It’s Getting Dark

Once I’m in, all I want is out

I’ll never be the same

But I saw the opportunity and took it

Vampire bites and dreams of games

That are constantly played in real life

Little did my inner child know

Forced pity makes me sick

I don’t need it from you if it’s nothing more than a requirement


I think a part of me is scared to achieve

Because it could be taken from me

I know I should be living for myself

So, don’t abuse my love because I still need to use it


I join to avoid

It’s no problem

The air is getting heated

We have to suffocate to enjoy the party

They took the red pill and they took the blue

I cried in the bathroom and took the purple

It’s all uphill from here

Because I’ve already been down

Time to be more alone than feel it


Caught in the pouring rain

With no idea what kind of moment to have

To let it be depressing

To come alive

Or ignore it

Just another rainy day or night

A member of too many cliques to count

And every single one has a loose screw


City of Sinful Innocence

Angel wings painted on walls

They wouldn’t exist otherwise

I’m bored of always wanting more

But not much else happens around here

Chasing paper to afford the opportunity

To take aesthetic photos in front of waterfalls

Three cheers for youth, ownership, and off-key symphonies


Tired of the small talk traced back to small minds

Rumors preferred over truth

Since you don’t have to hide what’s out in the open

We got everything we wanted and it wasn’t even worth it!

Look at how happy we are!


Walk of fame or walk of shame?

It doesn’t matter what you choose

Everything comes with a price anyway

If parties are fun, why is it so easy

To feel like you’re having fun wrong?

That’s no fun

Buzzkill or be killed


Grinding until we’re in the ground

Sometimes, sooner than later

What is it all for?

What does it all mean?

Deeply fearful of misplacing the last bit of innocence in me

Not For Sale

Pandering is easy money

To attempt to become

Everything you’re not

Everything you’ll never be

The thing is that people don’t know

What they like

Until they give it a try

Brands are some trying times


I won’t fall apart

I won’t need to worry about winning or losing

If I don’t bother playing their game

Lessons learned


Oh wow

So many connotations for selling out

What feels right?

Language is perceptive

Actions are persuasive

Going, going, gone

Still around?


Sets being set up

Trending for no good reason

Or maybe there is?

Who knows?

Who knew?

Lies are accustomed to shielding the truth

The cutest couple

Not all of them are as happy as they look


The only thing missing is


I’ll admit to being a follower

Oh, you thought that I would stay there?

You were wrong about me

Nervous Venom

I like being alone

But I’m not lonely

Not everyone is good company

In these times, image is everything

You are the company that you keep

They’re all watching you

Waiting for a chance to pounce

To say they love you

Which translates to

They’d love to tear you to pieces

Then keep the best pieces of you

For their own wicked agenda


Wake up drenched in a hot and cold sweat

From the nightmare of your reality

A butterfly who surrounds themselves with piranhas

Will never be able to truly spread their wings

Until they fly away from their chaotic tomb


Cut, copy, paste, repeat

Don’t think, just post

Like what you don’t like

Follow who you would rather avoid

Maybe keep it simple?

Maybe keep it vague?

Give yourself time

Take a break before you break

You have to grow before you can bloom


When seasons cease to exist

When feelings replace gut emotions

When you’re living boxed into four walls of pain

It’s time to change

Am I vintage yet?

Am I worth it yet?

You haven’t seen anything yet


You changed everything

About yourself

You are not a trendsetter

You are a trend-follower

And you know it too

You are just too absorbed in pride

To admit it


They are all too clueless

To know the real you

The only thing

You’re passionate about is

Keeping a reputation

You never were and never will be

A symbol of perfection

Everyone is caught

In your spiderweb of lies

Except me


Somehow, you’ve got people fooled

They swarm around you like flies

You are adored as if you were royalty

All you do is entertain

And send false messages

All you give me are fake vibes


Why must you constantly be

The center of attention?

There is more to life

Than money and popularity

I will congratulate you

Once you’ve hit rock bottom

And you finally see what you are

And how much madness surrounds you


For as long as you have lived,

You’ve spun a spiderweb

That keeps catching viewers

But I’ll remain turned off

The Way We Are

Just because we don’t think your point-of-view is right

Doesn’t mean we’re dancing with the devil tonight

We don’t dress your way

Or like what you like

We have a different kind of holy Sunday

Hope you don’t mind

That we’re ourselves throughout our lives


You just don’t get it

You don’t even try

But that’s just fine

Because we don’t plan on changing


We’re misfits united

You’re uptight and divided

Don’t care what you say

We’ll be okay

You think we’re trashy

And have no self-respect

We think you’re too flashy

And full of bullshit

You’ve got money

And a poor attitude

We’ve got love

And are always on the move

You’ve criticized

Spit your lies

This is how we live

Who we are

Just the way we are


There’s a difference

Between politics and life

Seems like the reality’s always hidden

Must be a colonial housewife


You’re plastered across the camera’s eye

Someone steals your look

Or proves you wrong

And bam!

It’s a tantrum

With the “No bitch, that’s mine”

And “I am fucking right”


You’re full of unnecessary comments

If you’re going to be so hateful

Then your presence isn’t needed

We’re happy and simple

And accepting


You think you’re God

With your beanstalk high heels

And polished formal suits

That doesn’t mean

The truth is in you


You cut down trees

We just want equality

You’re the glossy lips

With a permanent pout

We’re the sneaky little imps

When we believe in something

We shout

Good Enough

I pass by

You ignore me

I make a mistake

Then suddenly, you see me

I look my best

You think nothing of it

I look my worst

You take notice

I’ve felt happy

When you’re not around

I’ve been at an all time low

And that’s when

You knock me to the ground


I’m nice to you

Even when you’re not nice to me

Is that not good enough?


I try to be like you

But you hardly ever see

Is that not good enough?


In your eyes

Why am I not worth it?

All that attention

You don’t deserve it

I know the real meaning of love

And you’re not good enough


You swear in almost every sentence

Get involved in drama that’s pointless

Crack a sex joke

Make a witty comment

Everybody laughs

Trampling over anyone

Who questions your sass


You rely on artificial beauty

Hell yeah

Those designer clothes are lovely

Especially that obnoxious personality

(Not really)


Your ego is bigger than your brain

You don’t understand emotional pain

How is it fair

That only those who are spoiled

Get to be treated like they’re royal


You’ve got popularity in the bag

Just wait until you’re older

When “everything” sags

You seem perfect

“Lonely” isn’t in your vocabulary

But you’re truly worthless

A pretender with no decency