Supernatural Supreme

Making it a new routine

To hit myself up every day

To check in, make sure I’m doing okay

If not, will make a change

My birth was no accident

Manifesting all day and night

I always knew how to fly

The goal is to take that leap


Take chances I’m given

Take chances before they’re taken away

Psychic, but more on the intuitive side

Constantly shocking everybody, including me


Where am I?

Anywhere I’m meant to be in life

I do what I want, like, love, and need

Nobody knows that better than me


The energy around me feels different

But not in an off way

Touching glimmers of light and darkness

With a dual purpose


Drawing a blank right now

Can’t constantly be creative on call

I plan to improvise

Be spontaneous to strategize


I am and am not broken

Can’t think of anything I’m infamous for

Yet, I still feel guilty

Even though I give selflessly

Must be the water sign in me

With a splash of anxiety


Not sure if tiredness being part of my personality

Was a natural occurrence

Or man made

Guess it was both


With how much I survive

From thinking and dreaming,

I was ready to start writing

Before I started speaking


I am love and passion intertwined

Individual Plus One

It’s a slow burn

That’s about to go up in flames

I’d walk through fire for that creative misery


Habitual in our insecurity and confidence

Can’t sleep without remembering

But I’ll sleep alone

Until I can sleep next to you


You dream at high speeds

I can keep up from right here for hours on end


Your energy is like breaking glass

And dancing on the shards with a smile

Surprisingly, I relate

Because I’m a summer ballerina

With a penchant for dancing in the dark


All of our friends are either wasted

Or passed out from exhaustion

We’re still awake, even though we’re tired too

Tonight is a brand new day

Online anger has no place

In our personal space


You’re all about me and I’m all about you


My head is in the clouds the majority of the time

It keeps me down to earth

When everyone else hates gravity

I remind me of you

You’re my best friend who I’ve never met

Maybe, hopefully, we just haven’t met yet


Single goals make for double trouble

We like it like that

Sailing a rainbow bloodstream

If we have to die, we’re going to die happy

Mission decided

Chameleon-type fashion, but make it love


Knight in rusted armor and with a free mind

Princess ditched her crown for freedom

Brave and Covered in Blood

The sound of silence can be deafening

Standardization was never enough to fix us

Chaotic good is my hero

Wearing white in hopes of being stained red

Blood red, cheered up with wine

Your closest family and friends aren’t that innocent either

Change is the devilish angel there is

Are you in or out?


Battle cry of the breakthrough battle

Previously hidden confidence

The sharpest sword is combining it with vulnerability


Take a piece of me

But it will always come back to me

Cut me open

And I’ll sew my own stitches

Spill my guts

I swallow truth until I’m broken enough

To break you

Strike you like a viper and you never saw it coming


Delicate, sensitive, but not weak

Stab my heart and I only get stronger

Play me for a fool

And I’ll prey on the predator


Sleeping Beauty became nightmare fuel

Suffocate me

And I learn to breathe more freely

Kill me

And I’ll haunt you for the rest of your life

And into the afterlife

The wicked deserve no rest

The damsel-in-distress always had dreams

I’ve always been so sweet and put together, right?

But everything is not what it seems

A Little Bit Broken

He’s trying to fight reality

And his feelings

A war taking place all around outside

And in his mind

He comes, goes, and stays

Keeps starting without finishing

Loves love

Yet pushes it away

When it’s in front of him

Calling for names

To grasp some kind of meaning

He would live and die for life

We all would

He needs more than that

Working from sunrise to sunset


I know what’s inside me

And I can’t change my heart

He tries to manipulate the compass

But ends up back where he started

Breathe, smile, cry, repeat


Logic isn’t always logical

He tries to drown out emotions

With science, high notes, and brooding silence

He chases his dreams

To catch happiness

He caught me

Gazes into my eyes

Finds a taste of his own medicine

The catch is that I’m a cure

Not a dose


Has he messed with my head or fixed it?

He hates and causes distance

Tells me what I want to hear

But I can sense that he means every word

Our needs aren’t that different

We’re both definitely healing

But still a little bit broken

I hope he knows that it’s not his fault

Whatever he’s going through right now

I hope that he never stops believing in himself

And knows that I’m always here

The Greatest Shadow

It’s hard to find the words

To describe dreams

Drifting in and out of day and night

The main idea is that you’re the best part


It’s no coincidence

That the best times of my life

Which I experienced during my downward spirals

I experienced with you

It’s no accident

That every theory you have about the world

Makes sense

That our psyches seem to understand each other

Better than we understand ourselves sometimes


Somewhere over the rainbow,

All crowds and clouds dispersed

Until they disappeared

And it’s just us hiding

In the arms of a sunny meadow

I’ve been on the outskirts

Of your overpopulated city this whole time

Come find me when you’re lost

And ready for the beginning of an era

That has no sad ending

It’s all up to you now


Can’t believe I once

Overestimated and underestimated you

When I’ve always seen the real you

That not everyone sees

You don’t need to prove

That you’re ready to let the light in

When your smile can light up a void

You’re so predictable

Yet, full of surprises


Who knew that all time highs

Could be born from all time lows?

As time goes on, it really hits home

I don’t want to live without you

Or me


Skipping an episode or skimming a page

Wouldn’t be the same

There is no finale

Just an answer every season of love

Deep feelings eliminate opinions

A twin heart that fell from the sky

Into your lap

Won’t make you stray from your path

We are what we were missing

Copyright Unknown

I don’t always know what to say

I don’t always know what to do

That doesn’t mean I’m not trying

I get lost and scared

I feel sad, hopeless, and anxious

That doesn’t mean I’m not trying

Don’t trust inaccurate perception


You all claimed to know me so well

The truth is, you never knew me at all

My personality, interests, and dreams

Are too mutable to fit a mold

I only chase the sun when it shines

And when it rains, it pours and I cry


I haven’t believed in myself enough

I let fear drive me crazy

Now, I’m noticing a change

Nothing is flawless

But I finally know what happiness is

Don’t act like you know best

When you barely understand

What I’ve been through

What I’m still going through

When you don’t even try


Forever asking myself

Does this feel like me?