Enhanced Dimensions

Could be a paradox

How sleeping can either kill you

Or help you live longer

The seasons changed

But my mind did not

On the contrary, my energy shifted

Quite a lot

You’re only a good listener

If you truly listen

When someone tells you the truth

About you

Meanwhile, dreaming about thoughts

And thinking about dreams


I never said that I was always right or wrong

Just trying to put myself out there

Bare my soul

Without losing sight of myself

And what matters most


If there’s someone out there

Watching over me

From another space or time,

Please give me a hint

About who you are

That I didn’t truly see

Who’s been in front of me all along

Because I’ve swallowed so many hard pills

That I’m dehydrated

Maybe just one more…


Patience saved me

I know that I’m happy

In another world

But I want to be happy here too

Because this is my home

I deserve that at least

Poison Immunity

When it comes to what exactly I’m looking for,

I have all of the answers

Yet, I am clueless

Wandering abandoned highways

Like I’m in a high speed chase

With myself

Changing my mind

Because it’s the right thing to do

We’re always told to follow our dreams

Maybe that’s why I’m always seconds away

From falling in love with you

Running away from my secrets

Has gotten me nowhere

Fear only sleeps when I put it down

Lightning is a superpower instead of a phobia now

At this point, hope is cliché

But it’s all we have

The past can’t be changed

We’re told to let it go

Tear up blueprints

And swallow them like all grown up tears

Glory to the Universe

For believing that we’re more than

Increments of time

On a final countdown

Even though many of us are taught otherwise