Free Lilith

If you let go

Of all that you claim to know

Then you’d have the epiphany

That you know nothing

And there are miracles on the outskirts

Of your white picket fences


They put us in boxes

But we come in too many shapes and sizes to fit

They locked us in cages

But we stole the keys

And swallowed them to feed ourselves

Then proceeded to dream the dreams

That no cage can hold


You love having the power and prowess

To make us bleed

Yet, hate when we do it naturally

You prefer “natural beauty”

Then throw it away for plastic

You prefer plastic

Then complain about it not being natural enough

These are our bodies

And we are not dolls


You’re at your pulpit preaching

That your rib made us

However, didn’t you grow inside us?

Side note: that’s our choice too


Fire and ice

Light and dark

Saints and sinners

Masculine, feminine- it makes no difference


One arm is a list of targets for revenge

One arm is an olive branch

The angel and devil shoulders

Went out of style

Happy in Heaven and Hell

So, I’d rather listen to my intuition

We will fly, fall, and try again

You’re not perfect either


Breaking Tradition

An uncomfortable kind of comfortable

A blinding light that some refuse to see

Deafening cries that some refuse to hear

If your breath gets taken away,

That doesn’t mean you can’t breathe



I’m a little lost

I’m never too young or old to need help




I have a lot to say

Yet, I feel like I’ve done more listening than speaking

Listening isn’t a bad thing though

Some people do more speaking than listening

Too much or not enough can each be recipes for disaster




Caught in a whirlwind

Of doves and mockingbirds

Great stories torn apart by sides

There won’t be any getting along

Until everyone can admit when they’re wrong




My life

My words

Nothing to prove

Everything to live for

I’ll Tell You What You Want to Hear If It’s What I Want

You found me

Or maybe I found myself first

Then let you find me

Under the wide open sky


I am one of many one in a millions

What are you searching for?

Can you commit?


Wet and wild world

Mild to moderate to severe

And back home again

If it’s love, then show me

There’s no time limit on something real


You may have a lot to teach me

I love learning, but only if it’s worth it

You may want my hand

But I have to be able to trust you

You can say you want and need me

Do you love me?


You can say you love me

Do you really?

I shouldn’t feel like I have to question it

A fictional reality


If you have nothing nice to say,

You make sure that you say it all

You complain about being broke to relate

Then somehow, take an exotic trip every holiday

I don’t know you

And I don’t want to


Robotic aliens

So high

Bad means a good time


You make me sick

Don’t want to change

Just want the redemption narrative

All over your feed

Damage control laced with the damage you caused

A million wrongs won’t make a right


If you don’t have everything,

You make sure everyone thinks that you do

Your captions are a diary

But they don’t relate to you

Bodies are temporary

Karma is forever

Rosemary Land

The past keeps making a comeback

Bones ache underneath youthful skin

Who gave the toxic waste a microphone?

Got any spare guts to spill?

It’s a starry night

If only we cared enough to see it

Fires are drop dead beautiful

Be alright for a few hours

The night is almost over


Have you found your purpose yet?

It’s safe to lose yourself here and now

And look as good as you’re trying to feel

Chew and swallow

Crushed or cubed ice

Donate your soul for research


Take a hike and follow the path

That was strayed from

Peace and quiet seems too sweet and quiet

Giving your worth away

To a debt that won’t leave you alone

What are you left with?


The past keeps making a comeback

Flowers wilt in an endless downpour

Question every question

Because questions make decisions








And repeat

Morning Nightmares

Photo album projected from a broken satellite

In outer space

Love came and went

My mind rushes with nowhere to go

Somewhere in a distant sky,

A cloud is caving in

My hand reaches out

And catches air


Silently screaming

And I’m the only one listening

Potential lovers

But potential means nothing

If nothing ever happens

Driving ourselves crazy

By driving in circles


Make a wish on a beating heart


Falling down

For a could have been

No regrets wanted

Feeling a little unwanted

Shove that feeling to the side


Even if the timing was wrong,

I know I did everything right

All that’s left to do is cope

Not a new situation, just a haunted portrait

Sleepwalk home

Honey Stain

You’re running away for the thousandth time


Maybe actually improve yourself while you’re at it


Stole my heart and locked it in your ribcage

Always came back to you

And you still weren’t satisfied


You’ll miss the honey

On your bread

On your fingertips

On your lips


Now, her sweetness is saved solely for herself

And eventually, to be shared with someone else

I am the butterfly that came to life

After your bee sting


Your mutated neurons continue to fire

But I am sober

Next time you see me, I’ll still have love for you

But at a distance


I gaze out windows and let myself be

I stare at the mirror and see better days

Realizing I never needed to be given flowers

Because I can grow my own