Don’t talk to me about the love club

I’m a lover and I never fail

To love too hard

I love so much

But that becomes “too much”

If it was the wrong person

If it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right

But I love being right

My dilemma

If I’m dreaming, don’t wake me

I clearly need the rest

Not ready to wake up

And face the world

And face reality

Wow I’m on fire

But this is fine

Everything is fine

I’m a lover and a fighter

Because I brought love to a fight

Even when I’m angry

I can’t help it

I can’t help who I am

I’m no angel

Just half of one

Do You Mind My Mind?

If I die

Before I get to do

Everything I want to do,

Then somebody’s getting haunted

I’m pretty good at remembering names

And I’ve got my issues

They are my frenemies

Because they both inspire

And irritate me

A lot of times

My life has felt like

An out-of-body experience

A bittersweet beautiful disaster

A supercut of sunset memories

In some ways, I miss the way I used to be

In other ways, I prefer what I’m becoming

Shedding my skin

And showing the true colors underneath

I’m cliché in only the best ways

And plenty unique when I feel the need to be

My brainwaves are heat waves

Performing musical theatre

True Love’s Letter

You’re so full of life

Yet, you keep saying

A part of you feels empty

I can’t help but think

That I’m the piece you’ve been missing

My heart tells me fairytales

That we star in

My head is trying to make those stories of us

A reality

Even if you love someone else,

Never stop loving yourself

I intend to hold onto that advice as well

And I’ll be your lucky star

Your true north

In your favorite constellation

Godly and ungodly

Hades and Persephone

Wholesome with a dark side of duality

We float between outer space and gravity

Love without exploitation

Love without toxicity

I see you

And you see me

That’s money

That’s sexy

Our youth aged and ripened

To perfection

Through spring flowers,

Summer sun,

Autumn leaves,

And winter freeze,

We are one

The perfect two is better than one

And here we are

Right here

Where we belong

Together is where we belong

My Lucky Charm

Our words and worlds align

“Just coincidence” is too weak

Of a description

So many of my feelings are for you

I don’t have any tattoos yet

But it’s like you’re permanently etched on my skin

I can’t bear the thought

Of you with somebody else

But the universe seems to work in my favor

Every time you get hurt,

You become a bird

Migrating toward who and what keep your heart warm

It’s like our souls knew each other in another life

I see your face

See and hear your art

Feel your heart

And I’m able to keep going

Our signs and their stelliums

Are compatible

We’re so different

With so much in common

We seem to be

The unluckiest and luckiest people

Let’s be together

Lucky you

Lucky me

Detraction Site

I’m picking up where I left off

Do you pick up what I’m putting down?

When you changed for the worse,

I changed for the better

You say I lost my way

But really, I found true love

For myself

For my community

And found out that you could no longer be a true friend to me

You knew me better than most

And still chose to put your faith

In a form of bigotry that disguises itself as truth

You showed your true colors

And that’s why I grew out of my love for you

Your soul is mud

Mine is a lotus

I couldn’t take five more minutes

Of your holier-than-thou attitude

I deserve the love and friendship in my life

Of people who are not cruel

Everyone is under construction

And we are under no obligation

To yield to those

Who are stuck in cement

Chemical Hearts React

There’s a hole in your heart

And I want to be the one to fill it

And you can fill me when you feel me

The darkest daylight

The strongest weakness

Hold me when I’m shaking

Catch me when I’m falling

Unless we’re falling together

Just let go of everything

Except one another

Never say never

And/or now or never

Show me who you really are

I want to love it all

Secret admirers

And other secrets we keep

In a world of our own

To take on the real world

Butterflies emerging from fireworks

Sparks bursting into the flame

For me

For you

Angels rising from the ashes

Maybe children and marriage

This is a love poem

These feelings wrapped up inside me

With a pretty lacy bow

Like an unsent valentine

xoxo, your girl

Passive Aggressive Passion

Cities and suburbs

I’ve been lonely and happy alone everywhere

If I fall out of the sky,

Then allow me to fall

I am not food for your hero complex

I learn to fly every time I save myself

Reflective revealing moments

In love with love

And the idea of love

Which makes me look good, bad, smart, and stupid

Sometimes, it’s a gut feeling

Sometimes, it’s just my stomach

Smile in fractions when I don’t feel whole

America’s sweetheart

And the “good girl gone bad” archetype

Made up of depression naps

And anxiety attacks

Big on communication

Yet, I overthink every little thing

A saint who sins

I am and always have been alive

Out of pure love

And spite

I don’t have to be

Anyone’s definition of “perfect”

To be worth it

Sacrificial Superficiality

I’ve done more dreaming awake

Than dreaming while sleeping

You are ethereally handsome

And it distracts from your true nature

It’s hard to believe

That someone so kind and caring

Could be so detached

Yet, here you are

I sang along to your songs

Maybe it’s time for a road trip

Where my heart will relocate

You’re not one in a million

You almost fell out of a window

And made a joke out of it

You charm the pants and skirts

Off of everyone you come into contact with

You look down on me like I’m a pawn

But truth is,

You were never that good at chess

And I have quite a few hidden talents

You say you’re worried

But your actions don’t show it

I must be crazy

For thinking that I could save you

You are a walking magazine cover

Making sure to meet expectations

Whenever the cameras are on

How could I be so naive?

You’re not that different from the others

This is a pain that I know I can heal from

But a bit of my heart will always hurt

You put up a front

That you’re all about love

So, why do you fake it?

You can’t create

What was never meant to exist

We both know better

You need to do better

I deserve better

Oh god

It’s all so wrong

That it’s right

From under the ice,

The sun wasn’t so golden after all