Once again,

I reprogrammed my brain wrong

I can receive all of the advice, encouragement, and criticism

In the world

But in the end, it’s up to me

Looking back and comparing then to now

Really breaks and soothes my heart

I know what’s best for me

Exactly how much do I believe it though?

Self-sabotage party for one

Like my soul is decomposing

Playing with fire

Because I believe in magic

Optimistic optical illusions

I don’t know what I miss more

I kind of wish

That expectations didn’t exist

They’re so divisive

High and low through highs and lows

Rarely correlate

Heavy is the head that wears the crown

Thanks for picking me up

And being patient with me through all of this

Run Like Everything and Nothing Depend On It

Opposites attract

The act of coming undone is never done

Souls collide

Souls collapse

Veins open

Logical minds close

New story on the same page


Reservoir of aquamarine tears

Familiar faces murdered by strangers

Keep going

It does and does not matter


Could you be any more shallow?

It’s not that deep

Floating where we once drowned

Drowning where we once floated


There’s plenty of room for no more

Blind with open eyes

Secrets between the lines of the truth

Somebody may or may not save you

Let’s celebrate

Dig down deeper

We lived and came back to death

Between a Silver Lining and a Hard Place

Aged to perfection

And forever young

Followed by storm clouds

And rays of sunlight

I tried to be someone I’m not

I’m finding someone who I lost

I have open scars from wolves

I’m shedding my naivety

I wish that I followed my intuition every day

I’m trusting myself to be okay

I drowned in my tears

I’m swimming around my soul

I couldn’t save myself

I am saving myself

Torn into pieces

I am my own catch 22

My heart is chronically swollen

But I wouldn’t have it any other way

Magenta Dynamics

All we ever knew

Was love and pain

A cycle with a constantly changing pace


Rushed heartbeats

Hard to breathe

High pressure

Large cracks in the atmosphere

Until that world ends and…

Leisurely heartbeats

Dreams that came true

Sweet pressure

A clean slate in favor of stitches

We begin again


You are here

Similar differences

I’ve never felt more free

Becoming me

Who I was always meant to be

We’re broken, but we’re worth it

The tide finally came home

I am here


You are protection

What am I holding onto

If it’s not you?

I’ve called out many names

You’re the one who stayed

I know I’m a lot to handle

But I have one of those permanent hearts

I’m the starry night to your palpable daylight


Sometimes, you’re too much

But you’ve been smiling more often

Proud of progress

My soul is in the same place

The boats are still floating

Even when some pieces are missing

We are love

Lonely Flame

I told you that I missed you

You left me on “read”

I had a dream about you

You smiled and held me

Like the first time we met


I’m so afraid of losing you

To someone else

Like I’ve lost everyone else

I started giving my heart to


You are dopamine

But you are also morphine

You bring me happiness,

A rush of pleasure,

Excitement, adventure

But too much thinking about you

With no reciprocation

Leads to more fantasies

Mere illusions


I don’t take well

To being left completely in the dark

About matters of the heart

Especially when I’ve poured my heart out to you

Like donating blood

I’m done pining

That doesn’t mean I don’t care

I care more than you could possibly imagine

More than Cupid could fathom


If you’re afraid

That I would hurt you

I can assure you

And reassure you again

That I wouldn’t even consider it

But I’m not all talk

If you let me love you

I would show you

What real loyalty looks like

What real compassion and devotion feels like

What genuine I love you’s sound like


All my love life

I’ve stood alone

Taking chances

Having salt rubbed onto my wounds in return

I don’t think you realize

Just how strong you are

If I had to burn again

I’d rather burn with you

Tribute to Words

a feather collage of paper

is a wordplayground

technological Big Bang

portal to new dimensions

fear is in bees and butterflies

they drop ounces of it into flowers

the comorbidly colored roses bravely bloomed

just like you

there is so much to say


words words words words

beautiful ugly magnificent absurd

sinful saviors

unfavorite colors

forevers and nevers

complicated simplicity

he danced until he fell down

she screamed what her heart is all about

they started a riot

worthy of an acceptance letter

to the University of Heaven


cruising through the underground

rhythm found

in silence and sound

boulders thrown at your window

at 2 a.m

pumpkin hours

speeches of endearment

spilling out from underneath eyelids


a sunset saw me smile

guilty yet so innocent


droughts in throats

floods of ink destroying the pen dam

shocked little lamb

the fire of last night

was hungover the next morning

refused to take a shower

brain warden shouted with generous anger

here’s your damn beach towel


sometimes scribbles that make negative infinity sense

can make all the sense we need

and so we sleep

Unadulterated Goddess

She will lift a Persian rug

To sweep your soul out from underneath it

She will bring you to life

By taking your breath away

She rations her heart

To heal the world

Especially if she sees herself in you

Past, present, or future


She is the deep sea

In your shallow pond

She is the velvet cherry

That tops the avalanche

She is calm, jasmine rain

In a hectic city

Of plastic nicotine fog


She is neither a saint

Or a sinner

Instead, an ongoing series of moments

In the middle

She swims in a fountain of youth

Wearing only a thick skin

That has enabled her survival

Through the ages


She sees good in the bad

Will give all she has

Until the truth is blinding

And she realizes that there’s more

Than what bubbles at the surface

Beneath the earth’s core


She is clumsy grace

She is intelligent naivety

A hidden beauty

Her mind and body are elusive

The mystery that intrigues you

Because she sleeps between the stars

Cuddling the moon and sun

Admiring all the emotional battles

She has won

She simply is

Who could ask the universe for more?




In full bloom