Moments of Weakness

Strength in numbers until the numbers are overwhelming

You could be drenched in sweat

And I’d still run into your arms

I seldom follow my own advice

And have to keep re-learning lessons

Sometimes I feel like pulling my hair out

And sometimes I feel like growing it out

Longing for shelter until it buries me


Too hot

Too cold

Deep in the goal of escaping anyone and anything narrow

It’s like the only time I truly embrace fear

Is when I embrace happiness

That “letting go” that everyone speaks of

I needed to take a break

To take a break from breaking


I don’t feel accomplished

But I do feel somewhat alive

That’s a head start in my tired, ocean eyes

Pull me out of my own head

I’d prefer to drown in anything else right now

Even if it’s you and you can’t stay


I’ve got everybody fooled

Until I can’t take it anymore

That’s what inner strength is for

Stretching the truth until you understand the whole truth


I recognize my reflection

The smile pushes through the desert

I’m still falling

My feet just want to land, but there’s no solid ground


Blue Violet

I have the uncanny ability

To find light in the depths of night

Even if I created the darkness

In the first place

It’s frustrating, but I can’t help it

Help me make it all go away

I’m serious when I say

That I just want to live in peace

But it’s like I live in pieces


Whether you’re far away or right in front of me,

I can’t take my heart off of you

I wasn’t interested

Back when I considered us polar opposites

But we’re actually really similar

At our roots

Capable of giving and receiving

So much support and affection


At first, I was heartbroken and confused

But after an increase in the amount of time passed,

I understand that you’ve been hurt before

And you’re afraid of getting hurt again

Or doing the hurting

You can’t seem to see it

But you’ve actually grown exponentially

And you’re not that low person

Soul twin



The patience and pain between us

Have been through the roof

I wish you would realize

That I don’t have ridiculous expectations

I accept you for who you are

And everything that comes with you

Baggage and high points

If you accept me and mine

Which you’re already great at

We could fall in love so easily


Not everything is meant to stay the same

My trust is more limited now

And that’s a beautiful thing

Never been a morning person

That doesn’t mean I want to dread waking up

I’d rather throw my problems out the window


I know the truth that they refuse to accept

I’ve been writing the words that they’re thinking

But are scared to say

A lane of my own

The murder mystery that helped me figure myself out

Acting like my life’s rightful owner

Too easy

I’m in and you’re out


Letting go of who and what poisoned me

Stepping over who and what stifled my creativity

If I’m not growing,

If I’m not happy,

Sorry not sorry, I’ll pass


The light doesn’t seem so far away anymore

I can’t let my dreams be stagnant

My love is not real estate

They lied enough to make beds

Now, they can break them like those promises

I’m better off

They may try to come back

But little do they know,

I’m long gone

Apathy in Reverse

Apparently, you can’t love someone else

Unless you love yourself

But what if that love was taken away?

Murdered in cold blood

And then, you’re left choking

On the happy warmth that once was

In addition, there are many types of love

And we all need it to survive

Pain likes to stick around

To latch onto your aura

Like a ghost haunting the lonely

But you are not alone

Your heart can make or break you

Don’t let it change you

Without distance,

In the near future,

There are sunflowers

Eternally in bloom

Magenta Dynamics

All we ever knew

Was love and pain

A cycle with a constantly changing pace


Rushed heartbeats

Hard to breathe

High pressure

Large cracks in the atmosphere

Until that world ends and…

Leisurely heartbeats

Dreams that came true

Sweet pressure

A clean slate in favor of stitches

We begin again


You are here

Similar differences

I’ve never felt more free

Becoming me

Who I was always meant to be

We’re broken, but we’re worth it

The tide finally came home

I am here


You are protection

What am I holding onto

If it’s not you?

I’ve called out many names

You’re the one who stayed

I know I’m a lot to handle

But I have one of those permanent hearts

I’m the starry night to your palpable daylight


Sometimes, you’re too much

But you’ve been smiling more often

Proud of progress

My soul is in the same place

The boats are still floating

Even when some pieces are missing

We are love


The end of a year

Like the life of time itself

Is full of twists and turns

Two roads may diverge

But the wood may not always be yellow

To put it plainly,

It is impossible to be happy all the time


The heart will break and bleed

Like scarlet leaves

The soul will rage

Like wildfires untamed

The smallest breath

Can feel like a frozen death

Pain is just natural and realistic


Holiday after holiday

Smiling for camera after camera

Shivering in the warmest clothes

Slightly distrustful of

The warmest arms

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

If you don’t have to worry about suffocating inside yourself


Living can feel overwhelming

But I promise that it’s worth it

Everyone seems to love writing about

The sadness of December

But honestly, it can start earlier

I’m not trying to appear philosophical

This is simply what it means to be human


Make sure that the ones

Who always tell you to stay strong

Are doing okay

Don’t belittle anyone

For not meeting your redwood forest expectations

Put brightening a day

On your wishlist


Being brave is scary

But a feeling of pride is born

When you’re able to achieve it

Be your own plot twist

I am grateful for every little thing

Every kind, supportive word ever said to me

And in the end, if I love you, I won’t hesitate to show you


I have people that truly care about me

Passions that remind me to care about myself

Those things alone make me richer

Than any self-indulgent millionaire or billionaire

Love is better off as a way of life

Rather than as a marketing ploy

For money and likes


Nobody tells you that when you grow up

You will continue to make bad decisions

All that matters is that you keep learning from them

You will have lonely nights

And neglect your health to feel sane for a moment

To embrace happiness in every possible form

Despite all of the murky crimson water,

You need to live like a free verse poem

I stopped making formulaic resolutions a long time ago

Lonely Flame

I told you that I missed you

You left me on “read”

I had a dream about you

You smiled and held me

Like the first time we met


I’m so afraid of losing you

To someone else

Like I’ve lost everyone else

I started giving my heart to


You are dopamine

But you are also morphine

You bring me happiness,

A rush of pleasure,

Excitement, adventure

But too much thinking about you

With no reciprocation

Leads to more fantasies

Mere illusions


I don’t take well

To being left completely in the dark

About matters of the heart

Especially when I’ve poured my heart out to you

Like donating blood

I’m done pining

That doesn’t mean I don’t care

I care more than you could possibly imagine

More than Cupid could fathom


If you’re afraid

That I would hurt you

I can assure you

And reassure you again

That I wouldn’t even consider it

But I’m not all talk

If you let me love you

I would show you

What real loyalty looks like

What real compassion and devotion feels like

What genuine I love you’s sound like


All my love life

I’ve stood alone

Taking chances

Having salt rubbed onto my wounds in return

I don’t think you realize

Just how strong you are

If I had to burn again

I’d rather burn with you