Unapologetic and Vulnerable

You came to play games

I came to break the cycle

I’m done with allowing myself

To be weighed down

By chains and pedestals

You can burn me at the stake

But my salt will haunt your snow


Solar eclipses mean nothing to me

Only the moon understands me

I talk to shadows

But I’m still breathing

Sometimes, I know love

If I’ve already won,

What do I have to lose?


My time is not for sale

My adoration is a privilege

Not a right

You’re shocked that a young face

Is so alone

I know exactly what I want and need

It’s not you


I am fully capable

Of giving myself away

But not to just anyone

If you’re going to leave,

Then stay gone

I’m not always strong

My love bleeds through my scars

Like catching teardrops in my hands

I’m not sorry

Kiss my half-broken heart

Treasure Sale

Why does keeping to myself

Make me a target

I wasn’t put on this earth

For your entertainment

I’m busy trying to be happy again

After a night of being drenched

In cold, blue blood


I don’t walk alone

To get close to you

I bury my true emotions

To make it through day-to-day life

I’m not what you need

If you only want me temporarily


I could write a library of books

On how to hide in your mind

Until you’re more lost

Than found

Instead, I choose to write about

Great escapes

Dream lovers

My moments of strength and weakness


Some actions simply can’t be forgiven

No matter what price tag is put on them

I prefer to push away good memories

If they led to poisonous experiences

Those who made an impact on me

Whether positive or negative

I can get over

But I can’t forget

A lot of my words don’t make sense to everyone

But they make sense to me

My soul’s gems

True Love’s Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall

How many times will my heart have to break

How deep down this hole

Will I have to fall

To find love

That I won’t lose?


I know that my reflection

Will always be my soulmate

I can absorb consoling words

Touch myself in the dark

Find glowing heartbeats

In everyone and everything around me

It would just be a nice change

To turn a lone lullaby’s melody

Into a natural, constant harmony


In a parallel universe,

I would stop every rumor

Before it starts

I wouldn’t have to search for a candle

And then try so hard

…Too hard

To keep the flame burning

When a new gust of wind comes along

To blow it out


In another dimension,

I’ve had at least one of the firsts

I’m not a lonely red rose

In a field of pink

I never feel inferior

If a friend experiences more love

In their life

More loves of their life

Than I do


In another life,

My heart isn’t misled

Or taken for granted

It is loved

It is appreciated

Just the way it is

An unbreakable matrix


In another world,

I’m not simply seen as sex appeal on legs

I can offer radiance

I can be a source of strength

A wall of color

Among the Northern Lights

But I still need love

When gravity steals the best of me


For now, I’ll try to be content

Kissing the stars

Being attracted to my imagination

Seeking comfort from the fiery depths

Of my soul


I don’t know if this is a mirage

I’ve been clinging to so close, yet so far away

But you’re making your way towards me

And you look like you’re preparing

To never leave

That’s all my heart wants


Holes in his jeans

King of the bar scene

Thinks he knows everything

About me

Hair slicked back

Pockets sagging with cash

Thinks that’s what it takes

To please me

Callused knuckles gleaming

With blood of his enemies

Always on the hunt

For a good girl’s sanity


So let me get this straight…

I’m a mystery

Because I won’t let you pop my cherry

I’m boring

If I’m not spending time with you

And you’re thrilling

Because you come with big things

And everyone else wants a taste

But time for you to listen to me

I know better

Than to throw it all away

For a jacket made of leather


Tall and broad

Gives zero fucks about cops

Thinks it’s funny

To stalk me

Jameson on his breath

Shitty swag in his step

Thinks I’ll automatically

Let him get to know me

Always believing

That the wrong way is right


To him

Harassment is entertaining

To him

Being polite is exhausting

To him

He has it all figured out

Wins life’s wars

His gun is fully loaded

Shining and smoking

But his soul… is empty

And his love… means nothing