Not For Sale

Pandering is easy money

To attempt to become

Everything you’re not

Everything you’ll never be

The thing is that people don’t know

What they like

Until they give it a try

Brands are some trying times


I won’t fall apart

I won’t need to worry about winning or losing

If I don’t bother playing their game

Lessons learned


Oh wow

So many connotations for selling out

What feels right?

Language is perceptive

Actions are persuasive

Going, going, gone

Still around?


Sets being set up

Trending for no good reason

Or maybe there is?

Who knows?

Who knew?

Lies are accustomed to shielding the truth

The cutest couple

Not all of them are as happy as they look


The only thing missing is


I’ll admit to being a follower

Oh, you thought that I would stay there?

You were wrong about me


Ironic Devotion

We are told to discover who we are

We are told who we’re supposed to be

Shamed for every emotion

Scapegoated for every wrongdoing

Blocked from spreading our own wings

News bringing hope and hopelessness

Neutrally split

Feeling like we’re living just to live


Let’s try romance

But how much public proof

Is enough evidence for true love?

Hearts hurt


Learning can’t seem to take place

Without “I told you so”

A sense of wonder is beautiful

Until it conflicts with another’s sense of greed

Let children be children

You only need to teach them how to grow


Expectations aren’t valid

Unless they’re realistic

Why is a time limit

Placed on every little thing?

Warnings aren’t always visible

To the eye

You have to look deeper

Into everyone else and yourself


Passing the time until we die

Long live success though

We desire to be more than a gravestone

The flowers that return to bloom

Each spring awakening

Enhanced Dimensions

Could be a paradox

How sleeping can either kill you

Or help you live longer

The seasons changed

But my mind did not

On the contrary, my energy shifted

Quite a lot

You’re only a good listener

If you truly listen

When someone tells you the truth

About you

Meanwhile, dreaming about thoughts

And thinking about dreams


I never said that I was always right or wrong

Just trying to put myself out there

Bare my soul

Without losing sight of myself

And what matters most


If there’s someone out there

Watching over me

From another space or time,

Please give me a hint

About who you are

That I didn’t truly see

Who’s been in front of me all along

Because I’ve swallowed so many hard pills

That I’m dehydrated

Maybe just one more…


Patience saved me

I know that I’m happy

In another world

But I want to be happy here too

Because this is my home

I deserve that at least

Crisis Craze

I have so much to say

That I don’t always know how to say

That I don’t always know how to say out loud

Current status seems bleak

Not an expert in how to get where I’d like to be

Maybe I got worse for the better

A cause worth celebrating


I can’t keep up

But I’m getting there

Just cruising in a getaway car

While the beautiful people are out there

Glamorizing their pure ugliness


Cool cat can’t decide

To go inside or outside

Research, contemplation, procrastination

Sum up my life’s education

The glow: coming soon to a theater far away from you

No Room for Vacancy

Modern: a beginning as means to an end

Unless it’s purely cynical

Treat proof like it’s dying

And you will die too


Born to be replaced

Or live forever

Maybe there really is something more

Not somewhere else

Right here

Don’t “giving up” and “giving in” mean the same thing?


They told you that your dreams aren’t dreams

Unless they’re realistic

To their reality

They told you to settle for less

Your happiness is a fictional concept

If it jeopardizes someone else’s

When is the last time?


Your dreams are dreams

If you make them real

Compare and contrast their reality

With real life

Never settle for less

You exist just as much as anyone else

Just feel

Just be


Who Do I Love?

Full head and heart

Making me feel empty

Same mistakes

Different time and place

Breaking the habit

If I’m keeping it inside,

You should keep to yourself

But enough is enough


Walked the moon

Until I fell off into space

You’ve been left with nothing before

And haven’t changed your behavior

Maybe I’m not the weak one after all


Broken down to fixed up

Wandering in to getting out

Mindless to a mind of my own

You will never know just how much you lost


Found someone I can be alone with

Without feeling like I’m alone

You were both so inconsistent

That you could join a shut down circus

While he’s still here

On and by my side

I’m dreaming again

However, my smile is now permanently real


Dropping hints about the truth

Doesn’t seem to make a difference

Might as well scream and repeat it

From my bedroom and the rooftops

No more hiding the darkness


There’s no such thing

Quite the bubble you’re living in


Brand new days are too old

Mistakes and crimes don’t just disappear

I believe…

Extra time should be allowed

If it’s justified


There are children more mature than adults

It didn’t have to get this bad

Followed by bad feelings

Until the “it could be worse” happens

Step out of the box

And be a decent damn human being


History and the present feel apocalyptic

Let’s write an updated translation

For the future

Don’t take the poison

I promise that it won’t save you


Refuse to sell out to sell souls

They’re letting everyone down

To make up for the lack of love

In themselves

Hope in ruins

We will never forget