Tripped Out

Blue lace bra

Costume shop

Beach hunt

Sex on a couch

Office floor

Or in a guest room


Strangers in the backyard

Danger in the neighborhood

Always getting closer

But I can never seem to run fast enough


Falling off a balcony

Jumping down an elevator shaft

Snakes and clouds of mist

Too soon and too late


In his arms

Underneath her

Necromancy beside the stairs

High speed

Slow motion

Reality in a fiction flying out of a blender

Out the door




Attacked and threatened

Protect the toys

Driver’s license as currency

Familiar faces and places

Turned inside out




Haunting to forget


Is it love?

Seeing through me

Trying to make sense

Of what could also be nonsense

Dream interpretation can be a bitch



When are you going to be good at math?

Why are you so quiet?

Why are you the way that you are?

Did you know that you’re still the same and changing?

It doesn’t matter


Why aren’t you more confident?

What do you have to be insecure about?

You’re such a nice girl!

Therefore, you must be nice all the time 

Even when you’re disrespected and put down 



When are you going to have your first date?

Your first kiss?

Your first relationship?

When are you going to lose your virginity?

When the time is right and I’m ready


Since you’re already *insert age here*,
What do you want to do with your life?

When are you going to get your driver’s license?

When are you going to graduate?

When are you going to get married?

When are you going to have kids?

Please leave me alone


Why won’t you tell every person

Inside and outside of your life

Every single detail of your personal life?

When will you stop being depressed?

When will you stop being anxious?


You don’t need to know everything about me

To care about me

Mental health is real

For the most part, I’m happy, healthy, and alive

My love and body are my prerogative

Don’t let anyone make you feel less than

For being human

On your own timeline and at your own pace

The human race is not a race



I Think I’m in Love, But You Don’t Know What Love Is

You tell me that I’m playing hard to get

But warn your friends to keep their distance

We fight for the breakup

And break up for the make up

Or just the drama that accompanies it all


Seduced by the thrill of the chase

By the romantic high hopes

By seduction itself

No happy medium of slowing down and moving too fast


I tell you that I’m cool with just friends

Or just flirting

But gush to my friends about how happy, yet frustrated you make me

We’re obsessed with the thought of loving each other

And hating each other

And/or the media is our role model


You starve me of affection

Until I’m only full of you

You take what I give

Rarely returning what you take

Are we in love with lust

Or in lust with love?


It’s all fun until it’s not fun anymore

It’s just a game until somebody gets hurt

It’s just a joke until the party’s over

Infidelity is the culture

And attention is the goal…

But a broken heart is a cry for help


The happy ending leads to tragedy

Everyone wants a piece of the broken hearts

But some genuinely do want to put the pieces together

All I wanted was you, but I needed more

Lemon Moonbeams

I should turn the tables

I’ll be the one that got away

Unless you change your mind

While you still have time

You wouldn’t be settling

If you just slowed down

My champion muse

Marathon of passionfruit

Nobody feels like you


Love that tastes like scarred diamonds

That takes you on the ride of your life

Is meant to last

I’m coming in first place

According to the pieces of my mind

That lucky for you,

You occupy

I’ll light up your room

And your soul


Naughty and nice

Rose water to nourish a crown of thorns

And vice versa

Every phase is full

A lady or a siren

Why can’t I be both?

Read and listen to my stories

To write your songs

I am inspiration when let in


Do you want forever?

Be mine

This isn’t a proposition

It’s a blessing

Fate is no coincidence


A reincarnation

Of Persephone’s heart

You could be the authentic Adam

To my flourishing Eve

And yet, you’re still doubting me?

Choose your words carefully

Because I promise that I’m better with them

I’ll make you eat your heart out

And eventually, you’ll realize

That I fixed every broken piece of it

Because I care


For so long, the goddess in me was missing

But it’s not about lost and/or found

It’s who I am

I believe in you too, by the way

Miracles have a way of standing out in the crowd

And nobody feels like me

Don’t Start Something You Can’t Finish Unless You’re Going to Let Me Have the Last Word

The world is your mattress

Don’t forget to give your heart

A final resting place

Act until it’s not acting anymore

Stop surfing channels

I can ride your tidal waves

If we’re on the same wavelength

Not a phase unless you let it be nothing more

Time spent with me is high quality

Just putting that out there

There’s more to people than their issues

Has anyone told you that before?

Running through minds is my cardio

If you were mine,

I wouldn’t keep you from being you

Just saying


I’ve never been in love

Yet, I show and give so much love

Can you imagine how Aphrodite I would be

With the right person?

Guess what?

I’m not dangerous


Have you ever upgraded

From yellow to gold?

Not fool’s gold

Real gold

Natural, not forced love

I’m not cheap

I’m free


Dance on tables

Jump on unmade beds

Singing lullabies that don’t lead into horror movies

Wishing on stars instead of white noise

Like you used to


Stay awake with me

And you’ll have nothing but sweet dreams

I’ll show you love that lasts

Love that stays

Cheaters only cheated themselves

When they lost your love

Treat me how I deserve

And I’ll reciprocate

With unwavering certainty

You’ve been a lot of places

I can take you where you’ve never been

Hold your heart like it’s sacred

Why would I want to break it

When I know exactly how that feels?

Touch you like a miracle

Give your head a rest

Match your passion

With my everything

Ignorance would be reckless



Over and over

If this is love,

Then it’s a dream

That would be heartbreaking

To wake up from


Nothing less than the best

Nobody better

Sunkissed souls

Feelings are meant to be felt everywhere


Two in one

One in two

The truth can be found

Under or above you

Depends on how you want it


So real that it feels like a fantasy

So holy that the devil imagined it

Have you ever been both cared about

And cared for?

When you want it so much

You need it

When you need it so much

You want it

Good gone bad

Bad for you

Good for you


So wrong, it’s right

So alive

Worth the wait

Popping cherry planets

Playing with high voltage

The only drug I would ever do is



Hourglass in the middle of nowhere

Small enough to be swallowed

Oh the joys and sorrows

Of finding your elixir


Infatuation runs deep

Love is blind

You desire and then some

I would let you come inside

We’re off the wall

Frantic, eccentric, soft, rough

Don’t go

You’re warm

I’m cold


I want it

I need it

I like you

I want you

I need you

I love you


Don’t stay the night

Stay forever

I’m ready

I’m sentimental

You have what I’ve been missing

I missed you before I even knew you


Be vicious

Be affectionate

I can take it

I crave it

I’m open for you only

Love season


I can bring you back to life

We are more than our bodies

Your Body on Me

I found myself

Between cloudy sheets in the sky

And cracks in my shell

I embrace the night

With stars in my eyes

Circling my wishing well


We’re all talk

No doing

All taking

No giving

All imagining

No fantasy fulfilling


I’ve never been crazy in love before

Heart’s never hit the ground this hard

Never dreamed so vividly before

Never had to play all of my cards

But you’ve dealt me a hand

That helps me touch the ceiling

And I’m not forfeiting this endgame

Put your body on me babe


You found yourself

Between hopes, dreams,

And cracks in your armor

I can tell you want

A blossoming love

So real and true that your soul shimmers


We’re all words

No acting

All passion

No freedom

All lonely

You make me happy

I could make you happy


I’m only one realization away

I want to leave my innocence

Under your paper moon

But it’s like you’re a thousand heartbeats away

Rhythm blending in with the crowd

It’s not like you need me…

Am I selfish if all I want is you?

Vibrant Vibes

Oxygen explosions

Sweep me off my feet

Thorny closure serves to teach me

That I was born to make myself happy

First and foremost


Diamond raindrops

Caress my face

The space between the wars

Of the  mind and heart

The most authentic form of intimacy


Jumbled numbers

Throw me off track

You’re either with me or against me

A guardian angel, a lover, or a flower

Making my garden less lonely

However, I refuse to surrender to pollution

Parasite, don’t kill my vibe


Glittering butterflies

Melt my walls of ice

Reminders that I have so much to live for

So much to give

Pain is temporary because inner strength can heal

Time and time again


Sweet illusions

Served on the buffet of distractions

Lost myself in the wrong moments

Wounds left open

But no more

There is so much more to me

Than a reality of fantasies


Bloodstream lipsticks

Wake up my high tide

Kiss me

Breathe on me

Let’s become one


Wildfire skies

Comfort and revive my frozen soul

Hurl the pieces of my shed skin vase

At the fourth wall

Help me completely grow

It’s not enough to feel whole

Because that leaves room for leaks and holes


Yellow lights

Encourage confidence in my abilities

Because it waxes and wanes with the moon

And often, I slip off of life’s guiding candle

Like melting wax

Suddenly, stuck in a ditch

Waiting for a sunny day

That isn’t a hologram


Spring green

Awaken my dreams

Break my cocoon

Lift my shell

So that I can migrate to paradise

With the birds and angels


Blue glow

An all-encompassing, drowning sadness

Tears and breakdowns brimming

Return to my eyes

Others living their wonderland lives

While my happiness is dimming


Indigo spirit

Show me the path that leads to home

Because I now realize

That there is a limit

On how much I can handle alone

I can be independent

But I’m not divine


Violet imagination

Add power to my weakness

”Only human” doesn’t have to equal

Not destined for greatness

No need to slowly fade like wilting petals

Be ultra

Embrace the universe


Pink heartbeats

Give me the strength

To live, to breathe, to believe

To provide my buried anonymous thoughts

With names

Allow me to love and be loved

Like never before

Without hesitation, second choices, or second guessing


Desperate coffee

Nowadays, you seem to stop working

When I need to start

”Authority” tells us to drain excess water

”Drain the swamp”

But we’re losing valuable nutrients in the process

Some of us educate and resist

Some of us paint on a smile and decide not to give a shit

Underneath, we’re all exhausted


Black stripes

When we descend into darkness,

Support the warrior within each of us

So that we can better support each other

In a starry future


Gray stories

Show yourself

Tell your secrets

The truth is needed

Even if it hurts

History is always watching

Let’s make the time

To make the right decisions

Out with the old

In with the new

Out with the dull

In with the vibrant


I can’t help it

If I am simultaneously

Finding and losing myself

I don’t have much control

Over how quickly my heart






Time’s breath always on my neck


Big dreamer with a quiet voice

Bedroom eyes with a savior’s soul

I have yet to know what it’s like

To love and be loved in return

Is that too much to ask for?

Jealousy disguised as roses

My light as strong as gnarled thorns

As everyone around me has beautiful experiences

They know I’m here, but I’m invisible

I don’t trust just anybody with my darkness


Time’s breath holding my hair in a clenched fist











You can’t force me to be an open book

Yet, whenever I am, it’s shocking

Guess the truth is out

Innocent girls make the best headlines

Fortunately, I’m not extra

You can read all about it

Next time you want to chase a waterfall

The fish are waiting


Time’s breath ghosting over my lips





Pain is all-knowing


Time’s breath settling between my legs





Time’s breath inflating

My lungs

Morose clouds hanging

Over my head

A vintage silver lining

I belong to me

Seasons go by

People will come and go in life

But that truth stands the test of time