Once again,

I reprogrammed my brain wrong

I can receive all of the advice, encouragement, and criticism

In the world

But in the end, it’s up to me

Looking back and comparing then to now

Really breaks and soothes my heart

I know what’s best for me

Exactly how much do I believe it though?

Self-sabotage party for one

Like my soul is decomposing

Playing with fire

Because I believe in magic

Optimistic optical illusions

I don’t know what I miss more

I kind of wish

That expectations didn’t exist

They’re so divisive

High and low through highs and lows

Rarely correlate

Heavy is the head that wears the crown

Thanks for picking me up

And being patient with me through all of this

Therapy Session With Myself

Damn, where is time going?

I’m seriously starting to think that it’s not just me

It gets tiring and stressful

And hard to find the right words to start

I need to start surrounding myself

With more positive vibes and energy

Because I’ve been experiencing

So much personal inner turmoil

And absorbing all of the negativity around me lately

I need to better practice self-care,

Throw myself into my passions,

And apply that same work ethic

To my responsibilities

I need to be more open with the people

Who both care about me and can understand

Exactly what I’m going through

I need to remember

That I don’t have to fight every battle

And deal with everything alone

I could love myself more,

But I don’t hate myself

I need to not be so hard on myself

Because not everything is my fault

And when something is my fault and/or I could improve,

I need to stop burying it

Until it explodes later on

I have the power

To make certain changes in my life

And I need to practice what I preach

Only then, will I reach my full potential

And truly feel healthy






Please Hold On

Spending some time alone is much better than

Being in a toxic relationship

With yourself

Leave that and stay alive


One more day

One more night

And another

And another

It’s going to be alright


Put the harmful objects down

And pick yourself up

It’s too easy to fall over the edge

You are still here

Not everyone who will love you

Has met you yet


One more word

One more touch

And another

And another

Until it doesn’t feel like too much


Your existence is not a sin

Breathe out and in

There are so many people in awe of you

And all that you do

The evil voice in your head is wrong


You’re not alone

You’re never alone

You’ve never been alone

Somebody has been where you are

Has felt how you feel

Could even be going through it

Right along with you

From the bottom of rock bottom

To the top of the world


My insides are always changing

While my outsides pretty much stay the same

How would anyone know that I was sad

Unless I said so?

Escaped from an escape to create some semblance of home

I need to love myself like I mean it

Everyone only shows you what they want you to see

Or at least what they want you to believe


My thoughts tend to overpower my voice

I wish I could manage this construct we call time

But I can’t because I’m human

It’s easier to run out of control

A juxtaposition of supply and demand


I have myself

When I’m okay

I have myself

I am okay

For the time being

Don’t think like that

I will be okay


I’m a wanderer

Just as much as I crave normality

Break me down like an esteemed literary work

I’m bored

I’m excited

So much I want to do

So much I’m not sure how I’m going to do

Leave me alone and help me


At least I’ve got you

You deal with it too

You understand

That’s also a con

Because you won’t always be there

Correction: you’re always here

But not always on time

Don’t you just love loving someone?


What’s the problem?

Self care took a vacation

What’s living good for now?

Waking up stopped being exciting

Overdosed on temporary happiness

Until permanently sad

The world is spinning too fast now

Some people leaving a bad taste

Bored without control over another

Inverted mirror

Evidence out in the open

One true purpose

Start saying no to the yes men

What’s the solution?

A problem can escalate to a crisis

But it doesn’t have to be battled alone

Especially when the battle is constant

Please stick around

One day, paradise will be visible

Like open eyes

Sacred and Unholy

Fallen angels are the new beautiful

Not for their pain

But for the strength

That they possess and spread

Whether or not they know it yet


The flowers blooming on a cactus

Can teach important lessons

The static on the television

Is a home for lost voices

When you least expect it


The snakes lurking in a garden

Can save it

The weeds that they can’t deal with

Make you stronger

Even after they leave

Your love will always shine brighter


I’m good

I’m great

I’m fine

I’m a wreck

I’m not bad

But I could be better

All are okay

Emotional waterfalls are a safe place


Why are broken glass shards of the mind

Treated as society’s trophy

Society’s poison

It’s either be romanticized

Or be stigmatized

No in between

There needs to be an in between

Where it’s more than “demons”

More than “laziness”

He is still human

She is still human

They are still human

We are still human


You deserve to be here

You deserve to genuinely smile

You deserve to conquer your anxieties and fears

No matter how much time it takes

You deserve to have thousands of favorite songs

Your voice belongs

Your wildfires are oceans

Your oceans become rain

Your rain dances through the clouds

Sculpting warmer days


When will they learn

That to truly have a sacred heart

You have to be a little unholy

Your soul and struggles may not be ideal

Aesthetically or reality pleasing

But you are alive

And a part of you always will be


Peace and war

Love and hate

Sometimes it’s all

Just too much to take

All parts of life

Have beginnings, middles, and ends

Coping is hard

Feelings in a whirlwind

But it’s okay to let it all out



There are hellos and goodbyes


You are not alone

I will sit down

And cry with you

It’s not good to keep all those emotions

Bottled up inside

Shed those tears

Because you know

They have to flow

Just cry


Truth and lies

Reality and imagination

Events sweep through every nation

Cry happiness

Cry sadness

Cry anger

Or for no reason at all

But I won’t let you fall


Here’s to all the brokenhearted

Whose return of joy

Is trying to get restarted

But remember

That once you cry

All stress is over

Get it all out now

And I will stay with you



It will be alright


Maybe I’m tired

Of waking up on the floor

Maybe I’m tired

Of being a fighter

Maybe I’m tired

Of crying

Maybe I’m tired

Of trying

Maybe I’m just tired


The world’s a mess

But so am I

Walls come down

And I just lie


I told you

About the little things

That always make me smile

But I didn’t tell you

That I broke down last night

I keep telling you

That the future is bright

But I never tell you

About the times

I picked up the knife


Maybe I’m fine

Always being alone

Maybe I love you

More than you could ever know

Maybe I want to write down

All the stories I never told

Maybe all I need

Is a hand to hold

Maybe I’ll never stop

Pushing you away

Maybe one day

You will stay


Hearts are breaking

Open your eyes

My will to live is dying

And I just hide


They know me

But they don’t see me

They tell me the truth

But they don’t show me

All I can do

Is be there for you


I know the little things

That always make you smile

Last night, we smiled until it hurt

I told you about that time

I put down the knife

Together, we can heal

We will be alright

Even the strongest

Are weak sometimes