It’s Ridiculous How Addicted I Was to Him

He had this talent

Of tearing up my heart

Like an unstable building

Then, he could simply

Make it soar

Like a skyscraper

With one word or action

Dream Weaver

Nightmares feed my fire

Kiss my lips and they’ll turn redder

Than blood

Make me cry

So that I won’t forget you


I’m a body of words

With cracks in my pavement

They say that’s where flowers grow

I’m an ocean of tears

In the middle of a drought

They say that’s how pain dies

I’m your best and worst memory

A soul searcher

Love giver

Dream weaver

My only question is

Can you handle it?


Mistakes feed my fire

Believe in me

And I’ll fall faster

Than the setting sun

Rip the band-aids off my scars

So that I won’t forget you


Do you know what you’re getting into?

I’ll always know

That I’m more than good enough for you

Do you even realize what you’ve done?

Helped me to understand

That my strength is a weapon

For my eyes only


Touch my heart

And I’ll never forget you