Good Enough

I pass by

You ignore me

I make a mistake

Then suddenly, you see me

I look my best

You think nothing of it

I look my worst

You take notice

I’ve felt happy

When you’re not around

I’ve been at an all time low

And that’s when

You knock me to the ground


I’m nice to you

Even when you’re not nice to me

Is that not good enough?


I try to be like you

But you hardly ever see

Is that not good enough?


In your eyes

Why am I not worth it?

All that attention

You don’t deserve it

I know the real meaning of love

And you’re not good enough


You swear in almost every sentence

Get involved in drama that’s pointless

Crack a sex joke

Make a witty comment

Everybody laughs

Trampling over anyone

Who questions your sass


You rely on artificial beauty

Hell yeah

Those designer clothes are lovely

Especially that obnoxious personality

(Not really)


Your ego is bigger than your brain

You don’t understand emotional pain

How is it fair

That only those who are spoiled

Get to be treated like they’re royal


You’ve got popularity in the bag

Just wait until you’re older

When “everything” sags

You seem perfect

“Lonely” isn’t in your vocabulary

But you’re truly worthless

A pretender with no decency




The Cracked Mirror

Wake up every morning and life’s sky is fogged over

Step on the scale and each number is a grenade

This cruel world united in a disgusting chant

Females unite!

Eat that skimpy sliver of a salad- every last bite!

Males rise!

Drink this blended mushy shit called a protein shake

Then we’re slammed onto our backs

Caught by colorful expenses of junk that serve as snacks

Lifting colossal weights, crushing both energy and spirit

Shaking hips like turntables and showing assets like obvious targets

Hissing venomous whispers of “make your skin shiny and sterile”

No hair allowed anywhere, except royally styled upon your head

Be curvy, be skinny, be strong, be fragile

I might as well be dead if I’m prohibited from being myself

Be heterosexual and be able to move your body like this

Know exactly what your career is and have money

Or else you’re worth nothing

Be a bitch with class

Can’t find love unless you’re an attractive jackass

Be the spitting image of anyone on a contorted magazine

And remember that every little flaw is an ugly puzzle piece

Make sure you keep every emotion fake

They say “oh, it’s totally fine if you give up and break”

As long as you don’t challenge our robotic standards

One day, I’ll wake up and look in that jagged mirror

Study every imperfection and think “hey, this is beautiful”

Fill up with positivity

And not give a flying fuck or damn what anyone thinks

In the end, I deserve to be proud and unique

And they’re just a lonely, evil, and bitter society