You’re Always a Lotus to Me

There are droplets of love

Raining down on you

Even when you think that river has run dry

We’re a union, a harmony

Can you see it?

There are always stars in the sky

Even when we’re bathed in daylight


You’ve been a dysfunctional mess

You’ve been a grain of quicksand

You’ve been a cold shoulder

And a shoulder to cry or lean on

A storm that self-destructs

In order to start over

You’re always a lotus to me


I can carry your heart when it’s heavy

I can catch your petals when they fall

I can keep the door open

When you forget your key

You’ve always retaught me how to fly

When life forces me into a crawl


There are craters

On the surface of every moon

Guitar strings and pencils

Break like bones

Paper tears like skin

There is no ending

To beginning again


You’ve been a headache

The cause of somebody’s heartbreak

The blood on the sheets

You’ve also fixed hearts

Including your own

You’ve been a hurricane

Coming and going, sometimes too quickly

You’re always a lotus to me


You can be a crybaby

You can be a demigod

You can kill the spark

You can light the candle

You can run away from the truth

You can be one step closer to it

You can be the mud and water

The angel and demon

The most loved and hated name

You’re always a lotus to me


The Other Dark Side

Straight lines can curve

Life is meant to be lived

Parallel and perpendicular

I haven’t lost my mind

Why are they losing theirs?

Take me to your land of the free


Trapped inside an identity

Tracing the arms of curiosity

Meant to experiment

Meant to be

Love loves love

It doesn’t get more natural than this


If having pride in embracing heart and soul

Is offensive,

They have a one track mind

If living in blooming color

Is an outrage to God,

They need to learn to accept the light

Artificial Sunrise

Other halves aren’t a necessity

I can be whole on my own

It does get lonely out here on my own

I value the times when I am alone

That doesn’t mean I’m better off that way

Sad, sick, and tired

Of wishing for happiness

Love isn’t a simple once upon a time

With a smooth transition to happily ever after


Just stay away from me

Unless you have pure intentions

Reasons, excuses, casanova foolishness

I don’t need any of it

I’ve been through enough

I’ve been hurt enough

I need to keep reminding myself

That my butterflies for you aren’t all dead

But you’re not perfect

You’re wrong for me


Turn me to dust

Maybe my heart can’t be ripped out

If I keep it close to me

Turn me to stone

Harden my emotions

Still soft-hearted




Who’s more damaged

Me or my type?

I resign from playing waiting games

There’s only so many times

A heart can break

There’s only so much

That I can take

Take your antics and battlefields

To a woman who doesn’t care


I’ll never stop trying

But the little girl who fell at feet

Is long gone

She moved on

She can still fall in love

If you love the self

That she learned to love

Indigo Pulses

I can sense your energy

Before you wake up

I can’t see the future

But I can feel it

A change is coming


You are free

Anyone who says otherwise isn’t real

I live in your mind

I can make your heart stop

Then start again

Life isn’t quite a circle

It’s a heart that breaks itself

To mend itself


I am the definition of duality

Enter and exit from me

I won’t control you

But I will never apologize for you

Crucify the scripture

Until the world is reborn

Pocket Knife

Nice guys don’t finish last

If you constantly have to say how nice you are,

Then maybe you’re not as nice

As you think you are

As ideal as you think you are


I wasted too many heartbeats on you

You took my love and pushed it aside

You got the best and worst of me

Made me believe I could have you

I’m nothing but an option

That you will never choose


You saved me by killing the old me

Now, I am the original me

And I shouldn’t waste my time

On your jagged domino effect

I deserve better than that

So do you


Even if you wanted me now,

You’re too late

I drove down an unfamiliar road

That became the most familiar road

I’ve ever travelled

And I observed you long enough

To know that you don’t seem to know

That nobody can give relationship advice

When they are a pocket knife

Chipping away at their own heart

How Low Can You Go?

Our life is a circus

And we are the pretenders

Fooling the world

One smile at a time

Welcome to our home

That doesn’t always feel like a home

When it’s just us

Without guests


Simple conversations

Turn into screaming matches

No curtains closing

On petty drama

Is this love or survival?

It varies

How sad is that?

And it seems to get worse

Instead of better

Over time


Growing up with growing pains

Half happy and half overwhelmed

Projection instead of positive change

Words floating around the atmosphere

Actions circling the drain

New additions to existing problems

Just a phone call away

Excuses instead of honest, genuine apologies


Am I worth it

Or damaged goods?

The last thing I’d ever want to do

Is repeat your mistakes

Your bloodstained history


What is the meaning behind “I love you”

When you’re not completely here

When I need you?

Happy Thoughts

When you’re standing beside me

I can’t help but think

That there is nowhere else

I would rather be

Because in those moments,

All of me is happy

And at peace


You have entire galaxies

In your eyes

So hypnotic

And melodic

You could make the stars dance

In fact, you are a star

Jump into my love


Do you hear my voice

When I don’t speak?

Do you miss me when I’m gone?

Do you ever even think of me?

If a dream is a wish your heart makes,

I hope that I’m in yours

Like you’re in mine


You are my reminder

That it does get better

A sign

A light

My number one choice and feeling

I think you took a piece of my soul

To protect everywhere you go


I’m as open with you

As I am with my closest friends

You know more about me

And understand me better

Than any heartbreaker ever did

I know what you want and need

I have what you want and need

I can give you what you want and need

If you would let me

Got to keep thinking happy thoughts

What is there to lose if it’s true love?

Got to keep thinking happy thoughts