Though the phrase “hopeless romantic”

Has the word “hopeless” in it,

There’s no shame in it

I’ve got eyes that cage hurricanes

And they’re set on your coast


But one look into yours, and I’m falling down the rabbit hole

To Wonderland

Coming home

It’s like you can read my soul

As if it were a book

Held by your curious hands

Get to know my heart

I have so much to show you


Let’s take our time

Without wasting time

A supernova of free happiness is no illusion


Learning how to write the same story

In a different way

I’ve gotten high on loving you for a long time

Did you catch that?

Stripped Version

Above all,

I love myself to the core

I walked across an ocean

And swam through hot coals

To get to me

By the time you stop to stare,

I’ve already moved on


Think of me as a warrior

On rare occasions, you come out and say it

That’s what you expect me to be

And that’s what I became

At the time, for you

Now, I go all in and all out for me


Trying to take things one step at a time

When everything in life seems to happen all at once

There’s more to life than the pain

There are people who can function as support

When they’re not the problem

Stress is a driving and drowning force

However, my love is worth more

Seasons of high heart market value


I am strong, but it’s impossible to be strong all the time

And that’s okay

Health is a jigsaw puzzle

Love is a journey with an invisible end in sight

Code Yellow

You hit me with dismissive gestures

As though to forestall your inconvenient obsession

With how I live my life

I’m coming into my own as a person

Which puts you on red alert

But I’m taking back my happiness


You go on about your great day after day

Sorry to say it

But truth be told, I’m never really that comfortable

I feel like I subconsciously set myself up for mental breakdowns

I try so hard to make other people happy

Then get frustrated and feel terrible

When I can’t do the same for me


I don’t care if you call me overdramatic

It’s okay to not be okay

I don’t care if my decisions seem erratic

It’s taken a lot of willpower

To get to where I am today

You’ve Got Sunlight

You drive me crazy

So I would go anywhere with you

Wherever, whenever

Forever isn’t too long

I’m feeling good


The best mistakes are critical

For someone with air in your soul,

You spend a lot of time by the ocean

Your kiss must be sweet and salty


There’s truth to find, show, and tell

In this state

This state of bliss, clarity, and grace

Come closer

You’re getting warmer


I don’t know how you did it

My heart tripped and fell

Under your spell

New Flame

I have flower petals in my heart

Let me shower you with a celebration of love

Heaven knows that we’ve been through enough

An angel learns how to fly

Every time you smile

Multicolored halos in your eyes

Living life with reborn ambition

You wake me up inside


You make my mind less lonely

Entranced by your celestial body


You’re like if my voice sounded brave

When talking on the phone

Waiting for whatever happens next

Your bed a forever nightstand

To have each other’s back on

Alone in the world, but not in our dreams

Out of order

But it’s always okay

Never boring


My essence could keep you company

Even when you’re not here

I rise up from the earth

When in love

The damage is done

I could win your heart

Your love is all I want

Natural Selection

I want you in my bed

In my head

In my heart

Been working on cleaning up

And healing to make room

For someone like you

Pretty sure you’re in the same place

We could get comfortable

In each other’s skin

No mixed signals

No betrayal

Just us


What’s in the stars

Could easily become part of our plans

I feel you in everything I do

You’re more than enough

I see that better

Than anyone else who has had you


You go soft and hard

And it never feels out of character

I want to play with your hair

And get to a place in life

Where everything feels right

Magnetic attraction


You’re a paradise

Of consistent replies

Nowhere I’d rather be

No one else I’d rather be with

You make changes worth it

You could get your hopes up

And I wouldn’t let you down

I don’t need to try to be

What you want me to be

Because that’s already naturally what I am

On the Inside, Looking Out

Dancing around my room

To do a deep clean of my soul

Making myself laugh in the bathroom mirror

When it feels like I could cry

Flopping onto my bed, chairs, and the floor

When you’re tired of many things,

You settle for comfortable


Familiar surroundings

Associated with familiar feelings

What’s the weather like there?

It’s like me


Tell me that time is of the essence

I’ll tell you that time doesn’t exist

Savor it; don’t rush it

Why are we in such a hurry to die?

The truth is juicy shock value

Stages of life claim to be the expectation

Where’s the originality?

Industries came marching in

Disguised as saints

To crush dreams of morning glories


Idolizing influencers who are often under the influence

Awards on award shows seem like participation trophies

I could live without my phone

But could you live without judging others?

I doubt that I’m alone in this

Sometimes, I impulsively isolate

It’s nothing personal, but if the shoe fits…


I’m inside out of my mind

Always cold, so I parade around

In a bathrobe like it’s a wedding dress

Your normal is my discomfort zone

Love the lonely