The Ghost of You

Your memories are mine

And they send chills

That massage my spine

My heart belongs to me

But there will always be

Traces of you

In my bloodstream


Your spirit will never let me

Completely move on

You are still the death of me

And that makes me feel alive

I find your presence

Whenever I feel lost

My tears read between the lines


I can’t simply sleep it away

Because you’re in my dreams

Fighting off the nightmares

You’re gone, but a part of you stays

My mind screams bloody murder

I look in the mirror

And only see my face


Personal Storms

My love is an ocean

If the conditions are right

It will crash into your shore

While my own feelings

Will come and go

Ebb and flow

Like the tide


My mind is a tornado

It can be hard to distinguish

The dust and dirt

From the precious gems

I’m a home lost

Lost in thought

Because I can overthink myself

Into an F5

Or be your calm before the storm

A cloud of hope


My body is an earthquake

So strong and sure of itself

Yet breaks so easily

A tsunami at the entrance

To my soul


I cry moonlight

Bleed raindrops

Smile sunlight

Hide behind lightning


My heart is a hurricane

I am not ashamed

But the fear is always there

Try to steal my wildfire

And I’ll watch you burn

Offer me a place

That’s warm and safe

And I promise to love you

With every inch

Of my thunderstorms


You want me to grow

So you make me feel small

You want me to heal

So you reopen old wounds

You want the best for me

So you throw your worst at me

You want me to be happy

So you take my happiness away

I’m your pageant girl!

Oh my god

I’m worthy?

What an honor

Me being free

To express my own emotions

Oh the horror!

I make you so proud

You manipulate others

Into thinking everything’s perfect

That way, they’ll never see

How you manipulate me

What a pretty face I have

What a smart brain I have

What a hard worker I am

What a talent for writing I have

You brag about me in public

And drown me in private

Step on my oversensitive little soul

To inflate your ego

Like a parade float balloon

I’m your prized possession

Your fragile sacrifice

I bet that you believe in the saying

”Blood is thicker than water”

So, how would you react

If you ever discovered

That your baby’s tears

Grew up to be blood

That gushes like a river

Because we are all only human

And walls crumble

And when dams break

Skin is only as tough as porcelain

I’m your favorite decoration

Your brokenhearted doll

Forever questioning myself

Questioning my worth

Because you put me

On a pedestal

Just to bring me down

For the sake of

Raising yourself up

Ashes Ashes

When the sky falls

And angels cry

When no one cares

To see the sadness behind your smile

When the sea dries up

And the bridges collapse

When no one cares

To remind you that you’re enough

I’ll be here

I’m here for you


Ashes ashes

We all fall down sometimes

My pain is yours

And yours is mine

No one deserves to be left behind

Like ashes scattered in the wind

We will rise


When you give away your love

But it’s never returned

So, you play pretend

And smile even though it hurts

When the mirror

Becomes an ex-best friend

And you’re losing faith

That beginnings can lead to happy endings

I’ll be here

I’m here for you


I’ll be your hand to hold

I’ll be your room to grow

This candle is still burning

And when the cold wind blows

You won’t be alone

In your own home


I’m the angel in your head

I’m the devil in your bed

Please fall for me

I’m the love in your heart

I know who you really are

I’ll seduce you with the truth

I’m the song on your mind

I’m the sign

You’ve been looking for


We can trace our jagged edges

Like fingertips dancing across skin

I don’t want to live without you

But I would if I had to

Every moment is worth so much

When you’re in an extraordinary love


You’re the pixie dust in my veins

You’re the insanity that drives me sane

Please swallow your pride

You’re the fire drifting through my sea

You’re the sky that grounds me

You’ll make me rise as we fall

Deeper, closer, softer, harder

You’re the sign

I’ve been waiting for


We are tumbling

Like smashed picture frames


But if we get burned,

The sunrise is to blame

I’m the author of your lies

You are the silver tears I cry

Maybe You’re Right

What’s so special about me

At nine years old

So young and already so desperate

To not be alone

Trusting the wrong people

Sacrificing my dignity

I thought that crushing on you

Made me brave

But you flipped over the tables

And for the rest of the year,

I was afraid


Maybe you’re right

I’m as ugly as your heart

It doesn’t matter what I do

You won’t change your mind or ways

Maybe you’re right

I’m too unworthy

To even look you in the eye

The sky is blue

But my mind is numb

The only way to make you smile

Is to let you make me feel ashamed


Why did I believe

That my ultimate dream

Was to be loved by a pathetic boy

Who thought he was a man

Gossipping schoolgirl laughter

Led to a broken future

I couldn’t move

Couldn’t speak

I allowed your frigid words

To melt my self-esteem


Tears burn

But they are the sign of a lesson learned

I grew up

I know I’m beautiful

Who knows how you turned out?

I really don’t care

Because I’ve come far

And there was nothing special or rare

About you


You were wrong

Wide Open Heart

Taken for granted

Caught in a hemlock hold

They always got what they wanted

I did what I was told

But I found something inside me

Something they didn’t expect

And unlike them,

It never left


I have a wide open heart

Beating through fire and water

True in every scar

Fell apart and put myself back together

It’s not what I’ve become

It was a part of me all along

You may have hurt me

But I’ve still got a lot of love to give


Played more than a guitar

Strangled by shadows

They had the choices

I got the broken windows

But I realized something

Something they still don’t understand

I have both heart and soul

They couldn’t handle it

So, they ran


Love me harder

Hate me tender

Just know that I will never surrender

My heart was open

And you broke it

Don’t you dare think that you closed it