco

Shakily crossing the Golden Gate Bridge

The found part staring back at me

Reflecting on my reflection

And reflections of past lives

Ready, aim, action

What are you doing?

Get louder than words


Dream land sails from coast to coast

Trying to understand me

Waiting for a lover who truly understands me

Who can stay by my side

Be my parallel line


My version of mindfulness

Is going back to the time

When I didn’t exist yet

If you could start all over,

Would you have let yourself fall?


In love



I just want to get better

Forgotten Lyrics

I turned on the lights

To a dark, empty room

I tried to change the lightbulbs

I tried a change of scenery

But change never stops

Violet shadows

From broadcasting

Their regrets and happy endings


Invisible bass lines

Background noise

At the front of my mind

Sometimes, I want to forget

Some of the stories that I wrote

And sometimes, I’m good with words

To the point that my pen is speechless


Screams from down the hallway

Another stage crumbled

From the weight of the world

Everything could be taken from me

You still wouldn’t put me out of my misery

There’s rain in the forecast tonight

And the nights before


Right now

I am singing for right now

The past left a bittersweet taste

The future can wait

Forever is right now

In the asteroid belt

Of my secret weapon