Ironic Devotion

We are told to discover who we are

We are told who we’re supposed to be

Shamed for every emotion

Scapegoated for every wrongdoing

Blocked from spreading our own wings

News bringing hope and hopelessness

Neutrally split

Feeling like we’re living just to live


Let’s try romance

But how much public proof

Is enough evidence for true love?

Hearts hurt


Learning can’t seem to take place

Without “I told you so”

A sense of wonder is beautiful

Until it conflicts with another’s sense of greed

Let children be children

You only need to teach them how to grow


Expectations aren’t valid

Unless they’re realistic

Why is a time limit

Placed on every little thing?

Warnings aren’t always visible

To the eye

You have to look deeper

Into everyone else and yourself


Passing the time until we die

Long live success though

We desire to be more than a gravestone

The flowers that return to bloom

Each spring awakening


I see signs in everything

To the point where I begin to see stars

What does it mean

To have life all figured out

Surely, that truth is a dirty liar


I feel trapped in paradise

But the thing is, it is not paradise

I was only told it was

I was stuck in a box

To be kept from thinking outside of it


I hear a voice in my mind

It has grown up with me

Hated myself with me

Loved myself with me

Together, we are free


I believe in change

At some point, it becomes for the better

There is time to wait

To move on, give up, stay strong

Just know that I am the one in control

Personal Storms

My love is an ocean

If the conditions are right

It will crash into your shore

While my own feelings

Will come and go

Ebb and flow

Like the tide


My mind is a tornado

It can be hard to distinguish

The dust and dirt

From the precious gems

I’m a home lost

Lost in thought

Because I can overthink myself

Into an F5

Or be your calm before the storm

A cloud of hope


My body is an earthquake

So strong and sure of itself

Yet breaks so easily

A tsunami at the entrance

To my soul


I cry moonlight

Bleed raindrops

Smile sunlight

Hide behind lightning


My heart is a hurricane

I am not ashamed

But the fear is always there

Try to steal my wildfire

And I’ll watch you burn

Offer me a place

That’s warm and safe

And I promise to love you

With every inch

Of my thunderstorms


I look cheerful on the outside

But on the inside,

I’m a total mess

I always feel so invisible



But then I think back to that one time

So can’t I start over?

Can’t I rewind?


I just want to be that happy girl

Dancing around without a care in the world

I just want to play back that moment

When I was free to be me

Just wish I could turn back time

And rewind

This life


Every time I’m in a crowd

I can’t speak

No sound comes out

I miss when it all came so easily

My whole self would completely flow

So naturally


But then I think back to that one time

So can’t I start over?

Can’t I rewind?


Whenever I’m trapped

Whenever I sink to the ground

In frustration

It’s time to remember

That I wasn’t always like this


Go back


To when you could