Unapologetic and Vulnerable

You came to play games

I came to break the cycle

I’m done with allowing myself

To be weighed down

By chains and pedestals

You can burn me at the stake

But my salt will haunt your snow


Solar eclipses mean nothing to me

Only the moon understands me

I talk to shadows

But I’m still breathing

Sometimes, I know love

If I’ve already won,

What do I have to lose?


My time is not for sale

My adoration is a privilege

Not a right

You’re shocked that a young face

Is so alone

I know exactly what I want and need

It’s not you


I am fully capable

Of giving myself away

But not to just anyone

If you’re going to leave,

Then stay gone

I’m not always strong

My love bleeds through my scars

Like catching teardrops in my hands

I’m not sorry

Kiss my half-broken heart

Religious or Real

I can’t think highly of myself

It’s nothing but a temporary high

I can’t fake confidence

Because it only exists

When I’m at my most vulnerable


I can be optimistic

Until I get burned

I can remember your name

If it makes you happy

I can hold my tongue

If that’s what will get you off

My back


I can’t constantly step out of my comfort zone

I die inside each time I do

I can’t sacrifice anything that aids my survival

Because then, am I living for me

Or am I living for you?


I can be a role model

When I only show the parts of me

That people want to see

I can blink back tears

Because I’m an adult now

So, I should act like one



I can’t only be an angel

I have two shoulders

I can’t be at your beck and call

You made me forget

That I have my own life to live


I can pretend to be okay

You only like me when I’m smiling

And on your side

I can give you my heart

To use to your heart’s content

It’s not like my feelings matter much

They’re pitiful and disposable… just like you


I can’t explain everything

I’m a broken wing

I need time to heal and recover

Before writing my truth in the sky

For your viewing pleasure


I can make you proud of me

Even when I’m drowning in my own flood

I can throw pity parties by day

And funerals by night

I can be your Wonder Woman

But don’t you dare forget

That I’m still my own person


My mind is my cross

It’s part of why you love and appreciate me

And part of why you can’t quite figure me out

I’ve been looked up to and looked down on

Sometimes, I can escape it

But I’ll always be nailed to it

You don’t get to control or change it

My destiny

My death

My resurrection


Do it

Or don’t

When the going gets tough

We tend to say “screw it”

”Fuck it”

But we shouldn’t just give up

Improvement of the soul is never done

Wake up

Do something about the environment

Get up

And talk to the ones you love

Shape up

Don’t be a jerk

Square up

Be strong and face the world

Kiss up

Don’t try that too much

Stand up

Be proud of what you believe in

Wise up

And realize that nobody always wins

That’s only in your head

At all times, try your best

But never allow the scheming serpents putting you down

To be yourself